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There is NO way Dengar could beat Boba.  Boba's got a razor keen mind, and that alone puts himabove Dengar.  Sure Dengar's smart, but he is not near Boba's level.  Add to his intelligence, an arsenal of weaponry, each one extremely dangerous, and you've got a pure bred killer.  Dengar would have to be unbelievably lucky to make it out alive.  Boba's got all the training of a Mandalorian, any one of which could take Dengar out, plus that of Jango (the best IN HIS TIME) as well as his own instinct and experience.  Hands down, Boba would WASTE Dengar.


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I am just not good with these forums.  So: (and I again apologize for the lameness of this question) How do I get a picture under my name?


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How do I add in a signature for my name?  (If the answer is, like, super obvious, I apologize in advance: I don't have any experience with these things!)  And thank you.