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Kyr'am strode into bay three as Nora and company disembarked from their vessels.  Walking up next to Vanga, the barabel turned to him and hissed, "You expected them?"   
     "Most of them, I didn't think she'd be bringing this many,"  Kyr'am walked up to Nora and asked, "What happened, I thought you were bringing less than this."

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Orienda was still dealing with the now discovered contact.  "Negative Fury, we do not need weapons.  You will proceed with our escorts to docking bay 3, where we will refuel your ship.  If you deviate from your course or attempt to evade, the escorting ships will destroy you, do you understand?"


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Orienda heard the exchange over the comm and turned to the communications station. 
     "Patch me through to that ship," Orienda waited until the comm officer signaled she was patched through before speaking again.  "Unidentified fighter, this is the Independent Vessel Katarn.  You must identify yourself and state your purpose here in the next thirty seconds or be destroyed."


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The door's to the Katarn's bridge slid open smoothly and Orienda strode onto the bridge, followed shortly by Kyr'am and Rella.  A crewmember at a sensor station noticed their entrence and quietly motioned for the captain. 
      "Captain, I've got two contacts on scope.  I had a third, but it disappeared before I could get a lock on it. "  Orienda turned to face Kyr'am "Friends of yours?"
      "Those two, the Nineveh and the Hammer, are the rest of the company coming, but that third one isn't.  Could be somebody tailing us, but I doubt it."
      "Smells like trouble,"  Orienda thought for a second then took a deep breath and exhaled, "All right, contact the Nineveh and the Hammer and grant them permission to land in bay 3, but I want a full security team down there to meet them, and have Vanga meet them personally.  Then go to full alert, all crew to battle stations, I want all fighters powered up and ready to go.  And have our current patrol swing by that third contact and see if they can't find anything.  Kyr'am, Rella, head down to bay 3 and give Vanga a hand."


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With the shuttle on board the Katarn and all post-flight power-down checks completed, Kyr'am left the cockpit to the boarding ramp, where Canderous already stood, ready for anything.  With a nod to the droid, he activated the ramp which descended with a hiss and began walking down.  At the ramp awaited 3 figures.

Name: Orienda Kharr
Species: twi'lek(female)
Age: 26
Appearance: Yellow/orange skin, wears blue lipstick and eyeshadow
Weapon: blaster pistols and vibroknife
Background: As captain of the Katarn for the past 3 years, she is responsible for the overall welfare of its crew and passengers.  Renowned for her hatred of slavery in all its forms as well as those who support it, she frequently spaces any slavers or members of any organizations that participate in slavery (the Hutts, Black Sun, Zann Consortium, etc, etc.)  A former slave, she was a prisoner aboard the Katarn when the slaves rebelled and took the ship.  The crew elected her captain, a position she has held ever since.

Name: Vanga
Species: Barabel(female)
Appearance: leather armor, red skin, yellow eyes, missing right pinky finger
Weapons: vibroblades, vibroknives, E-11 Blaster rifle, twin blaster pistols, concussion grenades, vibrocutlass
Background: Not an original Katarn crewmember, she was hired on by Orienda to head up the Katarn's boarding parties.  Ruthless and effiecient, she is contrastingly good-natured and friendly when not on the attack.  She also shares a special kinship with her second, Red Z.

Name: Rella Ordo
Age: 34
Species: Human(Mandalorian female)
Appearance: 5'10", blue eyes, short white hair, black armor with blue flame trim
Weapons: Stoukker concussion rifle, E-11 blaster rifle, blaster pistol, vibroblade
Background: Kyr'am's wife, she prefers to operate from the Katarn as a mobile base, also citing that a spaceborne assault ship is much more defensible than a parked ARC-170.


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Kyr'am's shuttle was now within visual distance of the Katarn.  The cruiser was beginning to show signs of it's age, with much of her hull pockmarked with blast marks and hasty repairs welded over them.  A pair of ancient Y-wings were escorting the ship, and had now broken off to intercept the approaching ship.  Kyr'am killed his drives, well familiar with the procedure and opened up a comm channel.  A familiar voice came across almost immediately. 

          "Unidentified shuttle , this is the independent trading vessel Katarn, please state your intentions or leave the area immediately.  You have thirty seconds to comply." 
          "Katarn, this is the shuttle Dewback with supplies and goodies for the crew.  Transmitting ID codes now."
          "Please wait."  There was a brief pause as the Katarn's databanks ran the codes.  "Codes accepted.  Welcome back, Kyr'am."


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(Ok, I'm going to go ahead and have my character leave for the Katarn now, he'll transmit the coordinates before he does.)

Kyr'am acknowledged Saviin's message and sent a reply.  "I'm heading out for the Katarn now, I'm transmitting the coordinates.  Once your guests arrive I'll meet you there.  Oh, and those coordinates are only good for the next 8 hours.  If you're not there by then, she'll jump out somewhere else and I'll need to relay those coordinates.  Ordo out."

It's a tie for me between Episode 3's Anakin vs Obi-Wan and Episode 1's "Duel of the Fates"  both had amazing moves and skill backed by an amazing score


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Kyr'am finished his checks and with the engines warmed up and ready to go, he walked back to the shuttle's small living area and cargo hold where Canderous was checking over the supplies.  Kyr'am always found it amusing to see the large and imposing battle droid performing mundane tasks as securing cargo.  Completed with its checks, the droid turned to him.
     "All set here, master.  Can we FINALLY leave?"  Kyr'am laughed before sitting down on a crate of blaster packs.  "Soon, Canderous, soon.  Once we get confirmation from our comrades that they're ready to go, we'll leave."


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Kyr'am sighed and paused in his engine startup checklist as he thought about the request from Saviin.  He was glad Tracyn had already left, or she would have been a handful, moreso when she would have heard his decision. 

"Kyr'am to Saviin:  Go ahead and let them board.  But give them a warning that if they misbehave at all, they might be taking a walk out an airlock without a suit."


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(Done, sorry.)

I was 2.  In fact, my very first memory is of the line of X-wings locking their S-foils.


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Kyr'am approached his 170, it's drives thrumming with barely restrained power.  Sitting next to the fighter was a relatively unassuming shuttle, which Kyr'am knew was far from the truth.  Standing at the ramp to the shuttle was Canderous, his refurbished Super Battle Droid, and Tracyn, now clad in flight suit, helmet in hand. 
      "Tracyn, go ahead and take the 170 and leave now, I'll take Canderous and meet you on board the Katarn."  Tracyn nodded and trotted off to the 170 as Kyr'am started up the ramp to start his preflight checks, Canderous following obediently.


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((I'm okay with skipping ahead till sundown.  Just to make sure though, everyone's got their own ship to the Katarn, right?))

True, true...then there's Etain and Darman's unborn kid, too.  I sometimes wonder if he isn't Kad'ika mentioned in "Bloodlines"


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((Nice pics.  I have a few pics I've used as references for some of my characters myself, but some won't appear in this rpg and the rest you haven't met yet.))

What I really want to know is if Sev survived or not.  He was a really nice guy.  In a psychotic, barely restrained killer kinda way.


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Kyr'am likewise placed his order to go and picked up his helmet before addressing the group, "I've got preparations to make as well.  If any of you need a ride, I can take you up in the shuttle.  If not, just call me when you're ready to go to the Katarn."

I think Vader could have taken Sidious before he was turned into TorsoBoy by Obi-Wan.  He was growing more and more powerful by the minute, and even Sidious admits Vader would one day surpass him.  Also, I think either a sourcebook or Lucas himself states Vader could have taken Sidious before he lost his limbs.  It's after he is encased in the infamous black body armor is his power reduced to 80 % of Sidious's.  In which case Sidious could have just fried him with force lightning, as Vader would have been unable to counter.


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Statement: While inherent "coolness" does nothing for combat ability, HK-47 is a far superior droid due to his use of many different and devious tactics.  As opposed to IG-88 whose sole tactic seems to be "Try and blast it and if I die one of my 30 bazillion other copies will finish the job."


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Kyr'am leaned over to Tracyn and whispered into her ear, "Go prep the 170 for take-off, and make sure it's got what we need.  Don't forget the Stouker, either, or she'll kill me."  Tracyn nodded and headed for the door as Kyr'am picked up a menu and began perusing.


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MandoGirl wrote:

I say HK. He's cooler, for one thing (anyone ever downloaded the audio clip of him interrogating an HK-50? Or him mocking the former crew members?) For another, IG-88 is focused on galactic domination. HK is focused on assassination. Therefore, HK has a better mind (?) for combat.

Query: They have a clip of that?  Where?


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Kyr'am nodded and asked Nora one question, "When do you want to leave?"


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Tracyn's eyes narrowed and blazed at Goran, "If by looking at your face is any indicator, I'd say you haven't been doing a good job watching your shebs to begin with.  But no, you don't."   

Kyr'am watched the display before turning back to Saviin with a thoughtful look on his face,"Red Zee, eh?  Last I heard she was still there.  Heads up the boarding parties if I'm not mistaken.  Why do you ask?"


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After several minutes of heated conversation with Tracyn, Kyr'am returned to the table and sat down, giving everyone a hard, measuring stare as if to make sure they were all worth his trust.  Satisfied, he began to talk.  "Ship's name is the Katarn, an old Acclamator-II the slavers were using to haul people 'in bulk,' when the slaves managed to stage a rebellion when a bounty hunter attacked her.  After the dust settled, the slaves decided to run the ship themselves and hunt down the slavers.  Over the years, her crew's changed out, but most of the crew is still the original slave shipment.  Those that remain are...colorful to say the least.  Last I heard, they somehow got their hands on some phase 1 and 2 Dark Troopers for their boarding parties.  Captain's a twi'lek by the name of Orienda Kharr, and she has absolutely NO love for the entire planet we're going to, so anything she can do to help she's going to do it.  Now, do you want to hitch a ride in on it or do you just want info?"