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Thats cool!  I'm making a custom too!


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Wow, thanks for all the positive feedback!

Unfortunately, no, no helmet yet....


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Wow, imagine this....an update!  unheard of...lol, anyway, I'll cut the crap, heres the pics!

Backplates (yup its plural....there is 14 pieces)

and the full set laid out...I got it done! *cheers*

Time to go work on the flightsuit....


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Oh he means that it is a picture of boba from the SW holiday special....blue and yellow armor.

More!  I live for good clone fiction...

Ori'kandosii, I like it much!  your right about tweak having no fashion sense though....

*claps and cheers* your writing another story!  They are always my favs...*sits back to wait and enjoy whatever you write next*  More More!


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update:  made myself some thighs...



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Novall Talon wrote:

My little girl is about to start painting! big_smile

Got some guns about ready for ya.

Yeah, pretty soon here....mom was late on getting me my paycheck! XD

Suhweet!  I cannot go unarmed....

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

So, have you decided on a color for the armor yet?

Yup.  Gold and Red ftw....(I look GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD in those colors.  Brown too)

^ I sound horribly conceited don't I...?


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Spiffy, you gona paint it? Its a little....shiny... not that shiny is bad, shiny is AWESOME, but just asking.

Yup, I have an awesome paint scheme.... smile


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Yup, actually been making some...check it out!

Flack vest (will be modified a bit):

full shot:


chest plate:

chest diamond:

and of course a test fit on me:


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Pheonix023 wrote:

Lol, WIP stands for "work-in-progress" and a Templar Knight is a character out of Hellgate: London.

I must get Hellgate....Their armor is awesome

I want to build some, after I finish my mando.


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Karson Fett wrote:

Hey guy, do you ever just draw by hand?

Lol, most of the stuff I draw starts out by hand, cuz its easier to do the lineart that way.  Then I usually ink/color in photoshop, although sometimes I do that by hand too.  This is actually one of the few exceptions to the "draw-in-RL-first" rule.  Only ever done stuff completely on he comp 3 times....a Halo Spartan, the pic that I turned into my sig, and this one.

Valthonin wrote:

Oh and pheonix, whats a WIP templar?

Lol, WIP stands for "work-in-progress" and a Templar Knight is a character out of Hellgate: London.


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NO. WAY.  Your they guy that drew the Boba F_ck picture?  That is totally awesome, one of the first things that shows up when you look for "boba fett" on the DA....

Well, if you wanna get technical about the whole Boba/disrispect thing....

the whole song is actually OOC for him.  I mean, seriously, when was ha ever a ladies guy?  or in a podrace?  or for that matter, he didn't fight in the clone wars.....I think the song itself is just intended to be funny (although veeeeeerry inappropriate for young audiences, if you actually know what the words are)

As for the movie itself....priceless!  I was in tears I was laughing so hard...made me think of the chief boogie....


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no, just haven't gotten around to making it yet...


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Hey, thought I take a quick break and do something for myself....so here is a WIP femmie templar....with no face....



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I love Luna Moths and the white kind....but thats it.


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Lol, could you email me some ref pics of the console thingy, and wrist blaster looking thing at pheonix023@gmail.com, or post up some links? thanks!


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

I don't know why this should change anything for you TW.  Your first and ORIGINAL hope should have been to find a chick like that in MANDALORIAN ARMOR!   big_smile

Lol, thats funny, I'm making a set out of metal...and I got the chestplates done..... big_smile


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Ummmm....I have no clue who you are?  heh.  But I don't really hate you for it....*looks at karma*  Phew!  you got some haters though.....


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Sweet, lookin forward to it!


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Lol, hard to keep track of all the awesome....and I want that to happen too...

by basic visualization, I'm assuming you mean the way I mixed the armor/jedi robe?  And I'd be happy to, I currently only have a request load of 3-4ish, and i'm still waiting for the details on 2 of 'em. Plus, I've gotten faster, so it won't take me 6 months to do....lol.....just please tell me its an action shot, cuz after I did your last one I got all of my requests for still shots, so I wanna try my hand at more action, cuz I think thats where I need work...


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Anyways I think its really cool and unique, If you dont mind could I use it in a RPG in the future?

Well, you;d have to ask the guy who invented him...here's a link to his chatzy IM....goes by the name of Sev....he's an aussie though, so he's only on late at night.  I could PM you his email if you'd like.

If he says not, I'd be happy to draw a different one for you...he wasn't entirely happy with this one.

terra wrote:

I don't feel like having time to be a nerd for anything right now... sad

Are you going to be an illustrator for a living, Phoenix?

That would be sooo cool....I might do that (Marvel and DC, here I come!), if I can't get a job acting (I love doing that too).