CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:
Cujo wrote:

i know when family guy used fetts likeness on an episode they had to change his colors

If I'm thinking of the episode you are (the one with the birds), I don't think that was a "we're changing the colours so we won't get sued" thing. What it was using was the colour scheme of Meg's outfit, because when Peter was thinking of the birds as his kids, Meg was the one replaced. Oooooor I could be completely wrong.

actually thats what they said in the dvd commentary, thats right i watched the family guy dvd commentary! big woop, wanna fight about it tongue. but they said the people at lucas arts or whatever made them change the colors.

regimas wrote:

part of his chest plate is white....mistake?

i know when family guy used fetts likeness on an episode they had to change his colors, but since american dad, has used fett, as well as drawn together- a picture of fett was even on venture brothers FTW,  im assuming it was just a coloring mishap.

the level design and concept of this game is incredible...typical lucasarts, its full of camera limitations.
targeting issues and prone to freezing. just froze again after i have been fighting w/ the star destroyer for 30+.

i did enjoy fighting a royal guard and a dark trooper, i always like fighting dark troopers- not sure why.


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awesome colored pencil work. nice- welcome to the site.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

is dodgeball a sport?? Meh even if it is I suck at it....its fun though big_smile
Nice one Miba tongue

if u can dodge a car, u can dodge a ball tongue
i play alot of rec league sports- i was even in an adult dodgeball league once...
talk about people getting blazed in the face...it was harsh, real funny but harsh.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

I agree with you two, it's just insane how early they start marketing holidays.  I work in a grocery store right now, and they had Halloween decorations up over 2 weeks ago, and i though THAT was early.......  so trying to cash in on Christmas NOW is just insane.

mmmm, premature halloween candy isle tongue

he is from a planet were they love show tunes.


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nice stuff.  the vibrant coloring is attention grabbing, i like the sinitas stamp.


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im w/ sev i like the bffc icon on the left of head banner but it would be cool to have maybe a cycling fett group of pics where the magnified icon image is.
otherwise i think it looks tight.


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i just mean be nice to each other, opinions will always vary. no need to apologize.
im not intending to single anyone out, everyones thoughts are appreciated here.


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lets throw a blanket on this fire.
this thread is not a soapbox for us to sort out anyone else religion or politics, much smarter have tried and failed.
this thread is a memorial for your own memories on the day, and to remember those that fell.
and be nice.


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peter wrote:

But then I come here and see people, especially BFFC Draco, spewing out verbal crap, trying to be a tough guy and am lost! I know that I will most likely be banned from this site and that upsets me as I love starwars and Boba Fett.

no doubt such a subject as this will bring the truth out of people and revenge is a kneejerk response.  No one gets banned for voicing an opinion, and yours is shared by many.  Unfortunately, this war- the conflict over oil, all this is som10 few will agree upon.
It does make me sad that few really remember the day only seven years later- it might be the defining event of our time.  it has definitely profoundly affected the face of the world today.


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thanks for making this thread MandoGirl415,
Its always important to reflect and remember those who where lost.  I was in a Med library at the hospital where i worked and did not even know the U.S. had been attacked until i saw all my co-workers were huddled around the tv.
A very surreal day, my brother was there but got out in time, he still is very distant when you ask him about it. His recollection of the day is quite gruesome.


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regimas here u r my friend, hope u like.

here is another of my favorite characters.

rev, im still working on ur sniper- its proven to be quite tricky.

BFFC Admin wrote:

TF.N and SW.com have never and will never be model examples for BFFC.

cut to a tight shot of aaron as he applies pressure to a no.2 pencil until it snaps. tongue


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i got my "love is..." achievement.
i will now receive ur envy tongue

BFFC-Draco wrote:

I really enjoyed the holiday special.

...where is that picture of the owl going "orly!"


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regimas wrote:

when you have time could you draw me?

sorry bro i havent been drawing this week- but im coming around and should have plenty of time in the coming week.  this is the info i will need for ur mando. what weapon? what pose if you have a preference.

Revan i have penciled urs and will ink it this week.

as for what those characters Guchluck and Furlag are for i have been working on a story called "the black Sun three".

rather than death, an identity crisis is more like it.
once upon a time, as in ESB, star wars addressed adult relationships and compelling dark characters. as well as special effects that didnt walk all over every scene. But now it is geared more towards kids and the stories being told often leaving you asking "why did they do that?" so death...probably not.  I think if it is going to thrive for adults  again the live action series has to do alot of damage control, heres hoping.
KOTOR has been the only really good story telling lately.

spoiler comments...

i agree w/ the sloppiness of Ziro speaking basic, but u have to at least appreciate the leap of character they took w/ him, An effeminate southern gentleman sounding Hutt i thought it was funny- kept me off balance.
and i guess the jedi relax their dress code in war time, with Anikans apprentice wearing a tube top.

Spoiler Warning...
Film Reaction

So i saw Clone Wars last night, and it was really cute. this is not the star wars i love and embrace.  But having said that the characters are fun.  I was hoping to see some cool new bounty hunters since it was a "Jabba-centric" film but there arent any distinguishing villians in Jabbas thrown room, the closest thing to a henchman was an R-7 droid working w/ a sith. 
The coolest character IMO was a clone named Rex, and there is some IG droids bumping around a big city Hutts palace...performing their duties w/ moderate competence.
overall- it was light hearted fun. i just hope the live action show is darker, because starwars is aiming for younger and younger demo.

Well he isnt much to look at, considering he is thrown together from an expresso machine parts in the cantina.  He has been given considerable prowess by the authors handling his stories, and any video game player can testify to how lethal he can be in a scrap yard.
his strength seems to come from his number crunching and over all weapon cache- but unless Lucas features him in the upcoming live action series- we can only speculate how good he is.


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yep smile
i sure do- and thanks to all of you guys.
its an honor to be apart of all of this.

you may call me the karma repair mod tongue


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no rest for the wicked, welcome aboard.

telling bobas origin is a mistake, making him a clone- a debacle.
so yes.