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But did you notice ,,that Jango had a better Outfit,,, than poor Boba had,,not a
good father either,,  think he would leave his son better off,,looks
like Boba had to put together bits and pieces he found in the Dump,,BUT
doesn't he look so good .

Now that's  the next Tatoo Bats wants,,just next to to Bat and the moon I have already
have,,I just love that skull,,will lok good ,but I'm still trying to find a print of it to show the Tatooist.


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Sorry I was ready to sumit when Siris [cat]jumped on my lap
I meant Vic Morrow.


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I also forgot to add I like the DVD cover ,,because it has a  photo of  Jango Fett
Bats is not a fan of Jango really...the Actor stills stick in my mind..when he played in the movie
Once We were Warriors.I still can see him bashing his wife,!! funny how these things stay to actors
still remember Vic morroe part in Blackboard Jungle.


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Of all the Star wars Sagas which is your favoutite!!
Bats's one is  Episode 11,Attack of the Clones ,,mainly because it seems to have more  story
and better action and besides more of Fett ,,I know it was Jango,but shows more action  as
well as vision,, I just image Boba Fett ,,but have  I have noticed Jango seems to have a
better Outfit than Boba Fett did.


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I have a feeling George didn't really have a role for Boba just a small part as a bounty Hunter
but how he was picked out by the Fans,,did set him a back a bit !!,,and put him as big Villian
and then KILLED him off ,,as I was bit disapointed when it showed Boba's childhood  I really thought
in the next show we''ll see more of Boba growing into his part ,,just faded him out in the saga.


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Around Bat's computer,, Horus  ,is
5 Boba Fetts
3 photos and two artworks of David Bowie
One Alien from Roswell
1pyamid,Horus Jackel,One Jewelled Cat all from Egypt
3 Polar Bears and 4other bears from different countries
tiny,Snake,Rat and ond tiny Nodding Dog,a cat climbing never gets ay futher
4 Moose
1 Storm Trooper ,1D Rider from the LOTR
1 Tiger
5 Bats and a Tribal Bat Stone
2 Seals ,1deer,1 hoving Seagull
5 Dragons,one Toy Spider surprized how soft it is LOL!!!
1 Little Dessert dragon Lizard he lives in Central Australia
A photo of my two cats ,,Sherpa and Hima,,they have gone to Cat's heaven,,no photo of my now Cat Sirus
  anyone else that can BAT that LOL!!


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Around my Computer I have a little World around it ,,one day I will try ans post a photo', but
at last I have positions for my Boba's
One is telling this Stormtropper off,,''Don't you know who I am''
One with a dragon offening him a Cake ''What you baked this for me''
Third one ,holding a Alien from Roswell ''You may have BIG eyes but you couldn't see me
And the last one with his guns blazing from coming out behind a photo ''Sirus you mongal cat,,come up here
once more you're  DEAD
I wonder any one here have their World around their Computer ??


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Well !! ,, It is hard  about having it cut..had it long for a long time
I just feel I must do something for my 70th..prehaps a new Tatoo


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sorry I clicked on by mistake before I could correct WASN'T. dumb bat


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Wsan't.. his Outfit was his Father's,,and I image Boba Fett been a Street Kid..so he had added to his Outfit
but  how he would look in a White or a Black outfit..but then he would look too much like those
  Storm Troopers.


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Thank-You Fetterthankyou,,that was very interisting
As for Boba ,,,Yes ,,it does sound like a Clown ,,Jaster  would sound more name like his his dad Jango
and as I read Fantasy Books and some of those name are more strange.


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I know in the Beginning of the Year,, we all  make promises what we will do
My is,, been 70 soon,,to have my long Hair cut short,,It's hard to think about
as people know me before they see my Face ,,they see this Loud hair LOL!!
DAM ! they do we have to get OLD.


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I would really like to know how Lucas  thought up the Name
   Boba Fett???
It is very different to a Sort-of -Hero's name ,but it does suit him


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Boba Fan You have WON    Bat's little black Heart  that is a great one of Boba fett
And WELCOME  aboard tell us about yourself.
Yes I did get a little early present  got some great photos of Boba  in the book already.


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bats is still around ,,,but I do get caught up a bit ...alright I'll confess ,,hooked on
the Bowie Board  but I do come back
   Merry Xmas to all ,and have a great year ahead
I received a lovely book it's Metal covered with Celtic workmanship with these dark Yellow  Stones
found a poster Book,,with Boba Fett in it ,so on each page I have put my favourite things stuck in it
along with emails,notes,spelling words I forget,addresses etc. all I need to find to put in the
Dragon of Eragon  LOL!!
  all the Best

Jasper !! That's the Tatoo ,,Mando Bantha skull ,,I like
loved the other one too of Boba fett,,but bats is a small
person... I'll get the Skull on the other side away from my bat tatoo,
but I'll have to get a photo of the Skull ,with the bat he copied a
photo of my Pet Bat Z I had.


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Bats has a new Postman !! and he looks like Boba fett in his Gear
and  Bats has a fetish too,, about Helmets,,, he better look out for a Lurking Bat
I know I'm just wicked,,but he does look so cute ..


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Bats ..WELCOMES you here .... let me give you a Bat-Hug...but mind the Fangs.

Draco!! how did you know I also have a Stormtrooper ???? also
I do have latest photos of what's around my computer...but is someone I could send them to
for the Fans to see.

I have four of them around my Computer and have them now in positions to me
look good
One in front,, in true Action
Second one,,has his hand on a Alien from Rosewell [a friend sent over]
The Third,,Turning around with head turned looking at ,,this Black rider from LOTR,as if saying
''Just you dare"
Fourth one ,,Is so cute,,, Boba has his Gun lowed and looking down at this Little Blue Dragon who has
a Birthday cake it's offering Boba.
  Bats is a true FAN  LOL!!

MEL !! Good one LOL!!!
But Maphrodite   is    Blue   that's his name     been Petrol and Battery,like his name ??


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Yesterday I was picking Wild Mushrooms in the Bush and I heard this Truck backing  BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
so moved out of the way ,,NO !! Truck,,then it dawned on me it was a Lyrebird they can mimic
so well ,,very hard Bird to find ,,very shy look the bird up on Google,,you can see what I mean
Then I came home feeling foolish about been tricked by a Bird then I found all my Blue Pegs gone
Satin Bird is about again steals Blue stuff for his  mating to attact the Female.
Hope you all enjoy seeing the Lyrebird as  also will see why he is called a Lyrebird his Feathers
go into a shape of a Lyre.

I;m still over the moon with my Maphrodite  [Honda Civic Hybrid] and this Toyota Car
Dealer asked me how is the car going!!,I told him very happy and also with the saving with Petrol
He told me if I had brought the Toyota one, he would have given me a ride in his Russian Jet Fighter!!!!!!!!
free !!!! as he has one .
Drat!! Drat !! I'm a Grounded Astronuat again ,had a chance to get up there,,but I still love my Car.


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Bats gives you a Hug of Welcome ..but mind the Fangs,,enjoy your time here.

Atinvol love your Avatar very smart Dragon..