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I think that Boba loves, or at least loved at one point.  Perhaps the reason why he doesn't seem to love is because a long time ago it cost him everything.  One would have to be capable of tremendous love in order to go to such lengths to avoid the emotion entirely.  We avoid what we fear, the more potential it has to hurt us, the farther we run from it...


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I think that what Imus said was extremely rude and offensive and worthy of reprimand.  However, I don't think he should have been canned over it all! 

I mean come on, turn on the radio and you are gonna hear worse remarks than than in many of today's most popular songs.  And some people would not even know what Imus meant if certain rappers (paging Snoop Doggy Dogg) had not made the slang common language! 

Honestly (and sadly) I've heard children use worse language to deliver far more shocking insults.


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I own and operate a salon and day spa....


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This game is closed. 
I have other games at different sites and don't have time to press this one anymore...


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The story has been stalled since around March 19th.  If anyone is still interested in playing, post a message.   Otherwise I will close this game end of this week.

Jabba's death is my fav for two reasons.

First, he was absolutely foul and had it coming to him. 

But the main reason I like his death scene is because a Leia kills him. 
Always glad to see a woman take matters into her own hands! 
Forget the damsel in distress routine....

Come on now!  Pull that chain, put your back into it woman!  You can do it!  DIE DIE DIE!!!!!! 
He made your man into a wall hanging!
He tried to feed your brother to the Rancor!
He put you in that stupid metal bikini thing and dragged you around at the end of a chain! 

Kill him KILL HIM!

er.......sorry.  Got carried away...  tongue


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Mandalorian Assassin wrote:

Now that would be just plain odd.  And I never knew of these things.  Man, I really got to get back to the real world (If anyone knows how to get there, could you please tell me?)

I went past it once, but missed the turn off!  LOL!  tongue


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How could we possibly be on planet side when recent posts clearly state that people have just arrived on the Katarn?? 

There are new characters on board (and arriving at) the Katarn, waiting to be introduced.
Nora still has to meet with Kyr'am to further discuss the mission details.
Red Zee has to make her intro and establish herself as a character.
There are entire pieces of the plot that need to be worked out. 

They cannot go from stepping off their ship and onto the Katarn, not even speaking to anyone, to suddenly being on a planet....in the middle of a Hutt palace no less!  I have no idea where the Hutt palace came from.  The helm is not there and there are no Hutts running Brozyna.  The description of Brozyna was given much earlier in the game, Nora briefly describes the planet's economy, social set up, and the like.

Please try to follow the story.  Do not make major plot changes and the like.  If you want to be in a game where you can take complete control of the story and turn it to your liking, then perhaps you should join a story that accomodates that type of playing. 

Also, I am going to wait until the end of this week and then if there is no response I will be closing this game.  I might start another one, I haven't decided yet.  I have quite a few elsewhere that I am busy with.  But I'd hate to give up on BFFC yet as I can see there are a number of active players here.


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OOC:  Just a reminder to everyone about where the characters all are:

Nora's ship and Goran's ship have both just arrived at the Katarn and docked there.  Nora's party are all still standing before the Barabel security team in the docking bay, awaiting a response. 

The Katarn is a large, former slave ship still in space.  It is not a planet.  So for any characters who just disembarked from the Nineveh (Nora's ship) you are now just on a much larger ship which is still in space.  The ship is run by former slaves, who are going to assist in the mission to some extent by helping Nora's team reach Brozyna, the planet where the helmet is being kept in a security vault. 

Other characters are arriving via their own ships, also planning to dock on the Katarn. 

The goal here is, with the help of the Katarn's crew, to reach Brozyna (the planet) where the helmet is being kept in a high security vault owned by a rich human male. 

The helm is not in a house, not in a Hutt palace, nor any other location.  And we are are all still in space...aboard the Katarn or our own personal vessels.


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Atinvod, take all the time you need visiting with your cousin.  That's far more important than this game.

Maltese, post whenever you wish.  No rush.

I just thought maybe everyone had lost interest.  I'm glad to see that's not the case.  big_smile

Carry on!


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Its already been a week. 
I'll wait another week, and then close it if need be. 
No worries either way...


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(( Its been almost a week since anyone has posted here.  I have active RPGs at other sites that I am busy in, so if this one has gone idle, then I will go ahead and declare it closed.  I'll wait a few more days just in case.  smile  ))


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PC....which has been acting "despicable" lately...  (see my reply to the "Awesome Words" thread. tongue )


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I like the word "Despicable". 

"Wretched" is another fav of mine... 

I also use the word "dig" a lot.  (Ex:  "I'm diggin' this new song." )

"Yow" is cool too.  (EX:  "Yow.....that is a hideous car!" or "Yow, did you see that man?!")

"Hooked on Phonics" with Yoda. 

"Morning Yoga" with the Emperor.  (EWWW!)

"Galactic Idol" featuring Chewbacca singing...

CSPAN coverage of Jar Jar Bink's address to the Galactic Senate

I have that book!  It's awesome...  big_smile


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Kyr'am walked up to Nora and asked, "What happened, I thought you were bringing less than this."

The huntress made a face behind the visor of her helm.  “If you will recall.....I cleared their passage with both you and the Katarn before we left port.  And that,” she made a gesture towards Earon, “.....is an attempted stow-away.  We will deal with her ourselves...”

Saviin leaned slightly towards Goran, “I hear you’re a good babysitter.  So here....” she snorted, shoving Earon towards the man, “I don’t have the patience....”


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I've been fortunate enough to meet them all.

Morrison was wonderful.  I stood/sat in line on the sidewalk for hours to get into CIII on the first day.  I was the 6th person and first woman at CIII to meet Morrison.  (He kissed me).  Very funny and witty.  Quite the ladies man too... 

I met Bulloch in the lobby of the hotel I stayed at during CIII.  He was really nice and polite, seemed rather on the formal side when I met him. 

Logan was in the hotel too, I met him as I turned a corner after exiting an elevator!  He seemed to be trying to hide.  I think he was sneaking away from the convention scene for a while.  Oh, he also got into trouble for riding his skate board in the lobby the first night!  LOL!

All three were in the same hotel I stayed in, across from the convention center.


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((Posting Zeta's bio again))

Zeta aka “Red Zee” 
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Home: former slave from Brozyna
Ship : crew member on board the Katarn
Description: 5’5, fair skin, blue eyes, long curly red hair.
Weapons: Modified E-11, Vibro-blades, demolitions, whatever, etc...

Zeta was born a slave on Broyzna.  Her mother died giving birth to her, and she was raised by the other women in the slave quarters.  Known for her strong constitution and feistiness, Zeta was prized as sturdy stock...and therefore would fetch a high price on the market.  She was one of many slave girls loaded onto the dreaded Katarn, destined for underground slave markets throughout the galaxy.  The stories vary as to what exactly happened next, but the fact remains that the slaves revolted and overtook the Katarn and her crew.  The former slave vessel has since been manned by the slaves themselves.  Zeta remains among its crew and is known for her wicked temper and cold nature.  She can be downright brutal (if not savage) at times, a trait that has earned her the nickname “Red Zee”.  Although she has a soft streak that reveals itself on rare occasions, for the most part Zeta is a hard case rarely won...


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Nora brought the Nineveh down in docking bay 3 with the Hammer not far behind. 

“Looks like they left the light on for us...” Saviin commented as she eyed the gathering security team outside the Nineveh. 

The huntress was busy powering down her ship, “It never pays to be too cautious....take no offense...” she reminded her cousin.


“Evaar, see that Anbu and his group disembark swiftly...” Nora instructed her daughter who stood waiting in the hatchway. 

The young brunette gave a nod and strode away to show the passengers off the Nineveh...

“So what shall I do with our young friend in the holding cell?” Saviin inquired.

Nora gave a wry smile, “Tell Goran I have a little project for him...” 

“Vidya would love this...” the tall Mando woman replied with a chuckle as she turned to go fetch Earon from her cell. 

A short while later Nora and her crew were standing at the edge of the Nineveh’s boarding ramp.  Earon had been brought along, at the business end of Saviin’s blaster...

Nora stepped forward, “Greetings,” she stated to the Barabel who was evidently in charge, “Kyr’am Ordo is expecting us...”

Saviin’s violet eyes studied the security team, then scanned the area behind them.  Something....no, someone.....caught her attention.  She zoomed in on the individual via her helm’s HUD.  It was a human female with long curling locks of fiery red hair, standing watch from a distance with blaster rifle in hand.  Although the woman was rather petite in stature, she had and look about her that would make a sane sentient think twice about any funny business.  Saviin’s brows raised behind the visor of her helm, it could only be Red Zee.....


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(( I'm already embarassed about my testy rant above.  hmm  But I'm going to let it stand...  Had to state things clearly. ))


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OOC:  I hate to bring it up yet again - and this is a reminder for everyone in general - please do not act for my (or anyone else's) characters.  Saviin would not have let a prisoner out to stretch his/her legs.  And Evaar would not linger around and ask a million questions, nor would she take a friendly interest in someone designated as a prisoner for the time being.  And its up to me to decide whether Evaar might have a worried look in her eyes or not. 

I know I moved Earon into a cell, but i did not speak, think, or otherwise act for her. 

This is a traditional RPG, not a "round robin" type game where everyone can share in the characters' habits, comments, and general actions.  Apparently this is not the norm of play here.  But I have been role playing for about 6 yrs now and in any game I've ever been in - about 90% of them - everyone controlled their own characters and didn't think or speak for others.   I know there are other ways of RPing, but I prefer the way in which you control only your own characters, as you would control yourself in real life.  In real life, you have no idea what someone else is thinking, feeling, etc.  That's the way my characters should be regarded. 

For example:  I'd never have Evaar hang around a prisoner and ask a million questions like a kid.  Thats just not her.  I'm sure if I had Earon cry because she was in the cell, or had Dress pace the floor a bundle of nerves, neither player would be amused. 

I have stated previously that this is a traditional RPG.  I'm sorry if its not what some members are accustomed to.  If you find it frustrating, perhaps you should consider joining another story on the boards.

Also, we are not on planet yet.  We are heading to the Katarn, a ship upon which we will rendevous with a group that will further assist us in reaching our goal on Brozyna.  There are three people who have been waiting for us to get to the Katarn so they can start their characters.  Please read the posts carefully so you know where we are going and what is happening. 

So please remember:

Please play your own characters.
Please post clearly so others can understand what your characters are saying/doing.
Please read the posts carefully so you know where we are and what is happening. 

I'm sorry if this all sounds like an angry rant, but I have to admit that it is becoming extremely frustrating.  Keep in mind that none of this is aimed at anyone in particular, it's just a general reminder for all involved in the game.  Also, please refer to the beginning page where this matter is mentioned in the game rules.


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“Sentiments do not move me,” Nora replied in an almost mechanical tone, “Nor does gratitude...”  The huntress made a gesture to Saviin, “Put her in a holding cell....I’ll decide what to do with her once we reach the Katarn....”

Saviin gave a curt nod and ushered the woman away down the corridor and into the rear of the ship.  She directed the armored stranger towards a holding cell where a scanning beam gave her a once over, registering the data into the ship’s main computer.  “Don’t bother trying your weapons in here,” Saviin warned as she gave the woman a push into the cell, “There are several dampening shields in place.  If you fire your weapon the blast will only ricochet about unit it strikes you...”  Saviin pulled her helm from her head and gave her long lavender locks a shake, “Nothing personal....just business...” she reminded the younger woman, “Roan must have some use for you....otherwise you’d be sucking space by now....”  The cell door sealed with a hiss and the shields hummed to life...

((OOC:  Lets just move this on to the point at which they arrive at the Katarn.  Unless Atinvod wishes to add something.  smile  Atinvod – PM me and we’ll figure out what to do once we reach the Katarn.  ))


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Evaar caught the credit cube in one hand, and snorted at the Siannic, "Its been done before...nobody died but the one going out..."  She turned to go, "Besides, I didn't say the decision was final.  If Nora finds a use for her, she'll keep her around.  If not, then the woman goes bye bye..."  With that the hatchway snapped shut and Evaar was gone...

(( I never intended to actually toss her out the airlock, not gonna kill off her character.  We need to get our butts to the Katarn, now there are three players waiting to start once we arrive.  smile  ))


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Evaar appeared in the hatchway to the forward cargo hold where Anbu and his party were stowed.  “Don’t worry, the airlock has a double hatch system,” the young Mando assured them with shocking practicality, “She’ll go into a holding space before Saviin sends her out...” 

The green eyed girl smiled pleasantly at the group, “If Nora finds a reason to keep the woman, Saviin will have to wait...  But either way you shouldn’t concern yourselves....”