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Yeah, like Zach was going to sit down here and wait for whatever was following him to catch up.  The best thing to do was to keep on the move.  Besides, without his mask and gauntets, he didn't want to go around practically shouting that he was a metahuman by using his powers.  So mabe it wa best to stick with the Sergeant.  Besides, having a Marine with you was bound to be useful.

"I'll come along.  That's alright with you?"

"Yeah, sure."

"So. Any particular reason for carrying a loaded gun while walking into a shopping mall?"

"You can never be too careful."

"Fair enough."

So the two left the vehicle, Barrett locking and securing the Cuda before leading the way into the shopping mall.  At first glance, it mostly seemed normal.  But upon seeing the distinct lack of active shoppers, and a distinctly large amount of "fleeing in terror and panick"-ers, Cale assumed that something was up.  He grabbed hold of a passing middle-aged man

"What's going on?"

"I dunno, some weirdo on a motorcycle crashed through the front, and started running through the stores, attacking random people.  I still say it's a terrorist attack.  Not even the malls are safe these days!"

Cale shook his head, and let the man flee with the rest of the panicking crowd.  By now, Sergeant Barrett had his pistol in hand, and was busy assuring the jumpy and terrified citizens that he was a United States Marine, and yes, he was perfectly capable of dealing with this situation.  The fact that they freaked out when they saw the gun, but yet did not clue into the service uniform until directly informed also was slightly amusing.  Zach Cale grinned to himself; he knew that having a Marine around was bound to come in handy. 

The now anxious to help citizens also provided Barrett and Cale with the direction that the "terrorist" was to be found. Newcomers also stated that he was currently 'fighting a metal man'.  Cale found this part to be particularly interesting, given his line of work.  With this new bit on information, Cale even doubted the accuracy of the terrorist claim.  More likely it was a brawl between two metas that spilled out into the nearest place; the mall. 

So Cale turned, and began walking in the direction specified by the mob, temporarily forgetting that he was supposed to be a normal human for the time being.  However, he did have the presence of mind to stay both solid and visible for now.  The cause of this chaos would very interesting to watch...


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Maybe they held massive games of laser tag?  I don't think that Boba or any f the Clones would go trick-or-treating, especially since I don't know if the practice is continued in Star Wars.


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Considering both of them have the benefit of plot assistance, of course tongue

Honestly, their circumstances define their characters.  While Boba's beter in my opinion, simply due to his survival nature, Jango's no slouch.  He's killed plenty of Jedi, earned the status of best bounty hunter in the galaxy by his own abilities.  He's plenty good, but unlike Boba, he went with more of a fancy flair to whatever he did.  Boba just got things done, Jango got things done with style.  And that fancy-flair-tendency is what got him in the end....along with plot device and bad writing....

I still prefer Boba (not having read the other RepComm books),  but Traviss' way of, forgive the term, "humanizing" Boba kinda strikes me as uncomfortable.  I don't like seeing Boba as just a normal guy, albeit slightly different.  I preferred the books where he was cold, calculating, and mysterious.  Traviss, while doing well in other Mandalorian aspects for the msot part, I don't think is doing fantastic for Boba Fett.


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I know at least one, two, three, possibly four others, one of which is a member here.  Most of 'em are prety close in location to me.


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"Name's Zach.  Zach Cale.  Thanks for coming along, Sergeant Barrett."  Cale shook the profferred hand.  He breathed a mental sigh of relief.  With this soldier's help, he'd be able to put some good distance between him and whoever was following him.  In fact, already his frayed nerves were calming down.

"So, Cale, right?  What was that all about?  You looked pretty nervous, I'd almost say terrified."

"I'm fine, really.  It's just one of those things, you know, when you feel like someone's walked over your grave?  Random chills, bouts of fear, sensation of being hunted...the usual."  Zach cursed himself mentally; the hunted bit hadn't been supposed to come out.


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regimas wrote:
Werda Verd wrote:

Hey, have you played Too Human? Its Norse based, so I was wondering.

never played too human, looked okay, and your the only one to understand the name big_smile

Only one so far. smile   Ragnarok in Norse mythology is the end times, the final battle between the frost giants and the gods of Asgard.  Like, Armageddon, or the apocalypse for the Norse.  I should've looked at this topic earlier to comment on it.  Anyways, it's an EPIC (in more ways than one) name, Regimas.  And I really wanna see what you guys come up with with your armour sets (judging by previous ones, they are going to be amazing)


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As Zach walked down the sidewalk, he felt a strange prickling, not at the back of the neck, like when one's being watched, but at the back of his mind, as if someone knew what he was thinking.  He kenw that was silly, but the feeling persisted, adn it was making him quite uncomfortable.  The more he walked away from the sensation, the worse it grew, until he found himself sprinting along the sidewalk.

"C'mon, get ahold of yourself.  There's nothing there; no one' following you.  No one who'd want to has seen you without your mask; you're safe."  Cale did his best to asure himself, and succeeded to an extent.  He managed to calm himself down slightly and continue his walk in relative peace, with the feeling of being hunted nagging at the back of his mind.  While still jumpy, at least he wasn't drawing stares from the crowds at the moment.  With an attempt at a relaxing sigh, Cale continued his walk.


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((It's OK.  It's not a normal intangibility affecting factor; I just gave it as a weakness to Reaper, to make him less invincible.  No problem))

It didn't look like sleep was coming.  Every time Zach closed his eyes he was greeted by a flood of images, sights and sounds.  Featuring prominently in these chaotic dreams were his brother and the obnoxious Observer who had visited him earlier.  His target, Tharus, along with that one guy called Mimik, and the mysterious telekine/telepath/electrokine also appeared at various intervals.  He woke from his attempt at leep with a scream of fear and pain, although he could no longer remember what for.

"I gotta get out.  Clear my head."  Cale mumled to himself, as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.  He got dressed in a pair of jeans, a black T-shirt, and put on his boots.  This time, though, he didn't want any metahuman conflicts, so he left his gauntlets and cowl in his apartment, under his bed.  He also did something else that went against his mode of operation; he used the front door.  And the elevator.

Once outside, he took a deep breath of the cool night air.  It was soothing, refreshing, like a mother caressing her child.  Already calmed slightly, he thrust his hands into his pockets, and began to walk, staying on the sidewalks and staying visible and solid; he wanted to be normal for now, at least for a little while.


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((One thing being that electrokinesis is a major weak point for Reaper...so with Reborn wielding not only his greatest weakness, but to be able to remove Reaper's one single benefit (his powers), you've essentially made Reaper moot.))


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Oya ner vod, and welcome, Articia.


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Not meaning to sound nasty or anything, but there were some....issues....with reading the fic.  Without Capitalization and punctuation in certain areas, it got difficult to read.  A couple breaks in the writing also would've made it a bit easier to understand.  That last bit with the Emperor Fett also confused me.  Sounds like you've got some cool ideas, but they were hard to make out.


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((Sorry, I didn't see telepathy as any of Reborn's abilities in his character sheet; thought he only had a high level of telekinesis and electrokinesis.))

Command was punctual, which was good.  They took the prisoner without additional hassle, save for the intrusion of an Observer.

"What went wrong, Reaper?"

"They had telepaths, they found me when I was invisible."

"Nonetheless, you should have been able to get in, take down the target, and get out."

"But I couldn't.  I was lucky to survive."

"Maybe.  But why didn't you have your cowl's neural scrambler active?  Would that not have blocked their psionic intrusions?"

"Yeah, but you know I hate to rely upon external equipment.  Even the gauntlets were pushing it."

"Even so, if your personal preferences are interfering with your effectiveness and the mission, your decisions may have to be made for you.  You're lucky we don't stuff you in some Stalker armour."

"Again, I work better using my own skills."

"That remain to be seen.  I still do not understand why you wo't at least use the rest of the armour.  it's saved many agents so far."

"Their reliance upon such equipment is precisely why I avoid it; I hate being indebted to anything."

"Apparently.  Just...see to it that you activate your neural scrambler from now on, Reaper.  Too many more failures and certain 'measures' will have to be taken."

With that the Observer left, along with the remnants of the retrieval team.  Cale sighed, and relaxed.  He took his gauntlets off, adn placed them in their charger, beneath the bed.  He took his mask and hood in his hands, and tinkered with the miniscule scrambler control panel.  While he hated using this sort of tech, his target had been able to easily detect him, and attack him, even while he remained unseen.  Cale didn't want that happening again, as he knew the next time he fought the Redeemers, they wouldn't be as lenient as last time.  And he couldn't risk having his one benefit being compromised. 

So with a dissatisfied groan, he activated the device, and placed the cowl on the arm of an easy chair, into which he sat, after binding adn treating his wounds as best he could with what medical supplies he had.  He had some time to finally relax.  Command's threats against his brother were escalating.  And there was no way Cale was going to let anything happen to his brother.  He was the only family he had left, and Zachary was going to do his best to protect his helpless younger brother.  Nothing was going to stand in his way...


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((Just curious, how does telekinesis possibly prevent someone from using their powers?  Telepathy, I can understand slightly, but not telekinesis))

"Heh.  Resistance is futile.  Where'd you get that?  The Borg?  Look, you know my name, so obviously you know who I am.  So this questioning is wasting both of our time.  Why don't you go off, and terrorize some poor helpless old woman or something, and let me get back to my business?"

The weird guy with the electrical mace in his hands only glared at Cale.  Obviously, although powerful, he hadn't bothered to invest energy in a sense of humour.  Go figure.  Cale was in no mood to continue to banter, as his wounds were really starting to irritate him.  So Cale decided to use a different tactic.

He went intangible, and charged his gauntlets; as far as anyone could tell, since he was still visible, nothing had changed.  He then stood up, grinning beneath his mask, as the telekinetic energy that held him down before slipped right thrugh him; one cannot hold the air, and that was about as effective as trying to hold an intangible Reaper.  He then sprinted towards the strange figure, narrowly avoiding a swipe of the energy mace as he closed the distance between the two. 

Not wasting any of his precious momentum, he dove straight through his enemy, his gauntlets' unique energy coupled with his own intangibility to scramble the other being's synapses, not quite lasting long enough to knock him out, but effectively paralyzing him for a time.

"Take some time out, okay?"  He then returned to his prisoner, solidified, grabbed onto her, and phased them both through the ground and into the sewers below.  From there, he made his way back to hs apartment, making sure to keep his invisibility and intangibility active at all times; he didn't need another random encounter tonight; he had to report in, hand over the prisoner, and get some much needed sleep.


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Reaper grunted.  His invisibility was having difficulties here.  This guy was obviously a telepath.  Luckily, though, he had some experience with them before.  He began to think of the most random things he could think of, a purple cow, a pen, a five day old puppy, blue sky, and others along with a constant stream of random numbers.  The flow of unstructured thoughts was bound to at the very least make concentration upon his mind more difficult for this meta.

"I am none of your business."  He subtly energized his gauntlets, in case things got dirty.  "Get out of my way; I'm busy here."  While he answered this strange attacker, he worked on summoning enough mental energy to force himself into invisibility.

Bossk was skilled, but he was far too emotional, letting his rage get the better of him.  Whether he be "sharp" by Trandoshan standards or not, his rage proved to be a large flaw.

IG-88 didn't have the emotional problem, which made him, in some ways, more effective than Bossk.  However, his AI assumed that Organics (Or Squishies as  sometims call 'em) were inferior in comparison to him.  So i a way, arrogance was IG-88's weak point.

D'Harhan was neat, but his tech was outdated, and he couldn't have survived for long in the Civil War era.

I'd have to say Durge is the next best Hunter, after the Fetts.  I didn't like the character, as he was made for the old animated series (Which I despise) but I can't deny his skills.  With his abilities, and track record of having kiled Mandos, Sith (Have to check on research for that one) and a couple Jedi, I think, he would easily fit into third place (or first, for this particular discussion).


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Despite Mimik's warnings, the duo did break concentration, just for a little bit.  He dematerialized, going both intangible and invisible.  He immediately phased an energized hand through both the shield-maker and the energy-maker's chests, rendering them both unconscious.  The lightning-bolt one followed, although Cale allowed more pain in that attack, solidifying his hand ever so slightly, smiling darkly as the man crumbled to the floor in agony.   

He then grabbed the shield-maker, being the closest, slung her over his shoulder, and phased through the walls, moving fast and silently, and keeping his unconscious hostage unseen, until he exited the installation.  He made sure to memorize the location, before slinking down into a nearby alley.

"Command?  This is Reaper.  I have one prisoner, but expect some people to do some digging on your operation."

"Of course you gave them the information...Very well.  We'll send a retrieval team for the captive within the hour; they'll meet you at your base of operations."

"You mean the apartment."

"Yes.  Hurry up, now, Reaper.  You've failed too many times already..."

Cale sighed, and began the journey back to his apartment.


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"Your funeral.  I mean that.  All I know is a title.  They call the leader Operator or something.  That's it.  No distinguishing names, markings or titles."

Mimic looked at him oddly, as if trying to figure out if he was lying or not.

The electrical shock was playing havoc with Cale's body; the pain was only now beginning to die down.  Cale only hoped that the electricity didn't do too much damage to the gauntlets.


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"Good guys, you aint."

"Answer me."

"As you wish.  but you won't like it.  I have no idea who my employer is.  There.  Happy?'


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This proved problematic, and yet, also kind of useful.  He couldn't phase through electricity, but they'd have to open a hole in the field for him to fire.  Even so, the hole wouldn't be nearly large enough...but maybe it would be big enough to take out the ones keeping his shield in place.

"I am here to observe the situation in Norton Peak."  He wasn't lying, Cale reflected.  "It won't go well for you if you stand in my way."  He still wasn't lying.


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"Who says you're the good guy anyhow?  And besides, I sense repetition here."

"Just.  Answer.  The.  Question."

"Okay, fine.  I am...was...a normal person.  In high school, I was almost always ignored, invisible to people around me.  I hit eighteen, and bam, suddenly I find I can go invisible, for real.  So I left my ungrateful home, and came here.  I was wandering around, when I nearly got hit by one of your buddy's arrows.  I followed you, and your friend attacked me, forcing me to fight back, accidentally injuring your other friend, before getting shoved in here."


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"I'm a ghost.  I wander around, and I haunt things.  Guess what; you are definitely haunted."

Mimic didn't respond.  If anything, it looked like Reaper wasn't getting through to him.  Pity.  Mimic repeated the question.

"Would you believe I'm here to collect the souls of those cursed to an eternity of torment for their crimes?" Cale responed.

Mimic just stared.

"How about, I'm here to play practical jokes by haunting random people?"

Still nothing.

"Maybe I'm here to collect wheat from the grocery store?"


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"No one special."

"That's no answer."

"I'm called Reaper.  You're Mimic, right?"  Cale grinned slightly beneath his mask.  Let them sweat; they didn;t know how much about them he knew.


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Cale woke up, nursing a sore head.  He looked around him, surprised to find a lack of bonds.  No chain, chair or even handcuffs.  If he wasn't so supicious, he'd almost be insulted.  However a slight shimmering in the air before him told him that everything wasn't quite as innocent as it looked.  Placing his gauntlet against the air, he wasn't surprised to find a solid wall.  And due to the sparks dancing across his gauntlet, he assumed that it had some energetic flow, as his gauntlet's energies collided with those of the invisible barrier.  Lovely.  Idly, he wondered if the roof and floor were similarly  protected.

This unexpected imprisonment did give him a chance to reply to Command.  He tapped the sensor on his left gauntlet, and waited for the encrypted signal to get to Command.  After approximately twelve seconds, he got a response.

"Reaper.  About time you answered.  We told you to report once you arrived."

"I was busy.  I found the target already, but he's associated himself with a group of non-registered metas.  I couldn't fight them all off."  He made sure to keep his voice below a whisper, so that his captors wouldn't hear him.

"What's your current situation?"

"I am held within an energy shield.  I could escape, but I don't want to risk the energy interacting with my insides when I phase through."

"You're taking too many risks.  You should've waited for backup before entering a hornet's nest" (the slang term for a location filled with unregistered metas) "And letting yourelf get captured?  Foolish.  They could get too much out of you."

"They won't."

"They better not.  For your brother's sake."

"You leave him out of this!"

"Then don't fail us...again."

And Command's voice faded, leaving Cale stranded once more in his unseen, but very physical, cell.


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This really wasnt going well.  Cale knew he'd get lectured for letting his impulsiveness et the b etter of him, but he also knew that his impulsiveness had saved him on many occasions.  Just not this one.  And now with the shaving cream, there was virtually no use staying invisible, other than preventing the otehrs from seeing his features.  And wth Tharus' armour interfering with the energy discharge from his gauntlets, he wouldn't be able to take them all down, especially not while losing blood.  He was thanklful that he had at least managed to, even accidentally, take down one member.

So Cale fending himself off as best he could, landing blows on Tharus when he could, but not as many as he'd have liked.  No, there were too many of them.  So he pulled his trump card.  Going intangible, he faded through the floor, with the shaving cream falling to the ground as his body dematerialized. 

He floated up into the foundations of the wall, and phased through them, coming to rest immediately behind Tharus.  The others seemed to be scanning the room for any sign of their poltergeist.  So Cale solidified, and stepped silently forward to deal an incapacitating blow to Tharus......only to have the behemoth whirl around and grab him by the throat with one hand.  "Whoops"