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I have a cat and a dog,,I can't say that I'm a dog or cat person love them both
[O] Siris is a Birman Cat I just love the Siamese stlye of cat..I couldn't have picked a better
name for him as each day I say '' O!! Siris what have you done now''
My dog is the Anti-Christ she is a Chihuahua,,very tiny but the spirit of a Dragon
her name is Tippie Tallow   Celtic   for Dark Fairie
My other loves are my Koi Fish sadly had to bury Star had her for 30yrs,she was
a big Girl,miss her ,when I was in the Yard she would push her head up to watch me
loved a rub and a scratch

First he seems to me ,a rather selfless man and did you note he had a great Armour
outfit ,,where Boba had really put his Armour together ,,bits and pieces,and never
really explained why he wanted a Son..


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OOOPS!!!! I gave the Whale 's the wrong name he is called MIGALOO
means White.
Sorry I was so excited in seeing him if you look up on Google and look up Migaloo
you will see how beautiful he looks in the water,it was magic,
Don't worry I won't say much anymore ,,age catching up I guess


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What a sight to see this White Whale ,I was looking down from the cliff and there he was
words just can't explain the sighting ,and he has a Mate too,she looks like nothing
compared to Igaloo,,,and he knew he was been watched, put a great show on for us
as he came near ,,and looked up at us,,did we clap,
I think the best way ,to give you a idea on seeing him we had a BIG lottery draw the
night before and a few People commented ''See Igaloo is better than winning the Lottery''
Igaloo hasn't been seen for a couple of Years ,we were thinking the worst,,and now seeing
him a matured male ,now there will be a Jnr soon

So many good names but there is one actor who sadly is nomore with us,had
everything you would would want in Boba Fett ,stye,voice,etc,but a tab bit tall
Micheal Rennie,remember him in the old film
The Day Earth Stood Still..... I still jump when that Gort comes out of the Space Ship
as for the new version of that film DON"T bother to watch it


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Yes TW you have said your comment so well better than I tried to put across
in one of his verse in that song looking in the Mirror,,but sadly as we always did really didn't
look at his talent I was just watching.. Remember the Time ..and his moves in the
Dancing were un -believeable I can see him up there now with the greats,,Cab Callaway
meeting him ,, Roy ,Elvis ,George ,John,all the greats I hope he is at Peace now

Sorry Mate ...    One....     does forget that we are World Wide  team
It's a area in Sydney where the Games were held,so you can image the area was
very huge for the Crowds to be there


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I know there is so much Hip about his passing,,Bats is a bit of a Fan ,,always admired his
music and I have a little photo from one of his songs Man in a Mirror,,here is some of the
words I think it really tells the real Micheal 1988

I;m starting with the Man in the Mirror
I'm asking his to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you wanna make the World a better place
Take a look at yourself and then make the change


They had a big Expo at Hombush at the Olympic Park  the week before the add
ran '' Come all the Boba Fetts etc'' had some guests ,Karl Urban ,and one of the Vampires
from Twilight ,,one the bad ones,, it was shown on the news and it looked  great
wish I could have been there but with so many Boba Fetts around ,,I think it was
best I was at home ,,,no telling what trouble I would have got into .


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Yes Jett I do agree with you on your comments about SF ,,I wish they would do reruns
And I can't understand why they didn't do the second season on Surface,,that boy
did a good job in the show ,,just left it in the air
I loved Babylon 5 and ,,Above and Beyond ...good stories  and i'll be looking forwood to
this new Touchwood ,I have asked on the Bowie page as it's English ,and they would be more  up to date,,but on the Losttribe page there 's a guy who really up on SF shows


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I must say I was a little put off at ,Captian Jack ,very good-looking ,but the acting
was the Pits,,then I got use to the show now I hear, and I do hope it's true,
that the the Guy who played Spike is joining the show ,,I really only watched Buffy
to see Spike,,and the SF shows are getting less on TV ,looking forward to it


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Bats really loves Loganberry time ,as I found this wild tree ,,make beautiful pies
only , ^%$#    is picking the stalks off and soon it will be Blackberry picking time
as long as you beat the Birds they love them too.


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Wow Guys really don't like Twilight,,I think the main thing I was very surprised  of what else they did
with Vampires saga,,I just hope  New Moon will give a bit more for you Guys,,it was a bit Moody and slow
but it was the story,and the area,, remember it's a Love Story,,lets see when the next one comes
And it's nice for Bats to see so many good-looking Heros around in Bat's day,,we had the old
screen hereos and Bill Haleyand the Comets ..old men ..Chuck Berry ,Johnny Ray,,don't have
much choice did we LOL!!!

LOL!! you justdon't  know.. SO ..[snarling orchid] lots of People live in the past,,I can't ,never did,,
but when it's comes to money ,SO has no interist in the computer world,,grips about money etc
but I got it and that's the most important thing,,no more Hissy-Fits,like that Tassy-Devil in that '
cartoon,,when I first got my first computer from Grandson's old one , he just sneered,,but I made myself
learn this new World,,and now I'm on the loose LOL!!   bats


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Now that Bats has Broadband  and I can use my[ Xmas present from Recyled-Yuppy -Son] this Web-Camera
we could talk to each other I can show you my crazy world,,we can have a good laught
think about it my new e-mail is


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Miba !!! I agree with you ,,he really neads some one to do Boba ,,Justice,I think
that Writer who did the Buffy show   or a a great  Guy who really gets into making films
is Ridley Scott his films show his love of getting things just right.even got that Russell good as a
a Roman soldier,,but loved his  Kingdom of Heaven.

Boy it's on how did I put -up with Dail-Up  and the first Person I looked up was Adam from the Idol
only learnt about him though a Friend and I'm very impressed he is a true Entertainer
It is so quick just love it been waiting since 2001,,


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That's great Mel hope you are feeling better now
Love the name

He really can make a great film on Boba Fett,,but doesn't think of him to do him Justice
Does he know [or want to know]how popular he is with the Fans,,he could do so much,,
it's a real Shame he has let this great Hero go


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Nothing wrong been a Loner ,,as long as you are Happy with yourself,,I have my Little World


Why !! because ..SO ..has relented and I'm getting Broadband,,of course he let a a little whine
telling me HE HAS NO TOYS,,but there is more in life than just sitting all day ,whinning about life
as I told him ''Life needs to be lived''
So watch out World Bats will be on the loose,,so glad to be off Dail-Up,two things I'll be doing first
Use this Cam-Camera,my Re-Clyed Yuppie Son gave me and all the Bowie 's videos first one
I want to see is the clip with Bowie and Moby singing together

I know this is a strange  subject,,I did notice a comment this Guard said when I was having my
photo taken with Boba Fett
''' Looks like the two hunters have finally meet''   and I had say it was sort of right as I always setting
these quests with my self ,,just like a Hunter .

I really enjoyed reading ,on this subject and I'm not alone as I tried to look at the others,but
Boba Fett still came tops,,none ,seem to come up to him ,,prehaps Darth Vader,would have been ,
and I think there isn't such a Fan Club as there is to Boba Fett  I may be wrong but I haven't heard of one
I looked up on the computer to see if there was a Boba Fett Board and found it .

I must say my all time Hero is Gort from the movie The Day that Earth Stood Still ,really haven't seen the
new Gort yet,,he was the Strong Silent Hero
Now in these modern days all you young Ones have a treat to a old Hero The Green Latent,in
fact I still have som of the Comics from that  time,,it will be interisting to see how he is liked in this
Modern time ,
And I'm still waiting for the day when they do Mandrake.

I'm really asking this question about the StarWars characters who do you really think
is the most favourite,,, we say Boba Fett,, but really do you think he is,,I myself
can't really say who is ,,as I didn't take any real notice,,of Star wars till I saw Boba Fett
then I really watched the series,