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As for what us girls like, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.  Most boys just seem to have an issue with actually asking us to though.  Come on ya'll, get some guts!

Chivalry vs Feminism. Some guys are afraid to ask girls to dance, but why can't a girl ask the guy? All I hear nowadays is "girls should have equal oppertunities" "Women can do everything men can" "Men are chauvanist pigs" (Not as popular but heard)

And yet those same women expect the man to automatically pay for the meal. To hold the door for them. (I know I'm sorta blowin it out of proportion, but it's true.) I just think that women should either accept equality everywhere.

And this isn't based on everyone, because I do know some girls who go dutch. I also know my friend's g/f accepts everything he needs because he does the same for her.

Interesting theory, what would you say if I told you that I HAVE asked guys to dance before?  It isn't really that hard.  As for dinner....I feel guilty if anyone buys anything for me, even my grandparents.

I'd want to meet Logan or Bodie Taylor(for anyone who doesn't know, He's the guy who acted all the clones sitting there eating, took me forever to  find out his name).  I have to say I gree with you Manji_Ninja, Logan is cute!

Only reason I put them above Temura and Jeramey is cuz Tem would probably want to arm wrestle (like he was doing at Celebration IV, which I totally COULD NOT do, I would lose so bad) and I haven't really heard that much about Jeramey, although he does seem to have a really good sense of humor.

Spare me from ever seeing these movies....all of which would probably be rated R.....although Muse46 does have a piont about Leia and Chewie.....she did offer to kiss him you know....lol....."I'd rather kiss a wookie!" "That can be arranged."


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FI by a long shot.  I looooooove that character.  We would get along so well....we both always joke about everything.  *Grins*  maybe we could make fun of Ordo together.....*laughs*

(BTW, answer to you question, not Canderous Ordo, Ordo as in Null-11.  He's one of Kal Skirata's boys)


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Like Jango killing tweleve Jedi with his bare hands.


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As for me, never been on a date, never had a boyrfriend, and only ever had a crush once, and that was when I was 12.  No regrets pal, no regrets.  I'm not actually allowed to date till I'm 16 (bout a year to go on that), but even if it was allowed, I wouldn't.  Highschool freshmen are waaaaaaaaay, to young to be dating.

As for what us girls like, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.  Most boys just seem to have an issue with actually asking us to though.  Come on ya'll, get some guts!

As for how I feel, I haven't really liked anyone that way, and if I have, I squashed it.  Lets just wait till we get a chance to know them first, be friends, and learn more about them that way.  Crushes just make everything messy.  You can't even hardly talk to whoever-it-is, just cuz your too embarassed to hardly say a word.  So I got over it. End of story.  And not heartbreak, no misery, no guilt, and no regret.   Yay for not-obsessing-over-getting-a-boyfriend-just-cuz-it-seems-like-everyone-has-one-even-though-most-people-don't.

And BTW, I completely agree with you, 11 is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to young to have a boyfriend.

Pheonix023 out.

JAngo had to die, because Boba had to hate the Jedi for some reason.  As for why he missed Luke, its the Good guy bad guy concept.  the good guys always win, always get everything perfect, and the bad guys couldn't hit a supersized snail at point blank range.  Notice that the clone troopers were really good shots until they started working for the empire; same concept.  All comes down to movie rules and dynamics...in short, all bad guys are cannon fodder.

Sorry to break it to ya fellows.....

and there is also the thing that Lucas probably wasn't expecting a character with only three lines and almost no screen time to become on of the most populer characters ever......more loved than even Luke, Han, Leia, and Old Obi I think.....


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Very Good!  Yes it is....she happens to be on of my friends favorite character (and one of mine).  I sent it to Mr. Wu at HBO about two months ago, but he hasn't gotten it up yet, its still in his inbox.

BTW, High res is actually an 8.5" x 11" pic at 300 pixels per inch......you do the math.......and they are actually about 4 MB each.  And I have no idea how to compress it, so....how do you do that?

*frowns slightly*  who are you on KT's yahoo group?   Just curious.....lol


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Hey, I'm kind of new at this.....but whadda ya think?   I know the last one isn't Mando, but a couple of friends of mine are HUGE Halo fans, so I drew it anyway.   I drew the pics on paper, then scanned them into my computor and colored them with adobe photoshop elements 4......

BTW, sorry aboout the resoulution, but you can only upload files of a certain size.   If you want a high res image, email me at jessmiller23@yahoo.com.





I like Zuckuss, just cuz he's funny....."well, offhand I'd say it was a bomb..."....not too bright though.


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GOOD NEWS!!!!   THE NEXT RC BOOK COMES OUT IN AUGUST!!!!!!  ITS CALLED TRUE COLORS, and takes pace about a month after the end  of TZ  and extends for a few months!  ZOMG!!!!!  and she's going to write a 4th one too!!!!  i know cuz i'm on her yahoo group....


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Hi everyone I'm Pheonix023!  nice to meet you all