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To the first joke pic..."hey I know those guys, they're Svoor and Nimadi!  Cool people, some of the first femmie mando costumers out there..."

To the second...."oh GOD NO, shoot me, shoot me now...."


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Washington rules! Rock on dude!


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cloneapart wrote:

Hey Pheonix, that is really spiffy smile  While I would love to try and color it, I'm still not the best with elements just yet, and I probably wouldn't do the picture full justice.  Very nice though and btw, your instructions about elements on page 3 are very helpful, I'm just still trying to learn more big_smile  thanks big_smile

Lol, if you'd like to give it a shot at coloring the inks (when I get em done)  feel free!


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I was going through my art stuff and found a some mando lineart that I made with no future plans (request I was going to do for someone, stopped because they we being...not great...).  Since it seemed a shame to waste such a nice pose and all that work, would anyone like my to color it up to look like their armor?  all I ask for is ref pics!


btw, I'll be posting this on a couple of other forums, and whoever speaks up first gets it, so if you want it, butter jump on it fast....


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cujo wrote:

get articled tongue
http://www.xbox.com/en-US/community/per … stcujo.htm
if u havent hit me up for a friend request feel free.

Thats cool....lol, don't even HAVE an x-box.....


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Si Titran wrote:

Pure Evil is not the same as the Root of all Evil...
And not all girls are evil, just the ones you know in real life.
Although I consider myself evil...

Lol, actually its been Mathematically proven that girls are the root of all evil....


*give best evil femmie grin*


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Lol, aside from dump her first....?  she sounds pretty shallow.

Huh, but what would a voidsaber do if you hit someone wit it?  suck them up like a black hole?  or chop'em like a normal lightsaber?

If boba was a chicken would he taste good.....?  well, given that bounty hunters are the scum of the universe.....


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Thanks!!!  *very happy*


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.....and swings to safety, leaving thousands of innocent people to drown.  Meanwhile....


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......a tremendous flood that wiped out the city....


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Lol, tis a flack vest for my mando suit....or at least the prototype.  Still gotta make the final edition.


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Mandalorian Jedi, request from a guy who RPGs....its his character.
Lol, one of my friends told me it made him think of Bardan Jusik....I looked at it again, and he was right!


yeah, i think I'm getting faster at this


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Go check out some of my art in the Creative boards....

Lol, I grew it out so I could chop it off for locks of love....

"butcher with no remorse"...*thinks*  yup!  its gonna be under 3 inches!


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English, some spanish, and a little mando, german, and a couple words in Hindi.


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What would mine be rated?


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K, I know I posted up here once, but that was a pic from four years ago...*grimaces* this one s much more recent....sorry ahead of time that its huge, and not the best, but there is no such thing in my book as "low res"


I'm going to get my hair cut off reeeeeeaaaaally short.


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Wow, this Movie was Fan-freakin'-tastic!!!!!  I'm in love.....IIIIIII AAAAAAMMMMM IIIIIIIIIIRRRRROOOOONNNNMMMMMAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!!!

Lol, His name is Walter Seaman, 16 as of April, Halo Fanatic, somewhat well known on HBO as Hellhawk001, younger brother Lewis Seaman, 14, aka. Firebird62 (or at least I think thats the number....I forget)

Weird...I had to do a double take when I read you last post....I have a buddy whos a Halo fanatic, has a brother named Lewis, and wants a Wii.....I had to go back and check your age to make sure you weren''t him!!


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Yup, I use that name just about everywhere......


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Ale'ika Skirta wrote:

For the female members in here, my girlfriend is desperate to lose weight (and i dont know why shes not fat but shes not skinny) and she uses laxatives after she eats and she wont believe me when i told her that they mess with your system.... so any ideas how i can convince her to see reason?

For Gods sake....tell her that my cousin did that and ended up in critical care at a hospital, and now has psychological issues.  It dosen't work.  Ever.  I would suggest getting her away from the crowd she usually hangs with for a while.  They are probably putting pressure on her, even if it is unintentional, and it is causeing her to feel like she needs to lose weight.   I know that a lot of times having a bunch of people around you obsessing over their weight will actually stress you into thinking that you should be worried about it, even though it isn't a problem.

Just my 2 cents....


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16 year old smoking hot femmando (or so I've been told big_smile) who is going waaaaaaaay over the deep in on SW fandom.....and is a major smartass that can not keep her mouth shut, which has gotten her into trouble more times than she can count....

*looks at post*  why, I sound so conceited.....oh well, let me have a little fun!


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terra wrote:

Oh my, I didn't know that either. Sorry if anywhere I sounded like taking you for a guy too. Gotta say I didn't really check each and every post on the Male/Female thread... *blush*

Glad to meet you. I'm female too. I think you do a nice job for coloring. Ever thought of posting your work on the web?

I don't think I ever posted in there, lol....don't worry bout it, it happens all the time....the most humorous of which occurred over an IM....five minutes after someone told him, the guy was still saying, "I just can't believe Pheonix is a girl...."

I do post my stuff up on Deviant Art....if you've got any good publicity tips, I'd be happy to hear them!