HA!!! now I can be on this SUBJECT !!
As you can see it's a Bat ..been my nickname for a long time,,short for Batsblood
When I was nursing Sir Robert Hepman  he came looking for me ,,and I was taking this Tonic [RED in colour]
as I turned around it drbbled down my mouth.
EEEK!! he said Batsblood !! and it has been with me since then.

WELL you did ask !!!


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Bats is contended now !! at long last I found someone to do it for me
As I've had it for a while now and been special to bats as it was done specially for me
I did feel a bit lost without It
Thanks for the comments how the Bat was liked ,,Shame,, the Flashing Red Eyes couldn't be done
BUT  !! It's on


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Well that's a Buma!!! I'm not going to buy it ,,just  have to happy with what  I have on the Collection
and just drool on Boba ..lucky I have what I have.


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bats just read they are going to release in DVD Stars  Wars and there was a bit
on Boba fett ,I wonder if they did cut out much on Boba ??and will we see more of him
in the Releases?


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After  I sent the  Eragon I did think !!!!,prehaps not on Fans ,,but I thought to let you
know that Bats does get a fright at times LOL!!
It's about a Dragon's Egg that  was tried to be captured and this Boy finds it;but the trick
was that it only Hatched when the right Rider came near it,,,,and BOY!! was the Elf-Girl ...P**&^% off
that it wasn't her;
Anyway look it up and the boy was 15 when he wrote it.


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I have my Avatar that was done specialy done for me,,and NO one around here really hasn't the
knowledge to put my Avatar on for me,,as they are mainly like me or the MAIN comments are
''Won;t have anything to do with Computers''!!! lots of OLD Fuddies live in this area.
PLease help !!


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Has anyone on this Board read the book ???
I found out that the movie will be coming out about Xmas time
so I looked it up on Google to see if there was any Trainlers on the film
it started  Black screen with Blue Smoke and started to Loaded,,as bats hasn't
got Broard brand it seemed to take ages,,,I think I start to doze off..then
this Loud Roar and music came out of the Computer !!! bats jumped out of the chair ''got one hell of a fright''
but it did show photos of the Actors,,and they do look the parts that are in the book.


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Now I remembered that Actor's name   Sam Niel  [spelling] he would have played Jango as a
cunning smart Warrior and he is from New Zealand too,,still can;t think of that actor who plays
Superman's father ??? as he would play the part as cunning and plotting for himself,as Boba Fett
he would use as a Puppet to gets who he has planned.

BUT !! BUT!!  {LOL!!} Alan has that well worn face and I think he could play a worn-out Warrior
well , I did notice that Temuere wasn't really in the Outfit as the stand-in was,,he is a bit chubby
as for another Actor that Guy who plays Superman's Best-Friend Father,he is lean and mean looking.
or I can't think of his name    DAM!  he played Merlin and is a New Zealander too

As you know Bats wasn't really a Fan of the Actor who played Jango Fett
Temuere Morrison,,playing Jango Fett..and as a Stand-In did the action parts
TheActor I think would have played Jango would have Alan Rickman..he ah show he can
played different parts so well..especially in the Film  Dogma,,and Harry Potter,,and he is such
a good Actor and wouldn't look bad in the Jangp Fett's out fit .


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I nwent to see about the results ,,evertything went well,,he said,,,he asked me how I felt!!!!
I said  ;Did you ever watch Star Trek??" he said  ''Yes I'm a Fan '' ,''Well I feel like the Queen Borg !!
remember when they were transporting her head and backbone into this body and then CLIP the
head onto body !!! LOL
And the most one of the important part,,I haven't WANTED to watch anything on BOWIE ,,now for Bats
that's a worry. 


So many shows to think on as favourite
but the one Bats just loved was The Samurai,,Tombie the good Ninji,,still love those sort of shows
I remember the Samurai came to Australia  for a tour,,never been out of Japan,and when he
stepped out of the Plane [with the full make-up,swords etc] all these kids in Ninji outfits ,threw
their Star=Swords at him [cardboard] poor Fellow ran back into the plane scared the crap out of
him.  Bats


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Still not really me ,,,but the Operation went well,,BOY!! you should see the cut on my throat
don't worry I had the Dr a bit worried I drawed the most awful ,blood dripping Dragon with the
words ''Watch IT'' the nurse said the Dr took a photo of it,,and put ''From a Grateful Patient''
Had a HUBA! HUBA! Sister CHEE he was just so good looking,,and Poor bats was so out of it I didn't ask
for a wash but he did hold my hand though the night and I didn't care if David Bowie walked in !!
Should know in April,130% how everything is,,but I'm not worried as they seemed pleased with


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Bats likes the new board and have taken Note new names also
Looks like Our Boba Fett is still going strong
Bats hasn't been well...but on Thursday..at long last..my Alien part  will be taken out
just a nice throat Cut,,then no more of my Alien DNA [LOL]
The only trouble is I won't be able to pull these Jokes ,on the Nurses,as Laught I won't be able to do
But I''ll think of something...will have my Boba Fett Doll with me,,lol