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Hi Ghost-cat   isn't it great to find other Fans   Amude love that name   and Kevin_ 147  it's Lorna May Tyson will be nice to see another Boba Fett fan there   of course come on my Facebook,,,and best of all This Boba fett page is still going

Hi Everyone   the Bat is back no excuse just lazy, but a Boba fett fan, i guess there is alot of new  Ones here as the Old fans  Happy Year of the Horse to everyone and hope soon to see the new Star wars will be showning SOON

HelmetFettish wrote:

No question about it, it's the headgear!

His silent strengh, and statute,

I got  the first series of Games of Thrones  I'm lost for words about this
series can't believe it was made for TV  if they make the new Star Wars as good as this show was made it will be a great,,wish they would get Jackson to do it he is so clever does his work to details as he has done the Hobbits 
.. but we can only wait


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How are you all 
Well bats is still alive  sorry about not been around got too busy
with my face-book too many Bowie Fans LOL how are all of you
going still keeping the Flame for Boba Fett I'm still a fan  and about the
movies about the Star wars ,sounds great but will they have our Man
in the new ones


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Bats here for a bit just want to wish you all A Merry Xmas  and keep safe


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My tiny Anti-Christ has gone ,,she was 18yrs old but her eyes
went bad which meant very soon would busted out, too old for Operation
and been very small dog even for a Chihuahua ,so I made the appointment
for Friday but even towards her end she choose her terms
She was the one that  chased those four Jolly Natives that were trying to rob from the Garage,always remember those Oranges falling out from their
Shirts they had stolen from somewhere else you should have seen the smiles on the Policemen  seeing those four big Men scared of the tiny Dog
Thanks for bearing with me  but she was a Little S&^%$


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A friend from Ireland told me that Star Wars will be in 3-D soon
if it's true I can see me standing up ready to catch Boba  before he falls
into that Flower
  Bats tongue


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ABC showed on what happens to our live Cattle overseas
It was so cruel when they showed Skinning a Cow alive I couldn't
take it  it was so  cruel and done in front of them too no need to make
them suffer like that,,I  wouldn't be surprised if it was on Google
They are still taking about it and Australians WANT it stopped now


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Made bats laught ,,,a Happy set of Teeth


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Yes  !! lots of Lost Souls will rest now
But it's a shame they didn't get that Egyptian who plotted Sadat's
Murder he is a very evil Man also and I think one of the main plotters
too .
And see how that part of the World is changing they want freedom too


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I just love Boba Fett simple sayings but don't they mean a lot
found another one
You may Run ,but you'll only die Tired,any more I would love to read 
Bats tongue


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Would be exciting to see sort of a Refresh the Series BUT more to life
when Boba Fett meets his Death scene I couldn't cope with that
would look too real


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I've been pretty busy .with this new Pup but he's coming along very well..jusy has to learn other Dogs like the Beach Walk too ,,
  bats roll


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I was bitten by a wasp, in Aussie we have these big Yellow and Black
ones very Nasty,,I went to save one from Hubby spraying it put a
Tea-Towel over it and the rotten Thing Bite me . felt like a Gun ha.d
gone off on my Hand and I didn't care if IT lived or Died
bats sad


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I swear I will NEVER laught at anyone who gets Stung by a Bee
as I did the other day Little Rikki-tikki-Tave was laying asleep,on
the Carpet when a Bee stung him  jumped up on SO's lap and glared at
me as if I did it.. Well ..I was laughting  and to-day feeding the Fish
a B*&^%@# y    Bee got me it was painful didn't get the Stinger out
quick enough my foot is up looks very alien
Adult Child of Alien Invaders sad  sad  sad


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Bats goes Yellow my Chin genes comes out more ,,but my Dad was
against Tanning he called it Sunburning ,,and now I'm Thankful
he did,,now at my age Skin is still good but SO  [snarling orchid]
every month has things cut and burnt ,,and now it looks like his Ear will be cut off I noticed a black spot and a Hard Lump there
Adult Child of Alien Invaders


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Terra !! I was so sad reading about your Family and I thought my
Inbred -Lot were bad  but what a awful Woman ,I would say to her
'You are a Prolix..watch her try to work that out ,means ,speech or
writing..overlong and boring ,as it's been her life for soooooo long
can you ring him at Work surey she can't  run his life there I know it's
hard living with not understanding the Hate which this Lady [???]
has thrown into the Family how does she get on with her Family

Adult Child of Alien Invaders

Yes !!!! and SO [snarling orchid]hasn't shut-up since ,but can you image when she meets  Worlds Leaders  WHEW!!!  what will
they Think!!!!

Adult Child of Alien Invaders


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NO !!!!! while back I did post one on Boba Fett who would you
'like to play Boba Fett ..Silly .. One , Yes  it's great not knowing his
face ,but now and then  you do wonder.


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Fairyblood the movie Once We were Warriors really shows the way it is
the Modern  Day People taking customs of O, Face Tatoos   etc,,not
relly Happy Lot then you see the People who still live by the Old
Customs .

Adult Child of Alien Invaders cool


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Fairyblood Watch him in Once we were Warriors ,,,then think again
in fact it was one of his best Movies ,,and I can still see him in
that part even with the Jango outfit on 
Bats roll

Adult Child of Alien Invaders


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I think he would be a bit gault looking ,sharp features,,Scar
on the side of his face ,Eyes very piecing ,Ice-Blue , and Hawk like
and when he talks to you ,watching  all the time
Bats wink

Adult Child of Alien Invaders


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Don't worry Ariana !!!!! Bats  goes Goo over Jacob and I'm 73.
He is a KIWI, as the actor who played Jango,,but even to this day
I can still see him in the Movie  "'Once we were Warriors'' beating his ,
Wife I know he played his part well
Bats roll

My would be ,,with a Round Table ,on my right Boba Fett ,left Gort
the rest would be Phantom,Lone Ranger ,,  Bruce Lee,with Mask
David Bowie as the Goblin King,Mandrake,,,and a couple of Storm
Troopers to fill up the table
bats cool