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Well, IG-88 has the upper hand thanks to his pals. But HK-47 has better lines.

Naw, he definitely planned it. Remember how fast Sidious was going when he was dueling Yoda? That was way more speed than when he faced Mace.

Eggs and Bacon.


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Revan=ownage. 10/10 for my favorite sith lord (but Vader is favorite of all time).


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Gustavo_Perez wrote:

He doesn't "own" Jango, merely defeats him after a heated conflict. I'm talking about if they ever fight. Besides, one of the true reasons why Boba beats Jango is because Boba came years before Jango. If it had been the other way around this would probably be the JFFC, or the B and J FFC at least.

Should that happen, this would just be the FFC.


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those they didn't have. but that boba is pretty cool.

heh, randomly searching google I came across a site called www.pixeljoint.com which has all these little icon figures. Here's some from the Star Wars section.




















that looks awesome.
the music in the pic orchestra for my school musical isnt that great, im considering dropping.

anyways, look at these fetts http://www.pixeljoint.com/files/icons/boba_fett_star_wars.gif http://www.pixeljoint.com/files/icons/boba2.gif


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Back on topic, Boba clearly owns Jango.


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"May the force be with you.... and your rifle"... hehehehe.


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Lol, this is a great fan-film. Link can be found here. Episode 3 Part 3 is now out. PS- watch after the credits of Episode 3 Part 3 to get a sneak peek of Episode 4 Part 1.


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and now i have changed my avatar. V for Vendetta owns. hmm, F for Fettdetta. nah..


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well, republic commando owns, 9/10. scorch is my favorite.


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Tom Bombadillo???

I found his cut from the movie sad too.


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isnt antidisestablishmentarianism the longest word in the world? or is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

i seriously never knew.


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it's interesting 8/10.

im thinking of changing mine. should i?

you know, when Sidious was testing Darth Maul, he was harassing him. Maul gets this incredible rage and almost kills Sidious, but Sidious was going light and could have sliced him at anytime.

thank you.


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and he even had the blood of Master Sifo-Dyas....

he just wants money, that's all. think like a fett...

Fett's Vette

^ Good video there

If you keep saying that Jango would die when Lord Vader went to Mustafar, you're wrong. Jango is just a bounty hunter. Or, as he puts it, "I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe". Bounty Hunters are not affiliated with any side, the only side they are affiliated with is a guild they might join.

lol, that would be like in south park, where somehow kenny always dies. Instead, Jango always wrecks his jetpack and gets a new one.

If you look at it, Anakin really has no skill. He's a n00b, always getting the cheap shots.

List of cheap shots:
Had to use Zam's gun while it was in her hand to crash her ship
Kills the two Tusken Raiders when they're not looking (cuz them Tuskens owned his mama!)
Cut's off Dooku's hands because he held them together
Cut's off Mace's arm when he's about to kill Palpatine
Chokes Padme after she looks at Obi-Wan
Cut's off Obi-Wan's head when he puts his lightsaber up after looking at Luke
Cut's Luke's hand off after twirling it around
Grabs Palpatine from behind (although Palpatine got him for that) and throws him overboard


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You know, Jeremy Bulloch practiced that stunt quite a while before they shot it. And the bottom of the sarlaac pit's mouth is a nice cushion for the guys to fall onto.


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lol, i watched jedi after seeing this, and just laughed after watching it go in fast time. He actually kicks twice at the same guy. Once from before that little part (the part where boba aims at luke), then the kick itself.


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nice, durge owns. 9/10