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Now Im Bored


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truly i dont think he is a jazz fan lol


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Wow Didnt Know That! Thanks! Rock On Rob Zombie!


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Thanks Guys For Messaging Back. Im Kinda New Here And I Think Of Him As A ....
Well Im Not Sure:/ I Think He Would Like Classic (piano Or Classic Rock)
Or Just Plain Metal:lol: Rock On Rob Zombie!


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Me And My Friends Think He Is One Of Those Punk People. Some Of My Friedns Think He Would Like Rob Zombie!


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If Boba Fett Were Here What Would Be His Favorite Music? What Band?


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I Know That Boba Fett Is Nuetral I Mean He Gets Hired By Darth Vader (darth Vader Probaly Payed A Bigger Price To Hire Him Than The Rebels Lol)
But He Could Been Hired By The Rebels If The Rebels Wanted To


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ok Jango fett use to have black armor! hmm i just read my friedns comic called jango fett.i showed that  jango fett and jaster both had green armor thats when jaster promoted jango right?


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And Who Did He Recieve The Armor From.montrose?:/


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in the jedi war (i think)(when jaster died) jaster and jango fett where wearing green armor but jaster's had a cape thats wat my friends say they have all the jango fett comics but i dont believe it.


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Lmao I Would Ask Him "were He Got That Multi Detonator So I Can Blow Up My Pool"


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I've Been Hearing A Lot Of Talk That Boba Fett Is Wearing Jaster's Armor.
Or Is He Wearing Jango Fetts Becasue, Jango Fett Use To Have Green Armor
But I Think He Painted The Armor Silver. Give Me Some Answers!


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hey i got a myspace myspace.com/benisbaddest

lol i forgot i had this ghost rider pic i also have boba fett ones

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OMG Boba Fett is wearing Jango Fett's armor not Jaster Merel's!!!!
his jet pack is blue so that means he is wearing Jango's armor besides when jango wa ounger he use to have green armor!(he probaly painted it silver!)