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Bats is in a state of SHOCK ...SO asked if this Avatar was been show locally
Bats was on the phone ,,make-up on.,,dressed, Hair done  and sitting in the car
in  RECORD time  ,,wasn't going to let him change his Mind
I just loved it ,,but after the Film ..SO said  ''I didn't understand the Movie one
B*^%#$ Y Bit ''   so all the way home I had to explain the Film to him...but he
still  went on about the 6 legged Horse ,,Dragons  impossible to fly etc  so
I just said    ''It's about Aliens and Earthlings''
As I reach for my Serapax Sandwich I'm thinking
''Thank the Gods I didn't take him to see New Moon !!!!


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I don't know if any of you ,have read the Footrot comics ,they are about life of this Dog
On a farm in New Zealand and the main thing thing that ,rules the the Animals is
a Cat called ,,Horse,, he is a fiece cat ,,he did fall in love with the Bikies Cat ,,
he was based on a true cat ,,and when the writer told us that Horse had passed away
we felt as if we knew him  .


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It did cross my mind when I got Siris   but somehow it doesn't seem to be a Pet's name
even naming a Pet.. Bowie ....doesn't ring right ,,I called Siris after the Egyptian God
  OSiris because everyday it's    '' O!! Siris  !! what have you done now !!!''

OK Fett 11   I will   say this about Boba Fett ,
Is someone I admire  I can see it's not really the thing to call him a Hero


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MEERY XMAS  to all have a safe and Healthy Time
See you all next Year.

I have a set of Hand -Painted Figures of Star Wars ,six of them in the set
When I saw them ..SO ...said   ''They aren't Xmas in the theme'' as he walked on I
swiped them and ..Yes!!!!!  Boba Fett  is in the set .and they look great on the Tree 

Whew !! that's a long name you have there Boy!!   I'll just call you JE ,,I like
the way you write  now check Bats  if I'm wrong  BUT if anyone who has a sort of Cult
following is classed a Hero ???,or should I put favourite ,,is Hero a bit intense for
Boba Fett,,

Yes !!! Boba Fett does hold respect,,and a following ,,so Hero  he can be classed with
them ,my special Hero in History is Salidin he was on the other side ,,but like
Boba Fett he had his own Morals ,,


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I was watching   DR Who and he was on a Moon Base which was called
  BOWIE Moon Base  ,,must be a Writer who is a Bowie Fan
Also saw the Dvd of Fanboys had a good laught so many Geeks love the idea
about Star Wars against Star Trek fans and the guest appearances ,very clever

OO!!!! Yes Boba I do count as a Hero anyone who has a Following must be a
Hero to his fans and so he is a sort of Hero .

Looking at the History of these  Masked Heroes  how many can you come up with
There's my lot
Boba Fett
Batman [lol!! had to put him in
Bullet Man
Green Hornet
Shadow Man
That's all I can think of now

Arians Thanks ,,I guess it's would be hard to show a more life -like Wolf
sounds it was 50-50,,I think I enjoyed New Moon book the most seemed to get more
into the story
My friend showed me the Spook of New Moon,,I couldn't stop laughting when the part where
Jacob changed into the Wolf,, in the spook he turn into a Guinea Pig I just cracked up .

I haven't seen it yet..but the Critics here are giving it not a good rating ,,many
say they should have kept the Lady who directed Twlight  as she had the right idea
about the story.
Then you see the Fans raving on how good it is any fans review here  .

It's huge Illuminating Stain Glass  Panorame Picture of all Star War People
and it also lights up..it does look good ,,,but Boba Fett doesn't look good
too Robot looking has a rather  thick Helmet  ,,if  Boba Fett was a betterI may have had thoughts on buying it ,,but where to put it 'looking what I have ,my Posters of Bowie Concerts ,,my ones I brought in Egypt,and my print of my Hero and favourite artist
Don Quixote by Norman Lindsey,,so you can see NO ROOM


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But aren't Kids suppose to be a improvement to their Parents ,,I just hope not
as I STILL can see Jango's face ''Once We Were Warriors''
But wouldn't it been exciting to see just a glimpse of his face


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Bats is Left-handed and at times I have found it hard to be in this Right-Handed World
Worse was School ,,the few times I was able to go ,,I was whacked on my hand
that was OK!! ,but they never ever said why I was wacked on the hand
But I have noticed more People are left handed,,
Anyone else have times to tell been left=handed


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I know I had a post on 3,but a update on what happened on Halloween for me 


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In Aussie Halloween is strating to catch on but please explain the Pumpkins?????
that Alien one best I've even seen
I have a friend that sends me these Bats LOL!!! love them ,,
Yes I did get dressed -up as a Alien Mr Death   thought I'll try it out in the daytime
as nobody would know me ,walked pass the Pub the ,looks on the Drinker's faces
when I said ''Be seeing you all soon ''
But my poor Neighours got the treat, as I had also  had two little Gouls,, come along
with me and my cat Siris joined in he had a ball running around with us ,,only one
Lady was very rude I had to tell her it was me ,her Hissy-Fit in front of the Kids ,where
the rest we left laughting .Had my Bat bag full  of Lollies I gave them to these Kids


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Yer!! I know but things change,,new faces turn  up  as I had thought Spike was a good
but he's getting old and I saw the Guy who is going toplay in that remake of Dorian Gray
now there is a face. endulge me


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I know Boba Fett looks great with that Helmet on but how would you image
what his face would look like
As for myself as he had a tough time surviving a rather Gaut face piecing Eyes
GI haircut  strong voice


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Here in  Aussie we sort of think about it ,,I got myself a new scary Mask 
I go around the Street where I live  with my cloak and Mask on ,they haven't guessed who
it is ,,my friend sent me a Bat Bag and I get it filled with lollies even some Beer !!
The Guy who owns the Newsagent ask if he could borrow my horrorible Bat
that was sent to me  I told him it might scare People ,,as my Cat ..Siris won't
come near my computer area scared of the Bat he just GRINNED  ,he'll know why
I call this YULK!!!! so ugly .


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Yes Revan  my cousin was Camping where the Storm started she sent me some great
photos in fact it looked like a Huge Red mountain coming towards her
I'm still getting  the Dust out of my House ,, even my poor Boba Fetts were covered


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Bats just loved it and that one where Boba dancing LOL,
Thanks for putting that on


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Woke up yesterday another Red Dust Storm the day before was worst ..all
the area around was Red !!!! couldn't see the Sea or Trail Bay Jail ,all blotted out
with this Red dust ,it really felt like I was living in Mars,,I think I'll delete my Ticket to
Mars,,the dust even got into the House lots of People had their Air-Cons clogged
and burnt out  even got into my Bowie Collection CD and DVD's they were cleaned
first, my Koi's pond was all red ,,and Starbuck who is white was all Pink not nice
for a male Koi  .

I'm really excited to see ,,what the new update.will look like  that drawing
of Boba Fett is a good Art work  too
But then doesn't Boba  look good in any drawing .