Alas, I will not be able to attend C4 either. 

And frankly I think the chosen location for C4 is unfair to fans!  It ought to have been held at a more central location, as the other Celebrations were...  What with the cost of airfare, gas, hotels, etc. these days, it is extremely hard for many fans to attend period, let alone take a trip twice as long as before.  In fact, I personally don't know of anyone who is going!

I'm just glad I was able to go to C3 when I had the chance!


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Nora’s cool expression still held fast.  “That was a very informative speech...” she stated.  The girl had indeed volunteered a tremendous amount of knowledge that the team would find useful in their mission.  However, if she had held out a bit, then perhaps she could have done a bit of bargaining.  Such facts would normally be worth something...

“I’m fairly skilled at crashing parties by my own device,” the huntress continued, “And getting hired for a one night security stint won’t be hard since they will be understaffed in the first place, as you were so kind to inform me.”  Nora tapped her gloved fingers on the armrest of the pilot’s seat for a moment, “And since Fett himself provided me with the maps and stats on the location, I can assure you they are not outdated.” 

Saviin shifter her weight to an opposite foot, impatient to test out the ship’s new airlock controls.

Nora leaned back in her seat and blinked, “I’m not one for staring makes my eyes go dry.  So give me a reason not to turn you over to Saviin, for it would seem that you have already spent your usefulness...”


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Hey, congrats!  smile


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I agree with the idea of a seafood dish... 

Heh....Jango in an apron that says "Kiss the cook"....  ROTFL!!!


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Once upon a time,

When I was a little girl...ages ago....I was in girl scouts. 

I was always jealous of the boyscouts.  They went camping, hiking, fishing, etc etc...

All the girlscouts ever did was cook, sew, and sell cookies...

So I quit. 

The end. 



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Saviin’s voice came over the comm system.  “Thought you’d end up eating our dust, old man...”  From the sound of it, she was speaking through the vocorder in her helm, which probably meant that she was on a closed channel, unheard by the huntress.  “Nora’s busy with an unexpected guest...  If I’m lucky I’ll get to take out the trash.  Keep an eye on our airlock...”


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"Hi," she greeted the other woman, Nora. "I'm Earon. Gargon-origin." Earon thought about sticking her hand out in greeting, but left her gauntleted hands hanging at her side.

Nora was busy at the controls, navigating the Nineveh out of the dock.  “You stated that you can gain access to the vault on Brozyna.  Explain.”  The huntress paused as the ship accelerated, rose from the city, and shot into the sky.  “If I like your answer you might find a place in this mission.  If’ll be taking a walk out the air lock...” 

One could almost see the wicked grin spreading across Saviin’s face beneath her helm.  Escorting unwanted passengers to the ship’s airlock was one of her favorite activities.

Meanwhile in the cargo hold...

Evaar pointed out the water available the passengers and the location of the refreshers.  “If you need anything use the ship’s internal comm system,” she thumbed towards a panel on the wall near the doorway.  A security clearance on the unit would prevent their eavesdropping, and Nora’s neural links would alert her if they tried anything clever...


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"Running With the Devil" by Van Halen

Mind you, not every word applies to Fett...  But I like the jist of it...


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Saviin spun around in time to see the stranger spill onto the boarding ramp from the docking bay’s upper service walk.  In an instant the cold business end of her blaster rifle glared down at the individual.  “Just dropping in I presume?” the tall Mando woman said in a warning tone. 

“Uh, I, uh,” Smooth, genius. Think of something to say before they end this quick, “I know what you guys are after, some helmet, right? I heard you guys in the bar; weren’t keepin’ it much a hush-hush thing, were ya?  Yeah, uh, I can get you in that place, and I’m a heck of a pilot, I can shoot, and I can fix stuff real good.” Earon winced inwardly at her Gargon-grammar; hoping that women wouldn’t kill her.

“If it were a hush-hush thing then you’d already be dead.” Saviin stated through the vocorder of her helm, “Guess today is your lucky day.”  The tall woman took a step back and motioned with her weapon, “On your feet...” she ordered, “We’ll see what Nora has to say about this...”

Evaar cleared her throat to get the attention of Anbu's group, “Lets carry on, time is wasting...” she advised, pointing them in the direction of the forward cargo hold.

((Just getting everyone on board so we can get moving...  smile 
Also, Nora has neural implants that link her to her ship.  I usually play her that way, makes her almost mentally connected to her ship.  I see that I forgot to mention it in her bio... ))


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The boarding ramp lowered with Saviin standing just at the top, helmet on and blaster in hand.  “All aboard!” she called, almost jovially.  “Good thing you’re here.....Roan’s wanting to leave...” 

Evaar appeared in the entrance, minus her helm.  “If you’ll all follow me, I’ll show you where you’ll be spending your time as we travel...” 

Saviin’s helm turned to stare at Evaar, “Regular stewardess, aren’t we?” she snipped, as if to tell the girl to knock off the flight attendant act. 

Evaar made a face, but kept her mouth shut.  She waved the passengers on, “This way,” she directed, her voice now lacking any pleasantry. 

(We gotta get moving, Kyr’am is already in rout to the Katarn, and others might possibly be waiting to join us there.  I plan on making the flight itself short and sweet.  Why are we waiting four hours before leaving?)


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Camero - body style no later than 1993, (when they actually still looked like Cameros). 

Jet black, tinted windows, small block engine, duel exhaust, rigged for get the idea...


I don't think a two year wait for the live actin show is going to hurt.  It will probably HELP in the long run. 

The longer the wait - the more gathering anticipation, the greater drawing of fans, the more publicity and talk, etc. 

Gotta build up the wave, ya know?  Anything SW in the public eye is good.  Its what keeps the whole thing alive and breathing.


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I always liked Yoda.  He's cool in so many different aspects. big_smile

As for a dark Jedi fav...  Hrrrrmmmm...  Guess I'd have to say Darth Maul.

Another thing I like about Boba is trying to figure out what makes him tick.  Just what is he thinking and what is going on in his head?  The whole psychological aspect of it fascinates me.  How events in his life made him the way he is now. 

Does he hate himself on the inside? 
Does he blame himself for his father's death? 
Does he think he's not a "real person" because he's a clone, and therefore undeserving of certain things in life?  Does he deny himself pleasurable things because he is afraid to enjoy anything lest it be taken away? 
Does he hate that the galaxy sees him as some kind of blood thirsty monster?
Is he depressed, lonely, and sad?
Is be bitter and resentful of others who "have it good"?
And the whole abandonment of his wife and child can be analyzed to death.  (As I did in the string pertaining to that subject.) 

I always did have an interest in psychology, and I think Boba would be a prime subject for study. 
The poor man...yeesh.  He's had it rough, and he's way too hard on himself at the same time.


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Nora had finished all the standard pre-flight checks, and was now sitting in the pilot’s seat punching figures into a datapad. 

Saviin strode into the cockpit and leaned one elbow on the main consol, peering out of the viewport.  “Somebody ought to tell them the bus is leaving...” the tall woman said as she scanned the area for signs of their passengers. 

“They’ll be here...” Nora said flatly.  “They paid enough for the ride, they won’t want to miss it.”

“We only have eight hours....” Saviin reminded her cousin.

“Plenty of time...”

Evaar came crowding in with Edee at her heels.  “I made the forward cargo hold suitable for guests...” she informed her mother, “They can sit on the stock crates I brought from the market.  And I even put some juice rations and water in there for case they get thirsty...”

The huntress arched a brow at the girl, “They didn’t pay for refreshments...those are our rations.”

“Oh....I’ll just leave the water then...” 

Nora looked as if she were about to protest but Saviin stepped in, “That’s fine....let ‘em drink all the water they want...” she grinned at Evaar, “Then we’ll charge ‘em a credit each time they have to use the fresher...”  The lavender haired woman winked, “Just kidding.  Go on, get the juice out of there....leave the water.”

((Just babbling until Anbu and party arrive.  Getting antsy to leave...))

((Anyone who needs assistance joining or getting back into the story, PM me and I'll help you out  smile  ))


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Frankly, I'm a bit lost too. 

Here is how I see it:

Nora, Saviin, and Evaar are all sitting on Nora's ship waiting for a response to the messages Saviin sent to Kyr'am and Anbu stating that they are ready to leave as soon as Anbu's party arrives at the Nineveh (Nora's ship).  Then they will all leave for the Katarn, Kyr'am will rendevous with them there.  Once on the Katarn, they will dock their ships, then travel on the Katarn to Brozyna and begin the search for the helmet. 

Now, If anyone wants to bail from the story now might be the time to do it.  Also, if anyone want's to join in, they might want to find a reason to be on the Katarn when we arrive.  Villimar is no longer in the story.  So Atinvod, we can find a way to get your character in on a more active basis.  PM me and we'll figure out something. 

We have to get this story moving, its stalled again.  If I don't get a response in the next couple days, I'll just move it along as I see fit.  (Not being mean.)  Otherwise its just going to linger and become stagnant. 

Oh, and Goran's players are out of town and will be back next week.


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{{  Ack!  I meant to write 1200 credits a piece.  Only 200 each is absurd.  I still have the flu, so I’ll chalk the error up to illness tongue  Still, 1200 a piece for a quick ride to Brozyna ain’t bad...  }}

Evaar moved forward with the supplies and passed Anbu without so much as a glance.  She had taken the cue from her mother to ignore the individual for now.  Edee rode on the hover cart, drooling and wagging his whip-like tail at the sight of the Nineveh.  He suddenly spotted the credit cube on the ground and leapt from the cart to investigate.  The Strill sniffed nosily around the cube, then snatched it up in his fanged mouth and trotted ahead into the ship.

“Did you find everything?” the huntress asked her daughter in a noticeably more pleasant tone that she had used with the Siannic. 

The young woman nodded, “Yes Nor’buir...”  But her voice was rather melancholy. 

Nora put an arm around her adopted child, “You know, most people have to work on their birthday....” she reminded.

“I know.  But friends were going to have a party for me...and Ira was going to bring her new baby...”

The huntress steered Evaar up the ramp along with the hover cart, “I’m sure they’ll have your party when you get back...and you can see the baby then...”

Evaar shrugged without comment. 

Nora pursed her lips.  Most of her daughter’s female friends had already married and started families of their own.  She could not quite figure out why Evaar had not settled on a mate for herself by now.  She was seventeen going on eighteen, well past the traditional marrying age for Mando’ade. 

“Duty calls Ev’ know that...”  Nora was always at a loss on how to approach the subject with her daughter, and she certainly didn’t want the girl to think she was trying to push her off into a marriage.  “Besides...did you think Saviin and I had forgotten?”  She gave Evaar a playful nudge with her elbow.

“ two never forget...” Evaar said, smiling at her mother. 

“Well then, you keep that in mind.  Maybe we’ll have a little party of our own before we get to Brozyna...”

“Party?” Saviin said, poking her head out of the cockpit, “Are you having a party Evaar?  Am I invited?” she teased.  Edee sat at his mistress’ feet wagging his tail, pleased with himself for fetching the credit cube. 

Nora handed her cousin the data card, “Contact Dres and inform him that we will depart as soon as he and his party arrive.  Then tell the others we will rendezvous in orbit then head for the Katarn...

(Shall we assume Saviin does this and the messages are sent accordingly?  If you all have something else in mind, then by all means post as you see fit.  smile  I’m just trying to get us moving along...)


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Saviin relayed the message back to Nora via their helm comm link.

The huntress gave Anbu a nod, “The transport of you and your party to the Katarn has been cleared,” she informed him in the same flat business tone.  “Passage is 200 credits each.” 

Evaar entered the docking bay steering a hover cart of supplies for their journey.  She paused at the sight of her mother negotiating with the strange being at the end of the boarding ramp.  He was the same individual they had encountered in the tavern earlier that day.  The young girl waited with the supplies, watching her mother for any subtle signal or direction...


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"Shooting a tick off a cow from across the pasture..." is an old saying...  It means you are a good shot.

And who said the men were in charge anyway?  wink  LOL!

Throughout history men have been responsible for catastrophic wars, destruction of nations, and the enslavement of entire races of people.  Nothing I'd want on my resume, thank you.  LOL!

Mind you, women have done their fare share of bad deeds as well!

So I'd say that together, we've all done a fine job of mucking up the world. 

And that's my last comment on the subject lest it turn into an ugly brawl...  roll

No way!  The hot-pink-wearing Mando woman would be shunned by her peers...  LOL!  tongue


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SD_Chick wrote:
MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

that is stupid...girls will NOT take over the world someday...they are too weak in many areas and would not be able to everthrow men. many girls are in the army (not too many)   and how many are lumberjacks or coal miners or anything that is the "dirty work". Guys pull their share in things that girls would never do in fear of breaking a nail. There are a ton more examples, if they are needed, i just don't have the time.         

                             Chrys...we do not yet have the correct technology yet for complete it has never yet worked on mankind or "sperm"....that is a stupid though anyway...

                                                                   {MW} MS9

                                                                      {MW} MS9

This is probably a dead discussion, but here's my take:

If the job doesn't expressly require a certain male organ, then a woman can certainly do the job.

For example: I do some farrier work. Men run at the sight of my mule. They won't touch her, but I get the job done no problem.

I'm a female.  smile 

For the record:  I wear makeup, fix my hair, look "girlie", and I own a salon and day spa.  BUT - I can weld as good as any man, I used to drag race my camero, I've helped replace more engines and worked on more cars and trucks than a lot of men will ever even ride in, I've spent afternoons running log splitters and stacking firewood, my father taught me how to box, and I can shoot a tick off a cow from across the pasture. 
Oh, and if I break a nail while doing any of that I'll just go down to my shop and glue a new one on...  ROTFL!!!



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Saviin turned on her heel and strode back into the Nineveh, by unheard command via the internal helm comlink she had between herself and Nora.  The huntress had ordered her to contact Kyr’am and advise him of the current situation. 

“Saviin to Kyr’am...individual named Anbu Dres is requesting transport to the Katarn for himself and party, totaling approximately five in number.  Requesting clearance.  Will await your response.  Out.”  The tall woman leaned rather casually against the control panel in the cockpit as she patiently waited for Kyr’am’s answer. 

Meanwhile, Nora remained standing at the edge of the boarding ramp.  “We await clearance for your transport,” she informed Anbu.  The huntress’ dark visor seemed to be staring lifelessly at the Siannic as she stood waiting, blaster rifle in hand.  “What is the purpose of your visit to the Katarn?” she asked, “I always make a point to know the nature of what I am transporting...”


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{{  Sorry for not posting.  I have the flu and am not at all well.  I will try to write something tonight...}}


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{{  Sorry...  hmm  I've been RPing for over 5 yrs and I've always done it this way.  I've seen it done your way, but honestly not often.  We're just approaching it from different angles, that's all.  It's okay - we'll get it all sorted out.  cool  No stress...  I'll post tomorrow, I gotta hit the hay...  }}


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{{I didn’t know there was going to be this arranged meeting between Nora and Anbu until you posted it in the game.  And as we didn’t have them discuss the nature of the meeting, I didn’t know to have Nora already aware of it’s purpose.  Also this is all still going on during the same day (afternoon/evening).  So they would have had to arranged this meeting sometime before Nora and her party left the Tavern earlier in the afternoon.  Sorry....*frets*.....I’m just going along with it best I can.  tongue }}

“My ship is not customarily a shuttle...” the huntress advised.  “I am assuming you want transport to the same vessel we are going to.  If that is the case, I’ll have to get clearance for you and your party.”

Saviin remained silent behind Nora, her helm continuing to scan the Siannic, registering visuals and other pertinent data that she would later transfer to the Nineveh’s databanks as an update.  To a hunter....and a Mando....even the most minute details were valuable.