When George Lucas,,started with Boba fett ,did he think he would take on as one of TOP
in the Saga.
How many Actors tested for the part ,,and why Jeremy Bullock was picked ??
I bet Jeremy did get a bit of a shock of how popular Boba became.
I think it's very hard for a Actor to do the part with a mask on,,the first  Predator ,protrade the
Alien so well.
I just got a new DVD on Star Wars and I can see much clearer,on that scene,where Boba is flirting with these
Maidens and BOY!! you can see the LUST in their eyes as he leaves them .
I know I;m just a Jealous Bat!!


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Thanks Miba
I didn't know that he saved Boba,,,is there a tape on thast or just in the book
I must say Hans Solo has a lot to answere, to his fault ,that Boba Fett fell down
into that monster's mouth and also with this Dengar
Never liked Hans any way. 


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Bats when I first saw Boba Fett my eyes were JUST locked on him all the time
But I have noticed a Bounty Hunter called Dengar,.....not much has been said
about him or I haven't noticed,.
Has any fans here know much about him ??


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YEP!! new Love now
Farewell BoyBlue [the MG
Hello !! Maphrodite!!!
He is a Silver Blue  Honda Civic Hybrid so Bats is in the future now very happy
with him dream to drive and the best thing is the Petrol savings,and looks a dream too
I'm was lucky to get him as there is a waiting list,I was there at the right time .


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And so far they are a BIT quite on a photo of what the
Dragon will look like !! but doesn't look good so far with the costumes  etc.
I put my order in at the local Cinema,for the Poster,as I did with the last Star War one
where I'll put it ??? cross that bridge when the time comes,


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I have a new Boba Fett  number 4he is about 5inches high ..but.. some how I just can't get
him stand the way I want,he is on a stand with Boba Fett on it ,and I just can't get him right
fidddle with it all the time and he just seems to go back to one position GRRRR!!!!,
it's WAR,,,,, the other ones pose Just right !!it seems to look a bit puffy to me


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Lone Ranger
The Green Hornet
Boba fett KEEP your Helmet on !!!!!
Bats loves the Mystery .


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Look up Eragon on Google the film will be released 15 th Dec this year
For those who have read the Book you will find the Actors are just how you imaged
them when reading the book
Looks well done and true to the story.

Bats was watching the Movie Adwards and this Band came on all in
  Star wars Outfits and there was Boba !!! playing in the Band!!
Suddenly the Music came more INTERISTING ,,but I'm afraid the guy
was a bit Tall for the out fit but the Storm-Troopers were ROCKING
  Bats love it and I have another Boba Fett model, 4 now ,besides the
Fez one .


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Well Bats has always wanted a Tatoo and said I'll get one before  I turn 70,
very happy with my bat and had a Full Moon with Clouds added on
But I did check on my age with the Skin..lucky I have good skin
  BUT !! I have it on my Back so it won't fade with the sun.


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10/10 for Miba's one anything to do with Johnny Depp...Bats just loves
Well how does  Bat's Avatar get ???
I could put David Bowie...but I think the bat is best for me .


I just finished reading in the year 2007,on Jan the 1st there will be a Parade
In Pasadena..Tourment of the Roses Parade.
The 501st Legion will be marching as Storm-Troopers..which is also the start of the
30th anniversary of the Epic of Star Wars
Anyone going as Boba Fett ??
Wish I could be there won't it be sight.


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Thanks All !!
Shade  !!!!BoyBlue was a MGtc,1947-1948 Model,
No I really haven't thought about another Car especially in those Models
and BoyBlue was my Toy-Boy LOL!!!
Would have been a Good-Pick-Up Car when I;m a Widow,,so I'll just
have to use my Charm.
  My World was in the B's
and Me Bats.


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I live in Australia Shade
BoyBlue was a 1948 model...it was great to drive him on the Road the sense of freedom
but I have been finding People are so rude on the road I even pull over to let the Modern cars
go by,,but they still shout rude things at me..and to repair BoyBlue is getting pricy.


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Bats would hire Boba Fett  to guard my House when I become a Widow,,because his Kids are
the type who would sneek in and take what they could while everyone was at the Funrel and Boba
would certainly keep them away LOL!! and Boba Fett finding me a Widow !!
might have some COSY nights 


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I just sold my BoyBlue ,,my MG tc,he went to-day a Americian brought it,I;ve had him for about
20yrs ,but the costs of Petrol,insurance etc,makes it hard to run two cars and as BoyBlue was just really my
Plaything and not  working anymore,just became a bit of a Drag and I found repairing was getting a bit costly.
It's hard when you sell something you love and the Garage looks so empty now.
I t was just so quick he came saw the car ,,handed me the Cash in hand then he was GONE
Pardon now Bats is going to take a Serepax Sandwich.


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Thanks forr the imforation
But what is the NJO book ??
It's very hard where Bats lives as it's a small Country area
And when even when I go to Kempsey Coff's harbour and ask for
anything on Boba Fett they look at me as if I'm a Alien. !!!
But I did find some Comics on Star wars only two,,,and felt as if I was talking to a wall
when I asked about imforation on further comics and any on Boba Fett.


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Since Star wars has finished [???} and Boba Fett did have small parts,then suddendy,his
Jango and Boba ,become  the main Villians..then nothing more ,mainly Boba'when a Boy,
I was really looking forward to seeing more of Boba grown-up,,and why Jango had the Clone Son
It's hard keeping the Faith been a Fan to Boba Fett.
Are the Members the same ????


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well it start with Bat's Fetishes just love Guys in Helmets..but it
must go back to a bit of a crush I had on the Robot in the
movie  The Day Earth Stood Still.
But the show where Boba Fett first appeared I was getting a little BORED with the storty
then he came on the scene....HUBA! HUBA!!,,I was hooked.

Image !! Jango Fett had another Son Cloned,,but was a darker Fett
So he had put in a Tower because he couldn't destroy his Clone
but the Fett 1 gets outs and tracks down Boba we''ll call him Babo [lol!!]
The Guy who play the part well would be Ryuichi Sakamoto the
Japanese actor who played the Officer in
    Merry Xmas  Mr Lawrence
Well  !!!!!I  I am trying to get Boba Fett back on the screen


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Bats does LIKE that photo or drawing of Boba Fett
looking down ,shame the Helmet is a bit cut off
He really looks very overpowering a true Warrior.

Because Warrior !!!    he is in a Retirement Home and Bats did
note the Donut !!
Daenna that is a great Avatar,


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I've had cats all my life ,but I can't say whether I'm a cat or dog Person
Siamese all that I've had were Gentlemen
Himalayians very Handsome cats,best about them they didn't hunt the wildlife around here
and never wandered away from home [because they couldn't find home]
Now this Birman Cat .... SIRIS...is the most Little demon of a Cat I've ever had
after one of his many games of trying to outdo me,,raked up all these Leaves,when
I had finished he went though them like Scud Missile...pretty soon !!!!

Houston !!!!! we have a Furry Cat in Orbit !!!
   ps Why do I love him

LONG time ago when Bats was a tiny Person at the movies on Saturdays they had Serials
and the most popular was Buster Crabb who played ,,, Buck Rodgers
,,he was so COOL Dude !!!
even though his Tights  were a bit Baggy [LOL!!]
And always the Robot Gort from the film The Day Earth Stood Still..he was one scary Robot
I still jumped when he came out of the Saucer,,


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Well!! Bats got C-3P0 and second time tried  the one I'll like to be  and got
that Princness  ...YUK!!!..but I love these ,,did one on Bowie !! and
I'm NOT telling ,,just bring that  Bowie on ,,he's just right for Bats  LOL