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Cool big_smile thanks. My favs are Boba Fett bounty hunter for his wide range of abilities and power, Zam For her Infestation which deals 60 damage (save 11) to an enemy within 12 squares and can go around walls, great because you could hide behind walls and use it or for taking out medics. And ARC troopers for dealing damage to a verity of sources, they have 10 attack so they have allot better chance of hitting strong defence characters, I don’t use armies of them, to much points. How much points do you play in most games? I usually play 200-250.


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Thats cool, I'm not fond of her myself. And why is that?


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I live in Australia, your lucky, you can get miniatures bloody cheap, the rebal storm Boba afew years back when it was fifty to buy, you could get for ten-twenty and the bountyhunter Boba which I paid $72 where you can get at America for 30-40. Type star wars miniatures singles on google and you will easily find websites that you can get single miniatures and you can find bloody cheap deals.


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Spiderman! if thats what your talking about I like Venom, he looks cooler plus he has an awsome name VENOM. I'm not a fan myself, have'nt seen it in years.


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What country do live in and do you want a boba fett.


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What The?


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Boba is clealy going to win.


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It all depends on the Characters your using and not all high point characters can fight well, some just have good abilities. What are your Strategies.


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My dad excellent at miniatures and loves Dark Trooper phase 3s for their missiles, he has three, he also likes Zam Wesell for her Kouhun Infestation though he hasn’t got it I do and Nom Anor for his advanced stealth abilities that he has. He thinks Boba in bounty hunters is good but his weakness is swarms of low point characters.

Characters I have, most I have more than 1 exept Uniques.
__ 06 Elite Rebel Trooper
__ 16 Rebel Officer
__ 19 Rebel Trooper
__ 28 Heavy Stormtrooper
__ 38 Stormtrooper
__ 49 Ithorian Scout
__ 59 Twi'lek Scoundrel
__ 04 Arc Trooper
__ 05 Captain Typho
__ 06 Clone Trooper
__ 07 Clone Trooper
__ 08 Clone Trooper Commander
__ 09 Clone Trooper Grenadier
__ 10 Clone Trooper Sergeant
__ 11 Agen Kolar
__ 12 General Kenobi
__ 14 Gungan Infantry
__ 15 Jedi Guardian
__ 17 Kit Fisto
__ 18 Luminara Unduli
__ 20 Naboo Soldier
__ 22 Plo Koon
__ 25 Saesee Tiin
__ 28 Battle Droid
__ 29 Battle Droid
__ 30 Battle Droid
__ 31 Battle Droid Officer
__ 34 Darth Side Acolyte
__ 36 Darth Sidious
__ 40 General Grievous
__ 41 Geonosian Drone
__ 42 Geonosian Overseer
__ 44 Geonosian Soldier
__ 45 Jango Fett
__ 46 Security Battle Droid
__ 47 Super Battle Droid
__ 48 Super Battle Droid
__ 49 Aqualish Spy
__ 51 Devaronian Bounty Hunter
__ 52 Gran Raider
__ 53 Ishi Tib Scout
__ 54 Klatoonian Enforcer
__ 55 Nikto Soldier
__ 56 Quarren Raider
__ 57 Rodian Mercenary
__ 58 Weequay Mercenary
__ 59 Wookie Commandor
__ 60 Zam Wesell
__ 08 Clone Trooper
__ 09 Clone Trooper
__ 15 Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master
__ 22 Wookiee Berserker
__ 25 Battle Droid
__ 26 Battle Droid
__ 29 Darth Tyranus
__ 32 General Grievous, Supreme Commander
__ 35 Neimoidian Soldier
__ 37 San Hill
__ 39 Super Battle Droid
__ 46 Human Mercenary
__ 52 Utapaun Soldier
__ 53 Utapaun Soldier
__ 57 Dark Side Adept
__ 60 Royal Guard
__ 04 Flash Speeder
__ 06 Battle Droid
__ 18 Gonk Power Droid
__ 20 Kaminoan Ascetic
__ 45 Chewbacca, Rebel Hero
__ 46 Dressellian Commando
__ 47 Han Solo, Rebel Hero
Attack on Endor Scenario Pack
__ 02 Jedi Consular
__ 03 Jedi Guardian
__ 04 Jedi Sentinel
__ 05 Old Republic Commander
__ 06 Old Republic Soldier
__ 32 Qui-Gon Jinn (Jedi Master)
__ 02 Commerce Guild Homing Spider Droid
__ 19 Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter
__ 28 Defel Spy
__ 38 Klatoonian Hunter
__ 39 Komari Vosa
__ 49 Utapaun on Dectillion
__ 50 Weequay Leader
__ 51 Weequay Thug
__ 56 Mandalorian Blademaster


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Ill put it up there. What guys do you use commonly


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fett3393 wrote:

It's a pretty good game if you know what you are doing. Heres an evn better site to find info and stuff.

This website is good for telling you about the game and updates, not characters and stat cards which was the reason i put it up there. I've been to hundreds of starwars miniature websites.


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That is the best part on family guy "no way, ill trade all may star wars guys if it isn’t, wait except Boba Fett no matter how sure I am I never trade the Fett man".


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BARC and flash speeders are too big for that (huge) Scout trooper on speeders are better (large).
Super battle droids are great with their charging fire ability but they do have low attack.
The armies I use are clones, they have reasonable attack and do 20 damage. They come in a huge verity and are allot better than stormtroopers though they are 5 points.
I got a Flash speeder.


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Villimar wrote:
Spider-Fett wrote:

Do you think that Master Cheif could kill a bunch of jedi with his bare hands?  I think not.  Boba can, so I think he'd win.


That was Jango

But Boba becomes beter than Jango.


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what the i posted here before

Boba's gauntlet wrist blaster.


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Why did you join this fan club? cool
Are you Obsessed with Boba Fett like me? big_smile
What do you like about him? hmm
Is he your favorite character? roll
What is your favorite Star Wars movie? smile


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I am the same gender as Boba Fett, come on do your research


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If you think Jango sucks than you think Boba sucks, Bobas an unaltered clone of Jango, hes mostly the same, different time peried and armor colour and Boba doesn't were as much.

Everything, his Mandalorian helmet


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I wonder if Jango would consider fighting his son. Boba put up with his fathers death, if he came back and stood in his way, i sure Boba could finish the Job.


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But if Boba got behind or beside the AT-AT the AT-ATcould not shot him. + its 200 points and won't fit on most maps. Its great if your playing on a free farge map like Hoth playing over 500 points.


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fett3393 wrote:

Boba Fett may be the best character but the Basilisk War Droid is much better and can totally kick anyones butt besides the AT-AT.

Boba can kill ATAT in Two Turns If roles Three 20s out of four roles.


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That is because the AT-AT kicks ***!!!!!
P.S. And Vader

That was bro talking


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Boba would win as he learned Jangos stratigies when Jango was alive and Boba has an upgraded arsenal of weapons (this includes slave 1).