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working on a comic story...here is one of my main characters.
another of the main characters...

the outfit is only complete if u have a potato peeler on you tongue
looks awesome.

yep-went to the 9am...going to movies in the a.m. is weird right?
anyway- it is a very busy w/ subplots. the acting is great. the movie has a very cold feel, it is 2 and a half hours of hard movie, w/ the only attempt at levity being some comments from alfred.

coolest scene was the tokyo extraction IMO
tripping the semi truck was tight too.
strangely i liked harvey dents story the best, i thought it was interesting that they didnt show any of him in the trailer. the joker was as advertised...scene stealing.
nice cameo for the scarecrow.

event movie of the summer...who r u to resist.

ps anybody see the gotham knight anime cartoon dvd just released?

yep if someone wants to toy w/ some different fonts or thinks i should add dome detail to this...or leave it clean.
we could go w/ some old english letters- seems to be all the rage right now.

thanks draco smile

ok its been a while but here is another design for a club shirt.
my thoughts were it would look cool to have ACDC type letters but of course BF(skull)FC on each side of the skull.
kind of a retro timeless look. i stripped down the lines on the skull and gave it a tony hawk/punisher look- ur thoughts?


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draco fett wrote:

30 Days of Night was good.

i thought that movie would have made a great video game.
avoiding the vamps and picking up stranded etc.

as for my horror list-
gotta have "the thing"
and if u havent seen "feast" it is a hoot.


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the first thing i thought when i saw this was... overdone re-editing. the first half was a comedy/action.
the second half a superhero/mythology pic. basically two different movies.

i enjoyed the caustic anti hero hancock, not so much the twist and leather form fitting one.

i had a chance to read over ur letter terra and i know that ur getting into the web design scene.
so i thought u r comments were astute and i agree w/ them. if it is possible it seems too much info is accessible on several pages.
chatroom since u brought it up has recycling news info, last posts (which i like.) but this is also on the first page.
to find out who might be in the chatroom u have to go to the boards page...which is odd.
i like the boards by the way they r clean and a few boards that i belong to- r busy and people have huge graphical
annoyances in their quotes. so i like this.
point being it is busy but i do like the fact that there is little to no flash animation to bog down loading etc.
another observation is that the main page has imbedded videos in a few places on it. IMHO not really needed. i do think the revolving title banners r nice, news is in a good place. i think the image gallery could be reworked but all this takes time and i know how little we all have.
drop down menus r great. sites r always evolving- if u see a site u like the layout of make a mental note and link it. as always i am on stand by for any graphical help i can assist w/
and i have a few banners that r in mothballs right now, hopfully to be reveled soon smile


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its an interesting observation.
perhaps the contrast is that Jango is sort of a regal-polished stainless sort.
clean armor, living on the pristine city on kamino.

Boba an orphan- keeping scum as company. rolling w/ villains. its natural that he cares little about his battle worn armor-he basically lives out of his ship right? and yeah it looks more BA.


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i know cOLD in here...
but i just found a new character that is intriguing me.

weapon choice...slug thrower FTW
word is they r gonna make a figure of him.
figure pic
and another
anybody ever heard of this guy?he sounds like a cool character.


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well the search bar isn't always as intuitive as you would like.
but yes, if ur trying to find a topic on say..."boba vs deadpool?"
try varying combinations of ur search
and u should be fine.


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i have to side w/ AA here.
the movie is campy, and strikes a strange tone- between the gore and political propaganda film.
but for its time the effects were tight, and i kinda hope the "gears of war" movie will channel some of the
action from this flick.
an odd movie, but not bad.

to be honest i have not read this thread closely, but have browsed a few posts.
i am going to close it for the following.
-its bound to kick up some acrimonious words.
-we know GHF aka masterchief is not a freak.
-there r many threads open that discuss said member and his state of being.
-green u have many friends on here and we r happy you are here. The community is unique and has many personalities, at times we clash.
if this is unfair assessment of the this thread- please hit me up w/ a PM.


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a star wars bat fight...i like the jump-off. look forward to more...
nice avatar change by the way...when was the last time the wind hissed at you? tongue


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quite a contrast of the vibrant flower and the disturbing detail of the fly.
nice capture.

1. that computer from "weird science". FTW


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ok FF93- here is ur first project.
i thought this style of art might suit ur coloring. try a cell shading technique if u want.
here is everyones family eating bounty hunter....Bossk


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SOS Haruhi is back!!! wrote:

i created a thread like this called the redeem unfair minus karmas thread
what happened to it?

i think i swept it away. if it was meant as a good will gesture i apologize. if u have any questions feel free to hit me up w/ a PM.


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all hail the shadow trooper. tongue


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regimas wrote:

i have 400 figs
and over 3000$ worth of stuff in general.

dont sing it, bring it! (did that sound like a pro wrestler?)
but seriously- would be awesome to see.

Val- how did u get ur hands on a shadow trooper? dont tell me you found him on a shelf.
im shadowed w/ envy.


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FemmeFettal93 wrote:
Pheonix023 wrote:

Oh he means that it is a picture of boba from the SW holiday special....blue and yellow armor.

Ooooh... I get it. Sorry, I've actually never seen the Holiday Special... Is it any good?

sorry for the delayed response i was on a surfing trip (yay)-got ragdolled abit by some of the big waves...time to relax.
the Holiday Special was horrid-but i have a softspot for nostalgia. FF93 u can always PM me about questions on coloring-but otherwise feel free to color how ever you like. practicing is always a good thing. im gonna do some art this weekend, so hopefully there will be some more to work w/.
keep up the good work. smile


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FemmeFettal93 wrote:

Yay, thanks so much! :-]
Here's some of my stuff:
I didn't draw this, just colored it: http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c348/ … 1213823079

whoa, that is pretty hot smile
nice work w/ the colors, you seem to be working on a cell shading method and im a big fan of that.
i wanted to redo a pic of fett and another character, i will email you that when i get it done. it will be a surprise

Valthonin wrote:

May I make a request cujo?

of course brother. whatcha got?


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FemmeFettal93 wrote:

Um, can I please, please, please, please, please color your work? \

first-hello there, welcome to the fray.
thanks for the kind words,
of course u may take a crack at doing some coloring, ur in good company there r many talented artists here.
let me know what u prefer to color (favorite characters etc. and ill see if i can cook som10 up.)
do u have any examples of ur coloring? if so-i would love to see them.


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ok, here is fett_2- request.
it was a bit of a daunting request-to mix these two icons but i think it turned out nicely.
hope u like bro-if u want me to email you a copy let me know.
thanks to  corran fett for dropping a backdrop on it, makes it pop.
as for requests...
here is what i have lined up.
lord revan-sniper is next,
then regimas i would be happy to draw ur mando.


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saw it earlier this evening, and i echo the sentiment of Aaron and Sev, im not a huge hulk fan but was entertained.
and the action was intense- i had to make a concerted effort to keep from gritting my teeth.

i really enjoy the fact that marvel is so concerned w/ continuity fro the avengers movie-a cameo by stark.
lucas could take a few pointers.