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Mel put this feature onto RF and it is really interesting. It tells you about fett around the world, comic news, reviews and so on and so forth. But I thought Mel could put it on here, or someone make it. It's a feature that'd go at the top bar of the message board.

Like the idea? cool

I'm hoping to get it at some point, and I've not seen ratings on IGN.com.

Is it good? I ordered KOTOR II a few days ago and it's turned up at my house! big_smile


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harry potter and the half blood prince smile


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and he got what he wanted......... something Mando, which actually turned out to be................................


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* sorry about spamming *

Mel, why aren't you posting on Anything and RF?

You are here, but just wondering. smile

Btw, Happy 2009 everyone! big_smile


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Cool, I like the energetic advert 2008 Olympics where there are all those animals flying everywhere doing kung fu moves and stuff like that! tongue


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And Scruffy was even more EPIC as was known as " Clown Destroyer "

so he summoned a Tri-Droid aswell, and he , the Tri Droid and Boba killed wave after wave of clowns in the regions of the world.............


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and laughed and scared some more kids, which Boba hated and he delivered an elbow to RM's stomch.

He reeled back and fell over, stunned................


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I don't know actually? tongue

Yeah, that's my favourite topping, but I prefer it on it's own. smile


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( LMAO! tongue XD )

Ronald was escaping. Fett shot at him four times, when Ronald retaliated fire back from a fake squirty flower, which actually sprayed acid.

But Fett..............


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It appears they aren't friends, then, eh? tongue

I want more Mel! I love it!

I'd love to hear more! big_smile

Best Creative ever! smile


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There are right, Red.... wink smile

You are kinda doing exactly that, but anyway, what the hey?

Mine is nothing. I like my ice cream on it's own, unless it has chocolate sprinkles on or chocolate chips in like my dad has got at the moment! It rocks!!! big_smile


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BOBA FETT! big_smile

I love the starting Mel! Anymore to come? big_smile


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due to an accident which filtered some EPIC from Scruffy as he walked past Fett..................

Then a Mcdonalds Clown comes up and scares the crap out of little kids, which anger Scruffy, who............


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Hey! Thank you a lot, Darth Clone, but I already found one, I'm sorry. hmm

Thank you very much though for your effort! big_smile


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and the confusion and terror blew his head up, which grew back epicly, not EPICly.................


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DarthMaulClone, could you possibly make an avatar out of this?



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Hey! I remember you, Darth Maul Clone.

You were the person who gave out great ideas and thought a year ago, I think.

Nice to have you back! big_smile


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and Like in the lego Scene on The first Lego star Wars, the stormtroopers are playing with banjo's, violins and flutes and horns..................

Unfortunetly for Boba.............


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cool. I'm in Britain, so............ tongue


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when they were surprisngly 2 meters something and 1.83 meters.

Then Scruffy opened his door to find Boba Fett singing the..........


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I don't know. hmm


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who threw up on Green, killing him instantly because his sick was so EPIC.

Meanwhile Scruffy looked mortified as a Tie Fighter killed his sick and he mourned for it without sadness............


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And Scruffy unfortunetly threw up due to AA's ghsotly awesomeness!

Then he actually suffered sickness, that was EPICly sick.....................


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Then AA and Green started fighting, but of course, neither of them got killed due to their awesome ghost type abilties.

Then Scruffy ate a fry and belched mildly...................