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Sheesh!!! Sadriel_Fett ,,where do you get those photos of Boba Fett
love the one with the Storm Troopers but the one with Boba with
a builded up Body not keen and as you I love the Darth Vader and
Boba Fett
You are stationed at Korea !!!! lucky Guy I love their Movies their
films seem to have Guts in their stories ,,in Aussie we get some of
their Movies on SBS Friday nights it's either from Korea or China
Bats cool


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I feel like Sheldon here  LOL!!!
Anyway who's going to Orlando
Bats cool

LOL!! the look on that Guy's face looking at the Pink Boba 'says it all
but it's does look fun
Bats loves comics and I have some real Classics,,but beginning to think
;Why am I keeping them '' hoping they would be passed on though
the Family ,,where my Son said one word EBAY !!!,,lots from the time
www11 and after ...Buck Rodgers,Flash Gordan etc,
Bats smile


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The real only contact I have besides here is the Star Wars Newsletter
And saw a great cartoon [about time 
The Force Unleashed 11,,viewed a part with Boba Fett and Darth
Vader ,and Boba  said  a bit more,  anyone have any more information
about the release etc
And I really envy those who live near Orlando ,,looks a great time will
be held 12 to 15th August for a Star Wars Gathing who's going
Bats cool  cool


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I really think Boba had a Code he lived by and that's why he was
trusted more whoever hired him ,where Jango didn't
bats cool


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NO I'm Downunder !!!! tongue and we really don't seem to get these wonderful News Items,,I know TV wouldn't be a good thing for Boba
Just in Star Wars we saw more of Jango than Boba Fett,I would like to  see a Movie on Boba growing up and shows how he got to the
Bounty Hunter etc,just to see more of him than the short parts we
saw of him though they were Memorable
Bats cool  cool


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Haven't been on the Board for a while so it was a lovely surprise
to see the new Format ..very impressed..been a bit behind having
this new Pup has been a handful,,Rikki-Tikki-Tave is so full of Vim
but we are getting there ,,the Cat Siris has taken well to him
But the Anti-christ will never but he keeps her on her toes but
the Hate in her face O!! Well ,she won't hate the cat as much now
Bats tongue  cool


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bats has been on for a while.....trouble is I would love to go to some
of the advents they tell you about ,,,been in Australia  so far away
bats   roll


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I know we keep him alive on this Board ,,but I do wish ,,we could
see him more on another show I find myself hanging onto little
glimpes we see him on Star Wars wouldn't it be great if MR Lucas
puts out a series on Boba Fett
Bats neutral  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile


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Seeing that picture of Boba on the  ''Lastest Boba Fett News'' he does look
so good in fact it's a good drawingof him  I think it reall y shows him as he is
above everyone ,watchful,in control,
We do miss him


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I did it !!! a new tiny Chihuahaua so far I've been calling him Rikk-Tikki not
popular with Family BUT I do like that Keelin ,,he is very different in colour
a Brindle almost to tiger Stripes might even end up as Tiger
The Anti-Christ is sort of warming to him as much as she would went for a walk and she
chased the dog away so there's hope
As for Siris ..been a bit of a Drama -Queen especially when the Pup had some of his food
but last night they were sort of play together
My friend in Russia sent a email on Youtube the cartoon about this Mongoose Rikki-Tikki-
pity I cant't understand Russian LOL
And I' open to any names and SO[snarlingorchid ]did like Keelin!!


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Bats ideas on names might help
Boy-George [not sure of the sex]


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I was down in Sydney meeting my Grandson who is on Holidays from College
in Dakato,,he came towards us
''Dad hold Nan Jacob is on the plane'' as they held me I could only just see him
even better looking in Person ,,,Sigh!! why am I so old in my day it was Guys like
Bill Haley not like the good looking Guys of to-day.


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Bats just loves  The Big Bang Theory what great wit 
as for Fireflys not shown in Aussie yet
2   hoping this show will get better in stories  Sanctuary  make -up is great
3 this is a new show Bonekickers,,enjoyed the first find ,these Knights Tempers
bones,,ends up finding a hidden Tomb fill with Crosses and one is the one that
Christ died on and the Modern Day Knights Tempers  were a scary lot
4 love watching Chinese and Koreaian Movies on Friday nights


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I'm really have been busy my little Dog [Chihuahua ] has been not well ,,I know
Tippie been so tiny has been a real worry to give her Drugs,,it breaks my Heart
seeing her just laying there Whimping !!! she is a very strong little dog as I call
her The Anti-Christ ,,slowing we are getting there ,,two Vets have felt her Rage
tried a size 0  muzzle ,but she got them ,she looked like she was in'' Silence
of the Lambs'',,if this lot of drugs doesn't work  or help
I really don't want to think down that path
  at this moment .


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Ever tried spelling names  backwards like Dragon ...Nogard ,,celtic names
the same ...
strong names are,, good
Mothtic,Freefall,Mus,Batabs,Tast,just a few


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Found a board ..faceinhole ,,sadly only one picture od Boba Fett,but I put my
face  in and I didn't look bad ,,bit cheeky ,,then I  put myself, next too ,Jacob
from Twilight now I really liked that    BUT I sent it to a friend and she thought I
had left my SO [snarling orchid] and got myself a Toy-Boy , then Adam Lambert that was creepy just don't wake me up LOL!!


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Fett 11 I like your simple answere LOL!!!
Hmmm.... I think I would smell  Desert,,sweat,,,and stale perfume

I do miss the GUY my VOTE too


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Darn ....IT ...    Rivi  all you have to do is look upon Google about this comic ,and it
will explain about the Cat .. called Horse...very diffent name for a Pet


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I think they were all good ,,but Bats will wait till Mandrake comes out to make my Vote
shame they couldn't keep up with the  Phantom,,couldn't seem to catch the magic
of the Ghost Who Walks


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Zivi look up on,, Google about the Comic .. Footrot Flats ...by Murray Ball
I have the Comics,,based on his farm animals and ..Horse ..is this cat that
rules .. Footrot  isn't the Dog real name ,,he won't tell because he was brought up in a
House for Lost cats ,,when Wal found  him
Nead a good laught ..these are the Comics to read

Great photos of our Bridge but I bet the Poor Old Bridge thinks
''O!! No not the Fireworks again''
Doesn't the Habour look great,,
I make my feeble Yearly , must do ,,as in the Past they seem to fade away
so this year more  Postive
Be a Better Person
Eat to my Age
Get a Basenji dog
Stop rushing though my Emails
Not very  exciting


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LOL!!!! See what AVATAR does !!! has a different meaning now
  and you can GUESS it's Full Moon    bats


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Bats is in a state of SHOCK ...SO asked if this Avatar was been show locally
Bats was on the phone ,,make-up on.,,dressed, Hair done  and sitting in the car
in  RECORD time  ,,wasn't going to let him change his Mind
I just loved it ,,but after the Film ..SO said  ''I didn't understand the Movie one
B*^%#$ Y Bit ''   so all the way home I had to explain the Film to him...but he
still  went on about the 6 legged Horse ,,Dragons  impossible to fly etc  so
I just said    ''It's about Aliens and Earthlings''
As I reach for my Serapax Sandwich I'm thinking
''Thank the Gods I didn't take him to see New Moon !!!!