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I've got a Don Post '97 that I got for free b/c it had no rangefinder antenna and a cracked visor.  I could just make a rangefinder and replace the visor, but I know you can buy good kits that have movie-accurate parts in them, and you're supposed to cut the visor out and reshape the helmet b/c its too wide.  Also, being the '97 and not the '95, its sorta flat-topped, so I may wanna try to add some material to the top then sand it into the proper dome shape.  I'm trying to wait until I can do it right, vs. just getting little things done so I can get it off my chest, haha.


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It may depend on the situation, but hardly.  Darth Tyranus would very quickly have killed Anakin and Obi-Wan had Yoda not arrived, and he very nearly killed him.  He was still not bested.  He was only killed when Sidious himself decided he no longer needed him, and no doubt aided Anakin to defeat him.  Darth Maul may be scarier at first, but then Tyranus is far more sinister and contemplative, and would laugh at Maul's ridiculously feeble attempt at intimidation.  Remember, Dooku was once a Jedi, while Maul, as far as we can tell, was not.  I do believe that Count Dooku would easily make rather short work of his more primal predecessor.


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This is a useless discussion IMHO, as we would never see a fight between a mature Boba and Jango for a multitude of reasons, and we all know that Boba comes out with the edge.  The only way to even imagine this hypothetically is to remove all family ties, as Jango could never kill his own son.  Boba may be able to bring himself to kill his own father, but he'd never have a reason to.  I know this is all beside the point, however, so I say Boba, hands down.


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I'd love to say Boba would win, but in the end, I'm not completely sure.  Master Chief has performed many individual acts that were immensely powerful, impressive, etc., and has a fearsome reputation.  Yet Boba Fett is one of the most powerful men in the galaxy, and certainly the most powerful non-Force user.  If anything, he seems to view the Force as a crutch; yet he understands it enough to basically be immune to most of its effects.  That uncanny ability to simply not be intimidated by anything, including such "weapons" as the Force, accounts for a huge mental advantage for Boba.  While Master Chief may be stronger or have greater engineered abilities, and the shield is a huge advantage, Boba still has the edge, mentally.  I can't imagine that anyone, even Master Chief, could actually outwit our favorite Mandalorian. 

Another thing to understand in such a fight is the fact that the only elements of Boba's armor or weaponry that aren't actually feasible yet are his laser weapons, and having a compact jetpack that actually contains a functioning rocket; while most of Master Chief's load-out still falls within the realm of science fiction.  Not that that would necessarily be an advantage in an imaginary duel anyway, but its certainly worth considering.


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Well, obviously, Boba would win in the end, but it would be a good fight.  While Dengar has had his emotions cut out, Boba doesn't exactly let his feelings get the best of him, so that's not as much of an advantage as it would be in a fight against anyone else.  Dengar may be a beast, but Boba could definitely outsmart him.  He could keep him from getting too close with his arsenal of weapons, and use his superior intelligence and quick thinking to outwit Dengar in the end.  It would be a long and grueling fight, and Fett may get injured, but I'm confident in his ability to come out on top at the end of the day.  Remember, Boba has killed an unknown number of Wookies, as well as his fair share of Jedi's, so Dengar shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Sev Fett wrote:

Hmm, interesting thought.  I don't think Lucas meant it that way.  In my mind the EU Boba would have known, but not the ROTJ Boba.

True, though the movie Boba is somehow becoming the EU Boba, as Lucas himself accepts his immense popularity, and even considered adding a scene in the SE movies where Boba would blast his way out of the Sarlaac, but decided against it, as only Boba Fans and EU geeks such as ourselves would really appreciate it and not just get confused or thrown off.


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He's Boba Fett, and worships his own definition of Justice and Honor above all else.  If he felt that he should not kill on a certain day, he wouldn't, simple as that.

Manji_Ninja wrote:

I don't think it was ever Sidious's goal to let Jango surivive. I mean, for what reason should Jango be important ot Sidious? Jango was nothing more than a pawn to him, just like Darth Maul and Count Dooku. Jango had served his purpose as the clone source but failed in assassinating Senator Amidala. If Mace hadn't killed Jango, maybe Count Dooku would have been given the task later He had Anakin slaughter the members of of Trade Federation, Jango was really no different from them in Sidious's self-centered mind.

Yes!  My thoughts exactly.  In addition, if Anakin had been tasked with killing Jango, he probably would have killed young Boba, as well; eliminating our favorite character and kind of ruining the whole series for all of us.  Also, if Jango was still around, how would Boba have risen to take his place while still maintaining a strong relationship with Jango?  He couldn't dishonor his father by leaving him to wither away in old age, couldn't possibly kill him and maintain his sense of honor, and it wouldn't make sense for him to just leave.  Jango had to go to make way for Boba to become the man he did.


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Hmm, I wonder if we'll ever get a canon answer to that one...


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While we're on the subject, what's the little feather in a circle emblem on his right breastplate supposed to mean?

draco fett wrote:

Boba did not know that it was her.

Somehow, I've always thought that he did.  If anyone in the whole place knew, it had to be him.  While he was nodding at "Boush's" courage and quick thinking w/ the thermal detonator trick, I still think he had to know.  How else would Jabba have known to wait for her to rescue him?


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Being that Boba Fett is truly what keeps the series interesting, and with the trace back to Cassus Fett, and other alien Mandalorians before him, is of the oldest character line besides Jedi and Sith, he's got to pass something on.  The Mandalorians far outdate the days of the Republic, and won't just die off.  Doesn't he become the next Mandalore and start a new Mandalorian order or something?  Somehow, I just can't imagine the Star Wars universe w/o Boba Fett.  I think that would kinda be the end of the Expanded Universe, the last chronological entry in the canon if Fett dies w/o leaving a legacy....


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Manji_Ninja wrote:

It's alright if your interest sways every once in awhile! You shouldn't have to feel guilty if you get a little bored and find something else you like! Heck, I'm a very obsessive person, and I go through a different "main" interests pretty often. Anything from a new musical, videogame, book... you know.
It's a good thing to be looking for new things and not always focusing on one particular Star Wars character... be open minded! smile

I agree completely with this.  I have tons of other interests, many totally unrelated to Star Wars.  I just get on a SW hype for awhile sometimes, then I'm on something else.  But I always come back to it, and Boba Fett in particular.  He's by far the most interesting and dynamic character of the entire canon. 

BTW, if you've got some cash, you could try making a costume...


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The name came from Bob Falfa, a character in American Graffiti.  George just said it in his head a few times before it became Boba Fett.  Remember, he was initially supposed to be a Super Stormtrooper of sorts, and even after the OT, George never intended for him to be any more than a minor, static character.


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Doesn't the skull represent the Headhunter Squad led up by Jaster on Concord Dawn in the Mandalorian Civil War?  If so, this would definitely seem to point to Boba's armor being Jaster's, or at least a nod to him.


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I have a laptop, so, no.


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I don't remember when Jacen actually became a Sith Lord, how did this happen?  And what ever happened to Jaina?

Wasn't he also unmasked on Dagobah when he ran into Tash and Zak in the cannibal's camp?  Like he was in the cell with Zak, and asked him for his armor?  But he wouldn't step into the light until Zak handed him his helmet, though.