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lol sure im down

Riddick would win he beat the necromonger who was pretty much invincible


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lol i like how people still think boba can beat a unbeatable opponent


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women could also own land and other things so they were pretty much equals they were not mistreated by any means


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by the way Mace Windu uses the dark side with his light saber style Vapaad so maybe it would be possible for him to do other dark side powers


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Corran_Fett wrote:

While there are a few similarities, the Mandos are more like Vikings, Celts and Sarmatians than they are like Spartans. Spartans heed slaves, women have an inferior role, and Spartans go by the rule of the strongest; an infant that is regarded "weak" is rejected.

Females were treated as equals in Sparta, they just did not fight but they did go through gymnastics and they also went through some physical training and melee combat training


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Spartans because of the discipline they have and the strength and training they undergo at such a young age would make the superior to the mandalorians of the times


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but im sure wolverine would eventually dig it out with his own claws


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cujo wrote:

i gotta say my personal is when yoda started hopping around like a joke.
i actually started laughing. lucas understands nothing of his own creation...

How can he not understand his own creations maybe u dont understand his creations....

I think a lot of the main characters deaths, When palpatine owns all the Jedi Masters and when Mace dies not very entertaining, Jango's death could have been more creative and a better battle, of course Boba's death no one likes that,

lol why does everyone hate that beheading so much....?

Who has better piloting skills

i personally say anakin


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yah Vapaad is my favorite saber style because it has some Dark side used by a light side jedi


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its not that easy to trick Wolverine u have to remeber he has very good instincts and would know if boba was planning somethin


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You guys give Maul too much credit.... honestly Dooku is better at Saber and Force and has more experience Obi-wan got better as he got older and when he fought Maul he was younger... when he fought dooku he was at his peak


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Wolverine cannot die his skeletal system is made up of the Adamantium.... which is indestructable so it all comes down to how long can boba run and since Wolverine techincally doesnt age as fast either boba loses because he dies of old age


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yah to a certain extent but i also disagree in the fact that he shouldn't have got ran over by that damn thing in the first place he always blows up his damn jetpack lol


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draco fett wrote:

I also have it for the Gamecube. If it is for the X-Box, it is almost definatly for private computers, as the X-Box is made by Microsoft.

haha what is private computers..... i think u mean personal


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lol 1st of all Games dont count they are games villmar.... and we are saying if they squared off not if they got suprised like Palpatine did by vader in ROTJ.... this isnt a hard answer palpatine was the more powerful jedi do u remeber palpatine in episode 3 taking down what 2 master jedi within seconds... and we dont know if he actually lost to mace or if he just planned it to make anakin become his puppet


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thank u exactly what i was saying but once question how did jango not get owned by Mace?


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lol which that jedi was wrong because they were debating if Count Dooku was behind senator amidala's assassination which he was so there....

and why wouldn't he want to he tried to he failed and saw a glimpse of defeat he knew this and used anakin and obi-wan as a decoy


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well i dont techincally consider Anakin cutting mace's hand off owning him, so no there and yes obi-wan is better then vader so i still disagree, i say it the one fight counts if they actually fight for examples....
Yoda vs. Dooku.... Dooku retreated


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lol so what do u want a damn square box give me specifics and tell me why yoda would win


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ok so new scenario then why would yoda win the second time around?

Well since we couldn't figure it out on Vader vs Palpatine we decided to make this....
so... who wins

personally i say palpatine because of the previous battle

lol thats part of a fight ne thing goes and yoda doesnt know any offensive force powers to my knowledge but if he did he obvisouly thought they were worthless or he would have used them wouldn't he have?