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You're probably right.  And no, Cassus wasn't a farmer.  But Fett, or Vhett, does mean "farmer" in Mando'a.  (See Bloodlines, Ch. 6 page 121, second paragraph past the dialoge.)  Yes I'm such a geek I looked it up!  LOL!

I sat in on a Fett panel at CIII and there were all kinds of ideas and theories tossed around about all things Fett.  It was really interesting to hear all the ideas and opinions.  The wheat symbol was discussed, but I have to admit by that point I was going on caffiene and about 3 hrs of sleep!   LOL! 

I figure it will eventually be fully explained in a future book.  smile

In my imagination, I like to think he'd prefer classical. 

He doesn't like conversation, so I doubt he'd want to hear lyrics. 
He's got enough pent up anger as it is, so the raging metal would probably make him think too much about things.
He's an frighteningly intelligent man, so he's gonna appreciate something more intellectual.
And, when he's alone in Slave I on those long missions where there's a lot of time to feel lonely without his dad, I bet something soothing to listen too is quite therapeutic. 

But then again for all I know he might like Blue Grass!  ROTFL!  smile

As far as individual songs go, I like to think he'd relate to "Running With the Devil" by Van Halen.  Sounds a lot like him to me...


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No, that's one I use on a different site.  I've had it for a long time, used to even use it on my Yahoo IM.    Yeesh, it's late...  Better hit the hay....  ZZZZzzzzzz


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Hrrmmmm....  I don't think he'll die....at least not for a while.  He still has to chase down Ko Sai's data, and possibly that 140 yr old clone too...  Oh and he has to get to know his granddaughter a bit.  I'd say that's enough for two more books....  Heh, but maybe that's wishful thinking?  LOL  tongue


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Hiya, I'm new here, just wanted to join in the discussion. 

I heard that it was a Fett clan symbol.  Because Fett, or Vhett in Mando, meant farmer.  And the Fetts were originally farmers....

*shrugs*  Dunno, that's just another idea...


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I'm new here, just thought I'd put my two cents in...  smile

I'm 32 yrs old and never cared what anyone thought about me liking Star Wars.  I'm secretary of the state club, and I go to conventions with my friends.  I've met a lot of intelligent, interesting people over the years through Star Wars events.  Nothing wrong with it if you ask me.  It's all good clean fun...  smile  Everyone is entitled to their opinon though.  Some like it, some don't.


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Hi, I'm new here.  smile  Hoping to do some RPGing on your boards.  I've role played Mandos for a few years now on various sites.  Big fan of author Karen Traviss too.  Anyway, just wanted to say hi!