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Cale winced and reflexively clutched his side.  How the target had evaded him, and worse, managed to cut him reamined a mystery, but at this point, it didn't matter.  Since intangibility was out (whatever that knife was, it managed to cut him while he was intangible), he solidified, and slipped into a ready stance.  Tharus slashed at him, his speed surprising for his bulk, this blow also drawing blood along Cale's bicep.  As Tharus passed by, Cale swung at him, the side of his gauntlet catching Tharus in the shoulder, causing him pain, it seemed, but no more.  He folowd up with a rapdi series of blows from his fists, but each with negligible results.... This guy was obviously going to be a difficult opponent, with his scaly hide and all.  Cale dodged back, evading the bloody knife slashing his way.  "Got to keep focusing on the fight..."


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Cale's fears were soon realized.   In a bizarre sense of irony, his very target seemed to e looking directly at him.  Which was ridiculous, since he was supposed to be blind.  So Cale calmly stepped to the left.  And Tharus turned slightly to face him again.  Blind or not, Thaur knew he was here. Lovely.  When he got out of this, he'd chew Command out for paging him here.

He materialized, become tangible, but not yet visible.  This would allow his energized gauntlets to do their thing, but the downside is that people could now hear his footsteps.  Maybe if he moved fast, he'd be able to take Tharus down, and deal with the rest later.  He also took the time to make sure that his built-in pager was disabled; it ould not do for it to go off full blare during a stealth based operation.  Once that was done, he crouched down and tensed, ready to lunge for Tharus once the others moved out of the line of attack.  He hated fighting in crowds...


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This.  Was. Perfect.  Because of their new 'recruit', these 'Redeemers' had to be careful in leading her to their secret base, which made it very easy for Cale to follow them.  He also knew now that his target's name was Tharus.  Subsequently he was, in a roundabout and unintentional sort of way, introduced to the group's leader, a guy by the name of Stone.  He couldn't guess his powers from the get go, but now that he knew where to look, it would all quickly fall into place. 

"Nothing can save you now." He thought.  He was then interrupted by a very quiet beeping noise, coming from his left gauntlet.  "Shoot".  Of all times for Command to call....He ignored the call, but he knew that they'd page him again.  Cale just hoped that no one else heard the beeping.


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Now this was interesting.  They were organized, and seemingly dedicated to 'cleaning' up this city.  Cale assumed, from the general appearance of the cityscape by night, that this wouldn't be easy for them.  And with the other metas virtually confirming any suspicions about their powers he had, this entire mission would be insanely easy for him, once he developed the appropriate countermeasures to their abilities.  So Cale continued to watch, listen, and gather information.  After all, knowledge is power, and with this many metapowered peope about, knowledge was the best defense he had.


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Okay, things were officially out of control.  Another group of metas had entered the scene, one exhibiting enhanced speed, one carrying a large rifle, claiming it to be made of an airsoft gun, electric razor, and a flashlight, so Cale guessed she was either a technopath, or a very intelligent flatline.  There were also two otehrs, a younger one, referred to as 'Mimic' by the one called 'Ace'.  The final member of the group matched the physical description of his primary target.  Perfect. 

It was a virtual shopping list of renegade metas.  He was just about to enter the chaos, when another hulking figure appeared.  Upon engaging the metas in teh favour of the knife-wielder, Cale observed that he utilized a form of umbrakinesis, in that he gained the sonsistency of shadows themselves.  Interesting.  Cale wondered what it would be like having two immaterial beings fight.  But before he could test it, the two obvious antagonists were taken down by the team of metas, only to get up while the group was arguing, and flee. 

This was good, in that there were less metas in the area, but it still didn't help the fact that there were four remaining unregistered metas, all obviously close allies.  Cale knew the unconscious Ace would be of noassistance, should it come down to a fight, and he didn't want to risk having to fight the whole group of unregistered metas.  That, and now that his target was within sight, he could continue to observe, and learn the habits of his target.  So Cale continued to watch as the speedster brought forth a new person, claiming her to eb a 'friend'.  Curious Cale, crept slightly closer, ready to follow the group at a moment's notice, should they leave.


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Cale was not disappointed on his first night in town.  For one thing, it seemed that this place was virtually crawling with metas.  For another, had he not been able to render himself immaterial, he would've been run over by a squad of cop cars.  Due to the glimpses of anxiosuness and a little fear on their faces that he got as the cars passed through him, he assumed that they were responding to a less-than-welcome call.  And because those calls were typically reserved for metahuman activity, especially in this city, Cale followed along.  The sirens made it easy, and being able to literally travel in a straight line also shortened the trip.

His ghostly for arrived at the scene of the activity, and he knew immediately that his educated guess payed off.  A government sanctioned metahuman was brawling with a scarred, leaner looking fellow, wielding two daggers.  The ground was littered with dead police officers, each with an icepick protruding from their back.  So Cale leaned against the side of a buiding, and observed.  He didn't interfere for two reasons; one, this way he got to see how they fought, and two, if one was to defeat the other, it would make his job so much easier. 

And then he heard a voice cry out, "Ace!".  He silently groaned; a newcomer meant witnesses.  It looked like the police-officer would be getting some assistance.  Or not.  Cale would hav to wait to see how this turned out.


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Name: Zachary Cale, AKA: Reaper

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Whoever pays best, although he is currently working alongside a very hush-hush organization dedicated to rounding up and incarcerating metahumans.  While seeming like an ordinary mercenary, he only does what he does in an effort to protect and care for his family, namely his younger brother.


He can go intangible, allowing him to pass through solid objects. 
He can also render himself invisible to most means of sight, save for in the ultraviolet spectrum (Using blacklights, etc)
Edit: Due to some confusion over what things are harmful to Reaper's health, I am now listing weaknesses.  I had hoped the in post context had helped, but since it hasn't, here goes.  Reaper is weak against electricity, as the electron flow will disrupt his cells (normal electrical current, as found in buildings et cetera are not harmful, but fcued bursts are really painful).  In addition, radiation and gas-based attacks do more damage, as the contaminated cells interface directly with Reaper's healthy ones, without the tedious process of an immunity system.

Equipment: He wears two high-tech gauntlets, which generate a powerful energy field that shrouds his

Morality/Personality: He is typically no-nonsense, and always puts the mission first, although he is questioning the morality of imprisoning other human beings simply for their differences.  He also does his best for what family he has left, although he will never speak much of them, save that he cares for his brother immensely, and does what he does to protect said sibling.

Norton Peaks by night was a beautiful sight.  The lights shining on, little beacons of hope, in a world of despair.  Well, some of them anyways.  Zach Cale knew that hope was almost an impossiblity in this dismal city, but the idea did have its pleasantries.  He was sitting on the rooftop of a high apartment building gazing down at his hunting grounds for the next seven months.  His superiors never let him loose for any longer than that.  SO within those seven months, he would have to bring in as many metahumans as possible, as per the usual requirements.  He sighed.  While the job took him all over the world, more often than not the constant hunting of metahumnas got tedious, and half the time he failed in catching his targets within the allotted time-span.  That was the nature of the job; win-some-lose-some.

He had arrived earlier that day, and was currently wandering about, trying to get a 'feel' for the cty by night.  He knew from the reports that this place had two very different faces; the daytime facade being the fake, while the city's true colours revealed themselves in the dead of night.  As his targets typically ventured out at night, it would be very useful for him to get used to the city after dusk.

Cale stood, flexing his gauntleted fngers, being careful not to activate the energy-field; it was too much of a visible give-away, and for one whose existence thrived upon being invisible, that sort of beacon would only be lit if in a major fight, or in emergencies.  He turned and walked over to the locked roof access door, calmly phasing his body through the steel-reinforced door, and fading from sight at the same time; he couldn't risk being spotted in his 'hunting-gear' (as he called it) so soon after entering the target zone.  As he floated through the floors, unsee and unheard, his mind went over the official target of his deployment; a strange mutated human who had a strange skin-deformity, giving him almost a lizard-bug-like appearance.  His name was not known to Cale's benefactors, but his appearance was hard to forget.  There was also something about the target's eyes, but Cale was assure that he wouldn't need to remember anything but the basic appearance.

He soon found himself exiting the building.  He would return to his room there later.  But first, he had to acquaint himself with his new home.  Norton Peaks awaited.  So Cale smiled slightly beneath his mask, and continued on his way, making sure to keep himself invisible, but material; he liked the feeling of solid ground beneath his feet for a while.  And so the Reaper wandered aimlessly through the city, searching for the first unlucky soul to fall before him.


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Link's ninjas had been easy enough to defeat, but he hadn't been fast enough to attack the "Shadow" person.  By the time he registered what was going on, the fight had ended.  Obviously, this group of adventurers that he was a part of were more than capable of handling themselves in battle.  This was good, as he was getting tired of having to protect people who didn't know how to handle themselves.  he liked them and all, but they tended to place themselves in danger far too often.  these people, though, were different, and for that, Link was thankful.

Even so, Link had difficulty trusting the Ocelot person, although he could not figure out why.  And the telepath being was disconcerting; one who could read your every thought was something to fear.

At this, the alien telepath turned and shot Link a glare, or, at least he thought it was a glare; it was hard to tell with the inhuman face.  Link sighed, and decided to take the advice of the others and rest.  The moment his heat struck the pillow, he was asleep. And dreaming....

There was a field, vast, and seemingly without end.  The long grass waved gracefully in the wind, and the cool breeze stirred through the clear blue sky.  Link breathed deeply of the peace and closed his eyes in ecstasy.  When they opened, he saw the landscape changing; going from lush and lively to dark and dead.  A shadow stretched across the earth, like a stain destroying everything in its path.  Link tried to draw his sword and shield to fight it, only to find that they were gone; he was defenseless.

As suddenly as the dark advance began, it halted, and a figure arose from the shadows.  it was...him.  A Dark Link, a mirror image of him.  His tunic and chainmail were coloured black, and his skin the colour of charcoal.  His eyes flared an evil red, and his mouth was twisted in a sadistic grin.

"Hail, Hero.  I do so hope you find your stay here... eventful.  For you have arrived in the land of your death; you will not be leaving Geridarr alive, boy."

Link was used to threats; usually they came from Ganondorf and were overcome.  This one however, being much simpler and direct, and different stirred a feeling of primal fear within him.  As the Dark Link laughed maniacally, Link awoke, screaming...


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((Actually, Link's Hylian, but whatever))

Link pondered upon the explanation.  It seemed that no matter what he did, there was always some mad emperor or sorceror who was always trying to take his power.  And, at least with some allies (something that he never had many of) he would stand a better chance.  There really was only one answer.

Link nodded; he was in.


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Link had witnessed a lot of magic in his time, but never had he experienced a mind entering his own, and talking.  It was... unnerving.  Nonetheless, he had been more cordial than half of those he had talked to.  Most of their answers and responses could be summed up with "Get lost".  And frankly, Link was tired of not getting answers. 

If this sorceror, this, "telepath" (Whatever that meant) could read the minds of those around him, maybe Link wouldn't need to ask people for answers; maybe this strange being could get them for him...  Only one thing to do.  He walked over to the strange sorceror and the older man, who, strangely, didn't have a soul crystal, yet appeared every bit a contestant.  He raised an eyebrow at that, and pulled up a chair.  He had a question burning inside his mind, and he just had to ask it.

"Who are you?"


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Link walked into the nearest bar that he could find.  Places like this were usually the best ones when one searched for information.  And if he was supposed to learn more about this Spirit Temple, this seemed to be the place.

The second he entered, he felt out of place.  There were beings of all shapes, sizes, and appearances.  Some armoured, some not. On many he recognized the soul gem that distinguished the contestants.  On others, there was none; signifying the civilians.  Seeing the massive array of weaponry, both obvious and not, he was glad that this was a safe city; hopefully there would be no contestant killing permitted in here, but, if he knew his taverns, that would undoubtedly happen.  Most likely a brawl would get out of hand.

Deciding that it was wiser not to be noticed by the masses, he slipped stealthily over to the barkeep, and leaned against the counter.

"Do you have any milk?" he asked.

The barkeep raised an eyebrow in surprise.  "Unless I miss my guess, you're another contestant, eh?"

Link nodded. "That's right.  Now, about my drink?"

The barkeep laughed heartily.  "Alright, I'll get you're milk.  The first one's on the house, until you can get some payable cash."

"But I have rupees; and plenty of them."

"If it's currency from your own land, it's not suitable here.  Look, this here's what we trade around." he flourished a coin that Link had never seen before.  "Until you get some of them, you're living off of charity, boy." 

Nonetheless, he gave Link the milk he desired, mumbling all the while about how strange it was going into a bar of all places looking for milk.  After that exchange, which, Link noted uncomfortably had attracted a sizable amount of attention, he retired to a small bench along the wall, and sipped his milk, while eyeing over the other contestants.

A man dressed sloppily was chatting with a woman (also in strange garb) who had a white streak in her hair.  beside her, another woman in strange skin seemed to be looking around curiously.  There were various armoured people, a man who looked like a enhanced Lizalfos, strange mouthless creatures (again with armour),  an unarmed older human in a wide-brimmed hat, as well as various others throughout the crowd.  Link groaned; keeping track of all of them was impossible.  He just hoped that one of them, maybe, could point him towards the Spirit Temple.

His milk finished, an his examination complete, he rose, and began to search through the crowd for someone who could give him some much needed information on the Temple, as well as on how to get home.  He didn't trust a ghost's information, not for any reasons.  He began to strike up conversations with various patrons.


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Link raced across the burning sands of the deserts of Geridarr, once more reveling in the feeling of the wind upon his face.  Surging beneath him, the large wolf's powerful muscles carried them forward.  Link had always felt a sort of ... kinship ... with animals, and with wolves in particular, especially after his most recent encounters with the twilight realm encroaching upon his own.    So it was only natural that he selected a timber wolf as his steed across the desert.

Link had also been keeping track of the time, and estimated that about one hour had passed.  He guessed that the city was nearing.  He saw a haze on the horizon that signified that he was getting closer.  At the same time, he also saw the three figures approaching fast.  When they got within sight range, he drew the Master Sword and the Mirror Shield, guiding the wolf with his knees.

The figures seemed to be riding some sort of floating platform, upon which were mounted those strange tubes he had seen earlier.  They looked like this http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/thumb/c/cf/STAP-chron.jpg/250px-STAP-chron.jpg

The three platforms angled towards him, and charged, their thin, armoured riders motioning to each other rapidly.  Then the strange tubes spat out bolts of red light.  The first volley blasted away the sand around him, which led Link to believe that these light-beams were the most dangerous thing about them.  He rode forward, his shield up, and hoping to block the magical attacks. he was only half successful.

While the beams of light were redirected away from him, the force behind each blast sent ripples of shock up his right arm.  He ducked down, covering as much of his body with the shield as possible, and waited until he got close to the lead rider.  When he got within range of his target, he lashed out with the faintly glowing Master Sword, not caring what he hit, if anything.  He got lucky, and slashed the upside down fin at the bottom of the machine, the enchanted blade carving a deep gash in it.  On his backswing, he removed the fin completely.

The machine spiraled out of control, and slammed luckily into the second, causing both to erupt into a ball of fire.  The final rider had managed to maneuver himself behind Link, and was opening fire upon him.  Link was forced to use every evasive move he ever knew, and even had to make some up on the spot.  To increase his chances, he slid the shield back onto his back, to help with keeping himself alive.  And so they raced.

With Link mounted upon his black wolf, and the strange flying figure not far behind, the two cut an unusual sight  whipping across the desert sands.  As they rode, Link could see Tesba looming ahead, a cluster of building seemingly made out of sand.  He rode harder, apologizing to his mount at the same time for pushing it so hard.  And then the rider behind him stopped firing.

It simply stopped, and wheeled about, flying off to torment some other unlucky contestant.  LInk sighed with relief, and entered the city of Tesba...


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Well, it's been a long time in coming.  I was wondering when you'd get the promotion smile

Congratz, and good luck keeping us rowdy fans in line (You're gonna need it tongue )


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By the time Link had reviewed his situation, a quite sizable group of beings had already converged in the courtyard, and many had taken trips to see the ghostly "Countess".  He himself was debating as to what the easiest way to get to the safe city that the Countess had talked about.  Tesla, Tensa, or something like that; the name was strange, and he was having trouble remembering it.  Besides; he was slightly preoccupied.

The beings that had been dropping in (literally) for the past little while were extremely diverse.  Many were strangely formed, looking like some of the monsters that he had faced before.  However, from experience, he also knew that strange looking creatures weren't always evil. 

Many of them had strange armour; sometimes looking more like a shiny second skin, and carrying stranger devices; like tubes.  Some looked like miniature cannons; but that was crazy; cannons were too big and dangerous to be hand-held.  He felt slightly awkward being one of the few people here with proper gear.

Link shook his head, clearing himself of his analyses.  He had to get to the safe city, and fast; he knew very well that night time in strange lands rarely was a safe place to travel.  So he stood up, and for the first time, noticed a path that led away from the courtyard.  Curious, he followed it, and nearly screamed with shock when he saw the metal cages containing strange creatures.  Some looked like bestial Lizalfos, without their intelligence, and others looked like cougars with gigantic teeth.  In fact, most of them seemed to be carnivorous, or dangerous.  Link sighed; what he wouldn't give for a horse.

As if sensing his thought, a red-robed lizard-man, which he had learned to be called Draconians, chuckled, and spoke in it's hissing voice.  "There'sss no more of the docile onesss.  The lassst of them wasss taken out a while back."  Link guessed his expression was easy to read; as the Draconian obviously guessed his thoughts, and his wishes for a normal beast.

"Do you have any suggestions, then?  Which make the best companions?"

"Companionsss?  Thessse are jussts mountsss.  You ussse them to get from one place to another; not for chatting.  Although, you can try, and sssee how long you lassst."

"Either way, which would be the least likely to tear me limb from limb?  I need to find this city, Terra...no, Tesle..."


"THAT'S the one."

"Take your pick; I honessstly don't care.  It won't matter in the end anywayssss; you'll be feeding the vulturesss."

Link set his jaw, and looked across the rows of creatures.  Finally, he spoke.

"That one..."


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Link was cold.  And sore.  The weird pool of water had deposited him very unceremoniously onto the cold, unforgiving stone of a castle courtyard.  He leaped to his feet, and drew his sword.  Standing before him were two lizard-like creatures, that resembled the evil Lizalfos of his realm.  With a  yell, he charged them...

And wound up on his rear, seeing little colourful birdies circling around in front of his eyes.

"This one has spirit.  He should be interesting to watch.  Tag him, and send him through."

Link tried to struggle, but whatever they had hit him with rendered him immobile.  They were obviously powerful sorcerers.  He felt a searing burning pain that defied all previous assumptions of the feeling as they imbedded something into the base of his neck.  He screamed in agony, eliciting laughter from the monsters in front of him. 

He was then dragged along by the sorcerers, who led him to a room with a chair, which they forced him down upon, before leaving.  An image of a woman appeared, and began to speak.  LInk quickly realized that he would have to understand the rules of this kingdom if he was to hope to survive, and return.  He sat back, and listened....


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Name: Link http://news.filefront.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/08/link.jpg
Age: Approx. 19
Species: Hylian; think a mix between human and elf... or just look at the picture
Realm: Hyrule (Think Twilight Princess)
Gear: Seen in picture; Master Sword, (EDIT: Mirror Shield rather than the uber cool Hylian shield) Hero's Bow, with Fire arrows.

It was midday; with the sun high in the azure sky, its warming rays shining down upon the now peaceful land of Hyrule.  Sitting astride his horse, Epona, the green-garbed swordsman known to the people as Link took in the calmness of peace.  After many months of suffering under the evil sorcerous thief, Ganondorf, Link believed he was entitled to a little rest and relaxation. 

However, due to the fact that his adventures and feats were known throughout the land, peace for him was hard to find.  Most often or not, it was snatched away by a worried settler or merchant, asking his help in driving off some of Ganondorf's remaining monsters.  And Link never could refuse someone in need...

Today, however, it was neither merchant nor settler that begged his aid.  Rather, it was on of the amphibious folk of Lake Hylia; the Zora.

"Link!  Link!  Thank goodness I found you. The matter is urgent, and our people need your aid again."

Smiling kindly at the worried Zora, Link turned Epona about, and rode towards Lake Hylia.  Normally, he'd love every second of speeding across the fields of Hyrule, but today, with possible danger to a friendly people, he had no time.  His mind was racing as to what the problem could possibly be.  Sure enough, the sizable crowd of Zora at the Lake's shores confirmed his suspicions; the trouble had to do with the Water Temple...go figure.
Dismounting, he jogged towards the monarch of the Zora, and asked him what the problem was.

"Well...we don't rightly know.  You see, recently a couple of our sentries that we posted outside of the Water Temple have vanished.  When their relief tried to find them, they too disappeared."

"So you want me to find them?  Should be easy enough; without Ganondorf's control over them, the monsters that remain are mindless, and are easily defeated." 

He mentally winced; he had meant the last part to stay as a thought within his mind, rather than a part of his assurance speech.  Still, it'd have to do.  Without another word, he slipped his deep blue Zora armour over his trademark green tunic and mail.  Link took a running start, and dove into the tranquil waters of the lake.

With the powers of the Zora armour allowing him to breathe the waters of the lake itself, he focused on swimming down towards the imposing and menacing Temple of Water.  It didn't take long; he was in good shape, and the armour kept the pressure of the depths at bay.  Within minutes, he was inside.  And seconds later, he unwittingly realized what happened to the sentries....

As he swam into the opening that served as a door for the Temple, he failed to notice a section of the wall glowing a lighter colour of blue.  He also failed to notice that that particular portion of the wall swirled in towards itself, like a miniature whirlpool. 

He did notice it, however, when it began to tug him towards it.  And by the time he began to struggle, it was already too late; the eery portal that seemed so at home beneath the waves had gotten ahold of him.  Just as he was tugged through, he felt his Zora Armour tear free of his normal garments underneath, and with it, his resistance to the pressure.  Link fell unconscious, and his limp body was pulled into the portal, unresisting...


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Batman is probably DC's best hero, I think.  Flash, GL, Martian Manhunter and others are pretty cool too, but Bats rocks!


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My coat's better tongue  Trench coats own everything else.


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Well, I can honestly say that I pretty much like everyone on these boards.  A cooler group of individuals does not exist, I believe.  And no, I am not just saying that because I don't want to offend anybody.

As far as people I know best on these boards go, I've got a couple:

Lord Revan
Sev Fett
Ralin Drakus
to name a few.  None of these are in any particular order.  I like everybody here; these just happen to be the ones I know best.


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(Yeah, Sev, our Leader's pretty cool.)

I am a Christian, and go to church. (Very meager two cents worth, but hey)


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It's been waaaay too long....


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But with Batman it's more of a morality issue.  By not killing them, he proves that he is better than they are.  And the fact that he owns them time and time again proves that he's far superior to them.  He places restrictions upon himself that he adheres to (no using guns for one) and he still manages to come out on top.

Or maybe it's simply an act?  Playing everybody for a foolish pawn?  I guess we'll never know tongue


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It should be pretty cool.  I always did like seeing more of what the standard grunts go through, rather than the uber-powerhouses like the Jedi.  They'll be there too, yeah, but I'll live.  I wouldn't mind seeing it.


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Yet Maul was nothing more than a rage-driven weapon.  He eliminated an entire cadre of Black Sun.  Going down a dark alleyway, and running into him would pretty much stop me dead.  Literally if Im slow enough.