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MC...you said you just turned 13.  Why do you even care?

As to your issues: contacts, so what,  altiods or atomicfireballs, being a nerd is fine, and washcloth.

*shrugs*  just be more self-confident.  it'll get you all sorts of places.

As for me...17 and single by choice, rock on!  Of course,  I had to dress like a gangsta, quit wearing makeup, chop all my hair off (growing it back out though), and turn down a few  offers along the way,  but its extreamly liberating.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Awesome job on all Phoenix!  I especially like that Mando twist on the medieval armor; that wrapped leather body suit reminds me of Mandalore's body suit on KotOR II a little *or is that a body suit?  I'm refering to the straps of leather I see on the back of his thigh.  Looking again I'm not sure if that's body suit or actually part of the thigh plate..*

Lol, yeah, its part of the bodysuit...same with ones on the biceps.  its extra padding of a sort.

*chuckles*  I still have troubles believeing I did that in one hour...

Ralin Drakus wrote:

And the Tiger Mando is friggin sweet!  Great patterns   big_smile

Thank you!  I want to build her afterI finish Tobi.


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*sigh*  I just realized I have crapload of things to upload here....

Updated version of Brothers all...Komerk's the onely one thats not there.

Tobi...playingaround with my prismas.

Nother random sketch I did at work...Omg, Tobi ISN'T wearin gher helmet this time.

Based off of some medieval armor I saw somewhere....


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New thingy, quick sketch-ish thingy....more up an updated/revised/improved version of Ne'tra Ca...I'nm sure you all remember the tiger lady. big_smile



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Haven't seen the film...read the comic though.  Definitly a thinker that one...


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Valthonin wrote:
Commander Appo wrote:

I'm guessing it was really good. Unfortunately for me my brother wants to see Taken so it looks like I'll have to see that instead of Watchmen today........

Taken is actually freaking amazing. Just on a side note...

But yeah my brother saw Watchmen yesterday and we sometimes have similar tastes so i asked him how it was. He told me it was too long, not enough *** kicking and too much talking. Also that he had no idea what was going on. I asked him why it was so complicated and he said because they change the time so much (past, present, and future flashes) I'm a tad displeased...ill have to see it for myself of course though.

*frowns slightly*  Has he read the GN?  Because its not supposed to be all action--its a great deal more about the characters, and moral ambiguity...


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Hee hee, no matter how many times I see this pic, it still make sme laugh...


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MossNoth wrote:

Hey, I've seen some of your stuff before around the Mercs site, but I didn't know you had a thread here. Nice work, I really dig your newer stuff! (though I still like the Gra'tua pictures from the first page :3) I'd be very much interested in commissioning you, when you don't have so much on your plate. ^_^

Lol, sorry I didn't get around to seeing this sooner (its much easier to reach me on Mercs or DA).  I'm not actually taking commissions at the moment, due to computer troubles tongue


You are waaaaaaay too nice!  smile


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Alas, he has no jetpack or blaster, I was to lazy to make patterns for them.

I am currently debating about wither or not to do a do a limited (2-5) run of these and but them up on evilbay to start a bidding war. If I did make more, they would be out of different materials than this first one, due to all of the fabric used on here being either expensive, difficult to work with, or both expensive AND difficult to work with.

If I did, would people be interested?


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Ding!  one more!


Ralin Drakus wrote:

VERY Nice ner vod!  Are you still planning on working on that ore realistic version of the Mythasaur skull?  I ended up making my own, but if you're still interested in the concept I'd love to see what you could do with the idea.

I'm sure I'll get around to it at one point, but at the moment my plates a little full.....I have 11 WIP.  Fortunately, one of those 11 is a plushie boba...


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Lol, update!  finished the Novall Pic:



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W. O. W.  That was fantastic!


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Thank you!

Actually, parts of them are based on the animated series, some of it is out of my head, and other pieces (mainly the body style) are based off of an awesome boba picture by Falterdan http://falterdan.deviantart.com/art/Bob … r-58191106


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And another bulk update...I'm really horible about doing that aren't I?

A WIP of the all awesome costume of Novall Talon:

Belated B-day Present for Vhe'dn:

You never thought you think a Gungan was hot did you? ;D

And this one's for A'den, I hope you love it!

Tell me what ya think everyone! wink


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The Chosen One wrote:
Pheonix023 wrote:
The Chosen One wrote:

duh how do you think i come up with some of my best ideas that a lot of people say they really liked

Yes, but you need to learn to distinguish between the ones that are good ideas, and the ones that are not-so-good...

well i suppose your right. but how do i distinguish if i don't try them out?

Just...*sigh*  its ind of something they you have to develop for yourself.  if you were hanging out with a few other people your age, and you told them this...better yet, you e-mailed it to them, same format...would they laugh?  or if someone emailed it to you, would you laugh while not in a sugar induced high?  would it make sense?  or would you think, "gee that was totally random, it had no point, and no punchline."


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The Chosen One wrote:
MossNoth wrote:

...Dude, I swear that you are eating too much sugar, or something. xD

duh how do you think i come up with some of my best ideas that a lot of people say they really liked

Yes, but you need to learn to distinguish between the ones that are good ideas, and the ones that are not-so-good...


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allrightie...bulk update time smile

First off..my mando...

Twi'leks because Almost everyone likes them...this one was colored by special request for my friend Reuben, he just left for military training.  Inks by Reuben, Colors by Moi.

Jaina Solo and the awesomeness-that-would-have-been if Boba had gotten her into a suit of beskar, inks by Shea Standefer, colors by me:

And last, but certainly not least, an update to that Boba Pic!  This is still a WIP, so these are just the flats.  I still need to texture, shade, and add a background.

Do tell me if you think it looks like Daniel Logan...


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Well it sounds like an interesting enough idea that I might give a shot at it too.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

I have a request for whatever you have the time

I found a pic on the net like this, but I failed to save the link and can't find it anymore, so if you could make something like it I'd REALLY appreciate it.

I'd like the Original style skull:


done up to look like a REAL skull, in a similar fashion as you see Native American work for buffalo skulls and other works.  With a white, bone look to the skull, realistic cracks *including a reworking of the standark crack on top of the skull to make it more realistic*, realistic looking ridges connecting the tusks to the skull, eye sockets shadded out, and more realistic blood from the jaws.

If I'm being too nit-picky, if this isn't your line, or you don't want to copy the existing work out there that I described, I appologize and understand.  But if you're up for it, I'd love to see your version



Now that there, is a VERY cool idea...


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*grins*  custom mandos are fun to draw...

I wish you luck on you request list Cera...I gave up doing those a while ago due to people being ungrateful, picky, self centered jerks (no I am not talking about anyone on this forum).  I hope you get people who are better than the ones that I did....


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Novall Talon's site is firespray.net wink

All the sudden I had this hilarious mental image of you putting on your armor, and then promptly falling over backwards....and, like a turtle, not being able to get on your feet again....

Wow, I just read this...its fantastic!


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OMG, I actually drew Boba Fett....for the first time....ever....

anyways, I'm planning on inking and coloring this when I have time.


My my, he does look pissed, doesn't he?


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Lol, long time, no update....anyway, heres a new one: