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Saviin leaned over the control panel to look out of the viewport.  “What in the world is that?” she asked upon seeing Anbu approach. 

Nora shrugged, “Lets see what the scanners make of him...”

There was a brief pause as the stranger was scanned and cross checked with the ship’s databanks. 

“Black Sun...” Nora said, referring to the final readout.  “Fun thing to have come up on a background check...”

Saviin crinkled her nose, “Siannic.....ever seen one before?” 

“Apparently there’s a specimen standing outside...”  She put her helm over her head and checked her blaster.  “Come on....we don’t have all evening...”

The boarding ramp lowered with a hiss and Nora appeared at the top, her taller cousin just behind her.  Both armored women strode down the ramp, but stopped at it’s edge. 

“State your purpose...” Nora said in the flat monotone that was her usual business chatter.


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Note:  Please refer to the first page of this story, where the rules are posted.  There has been an edit.  (As seen below.)  Thanks!  smile

***Edit - Please do not make other people's characters speak or do things without first getting the player's approval.  You cannot always assume what someone is going to do in a situation.  This includes actions, conversation, and the like.  It is extremely frustrating to have someone move your character or make them say things that you did not intend.  This rule falls under the standard RPG rules generally recognized within all true RPGs***


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“You didn’t tell me you were expecting someone!” Saviin barked at her cousin as they sorted their gear inside the modified VT-49 Decimator. 

Nora shrugged, “They didn’t ask to speak to you.  It doesn’t concern you as of now...”

Saviin’s violet eyes narrowed sharply, “Oh right, but if you need back up you’ll expect me right on your heels won’t you?”


The taller woman made a face and resumed shoving items in to her pack. 

Nora glanced out the Nineveh’s viewport, “Evaar ought to be arriving soon...” she thought aloud.

“Mmmmm...” Saviin responded absently as she turned a thermal detonator in one hand, admiring it’s quality.  “Gotta love Kahu...  He always saves the best for his most loyal customer....” 

The huntress snorted, “Is that what you two are calling it these days?”

Saviin gave Nora haughty glare.  “I resent that....” she said indignantly, “You know Kahu and I go way back....”  She tossed the detonator into the air, spun around, and caught it with her opposite hand behind her back. 

Nora shot her a warning look. 

Just then a beeping sound indicated a stranger approaching the Nineveh. 

“I believe our guest has arrived....” the huntress stated flatly.

(Cue Anbu!  tongue )


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As far as I know, everyone has their own ride.  smile


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Photobucket is what I use.  Always had good luck with it too.  Yahoo Photos sometimes gives me fits...

I think Boba has an extremely poor self image.  And deep down he blames himself for his father's death.  Add that to the fact that the galaxy as a whole pretty much proclaims him to be a monster, and you get a terrible self-loathing complex hidden beneath the surface. 

Maybe, when he first held that little baby girl and realized just who's hands she was resting in, fear gripped him and he ran.....he just ran. 
He thought he wasn't good enough to raise her. 
Why curse her with a monster for a father?
He deals in doom and leaves death in his wake, nothing a child ever needs.
He didn't deserve anything normal, he wasn't even a "real person", just a clone. 
Who was he to try and have a normal life when he destroyed so many others via his profession? 
His very image meant danger to his family if they were ever discovered. 

And...this is the clencher....the only person he ever truely loved was Jango, his father.  When Jango died, it ripped Boba apart at the core.  So when he saw his daughter, the notion of loosing something so precious again was entirely too much to bare.  He couldn't bring himself to take the chance... 

So he seems cold, brutal, and heartless...  Leaving a young wife and newborn baby in a lurch.  Indeed, there is no excuse for it.  But there is perhaps reasoning behind the action....be it entirely sane or not. 

Boba Fett disassociated himself from his wife and child because of his own guilt, fear, and thoughts of inadequacy. 

That's my opinion....


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I shoud have been her from the get go.  Lord knows I knew about this site for years.  But I guess I just had a lot of other stuff going on, concentrating on RPGs mostly... 

Ah well, I'm here now!  smile

Well, if the site does become overrun by squealing girls, drooling after hottie Boba, we'll have to keep a close eye on them.  They will be posting all manner of topic headings:

"Why Boba is so Hot"
"How would your name sound if you married Boba?"
"The perfect date with Boba"
"What would you and Boba name your kids?"
"If you took Boba to prom"

................................ *SHUDDERS*

Its the stuff of nightmares, I tell you...

Pretty cool tattoos you all have!

I was thinking about getting some more ink done.  Maybe something Mando...  If I do, it won't be until this summer...  Don't like the idea of having a fresh tattoo under a wool sweater in winter...  ITCHY

I only have one tattoo now.  I cat playing in autumn leaves on my ankle.


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Hmmm...  Interesting.....  Haven't seen those before.  I'm gonna run them past a serious SW collector friend of mine.  Maybe he's seen them before.  He's got an entire 4 room basement full of SW things.  It's like a museum.  He ought to charge admission.  tongue


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I took the same one a few times, got Yoda each time. 

Heh...I'm kinda digging being Yoda....


A picture of me clinging to Tem Morrison at CIII....


Boba Fett - object of schoolgirl fantasy.... 

EEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeee  It's BOBA!!!!!  *FAINTS*

UGH....what a disaster that would be.  sad


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EEEEEeeeee!  *very un-Mando happy squeal* 

Its perfect.  I love it!

Thank you!  big_smile


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Can somebody please try to resize this for me?  You can even crop it a little if you have to. 

Thanks.  smile


I would hope (and I say HOPE) that Boba has enough of a following that Lucas would know better than to insult his fans by ruining their favorite character.  Then again, George tends to do pretty much whatever he pleases...  *makes face*

Perhaps it has to do with the age of the members?  A lot of the younger ones might prefer rock...  I dunno...  Just an idea.


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As I stated in another topic, mine is destined for the office in my salon/day spa.  We are gonna deck him out beauty shop style...

Poor poor poor Fett....  The things he does for us ladies...  tongue

I have always agreed with the notion that Boba would use his "real face" as a disguise in public.  He would become just another face in the crowd, be it a clone face or not.  smile


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I like them both, and as always I can't make a decision between the two.  I think they are both hard cases...but I have a soft spot for the type.  I think Jango was a devoted father, even if his reasoning seemed a tad off now and then.  Boba clearly adores his Dad, even if for now other reason than the fact that the man is the only real family he had.  Heh, I always thought it would be interesting to see father and adult son go up against a common emeny together.  That would be cool...


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{{   Greedo needs to be paired with someone. Let's pair him with Zuckuss.  }}

Awww....  Poor Bossk is all alone...  Hrrrmmmmm..... 

Maybe he can fight Zuckuss for Greedo?


I also remember that I started to cry.  My father picked me up, gave Vader a NASTY glare for making his little girl cry, then carried me out to the car. 

I was impressed, my Daddy stood up to Vader.  tongue


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In my opinion, Fett is a product of circumstance.  His personality is a mesh of all things that have happened to him over the years.  Both good and bad have crossed his path, and in turn he has also crossed the paths of right and wrong.  There are evil aspects of his nature, but one can also find a more kindly Fett beneath the mask...if you look hard enough.

That being said, I can't honestly say that I think he is purely evil.

I've got a life sized stand up cardboard Fett whitch is destined for the office at my salon/day spa.  Gonna deck him out beauty shop style...  LOL!!! 

Poor, poor Fett...  What he puts up with for us ladies...  tongue