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i watched it at midnght- i have always been a huge fan of gi joe. it was fun, a good summer flick and a nice set up for the franchise. i was sorry some of my favorite characters didnt make the movie.

im playing the 360 game now big_smile


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the comic con has been a sore subject all around this year. 
actually might have found a way in, but it sold out two month back...which is unheard of to me.
but if i get in there i will document.  as far as wondercon next time ill meet you there smile


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nice, good to see some spiker love smile
i love that blueskinned daredevil.

thanks for remembering me brother


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Regimas wrote:

i want to start this topic to discuss likes and dislikes of the movie.

saw it last night, it was pretty awesome, better than the first, but there were many things wrong with it.....many.


alright, im a white guy, but i was still surprised and mildly offended by the 2 incredibly stereotyped and racist robots. does anybody feel the same way or was it just me who thought that went too far?

(devastator was killed too quickly)

i thought it was pretty good- a noisy action ,ovie w/ little to no acting or likeable characters to keep it together.  but yeah the stereotyped twins were pretty bad, not surprising. i liked the SR-71. but overall it has not been the best movie of the summer. star trek still holds that title IMO.


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nice TW, i like it. keep it up. i been trying to get into my art projects as well

BobaFettLives! wrote:

My friends and I are big fans of Boba Fett, even though we had never joined this community. We decided a while back that we needed a "Boba Fett Appreciation Day," and June 17th seemed like a good day for a party. I uploaded a photo of our cake on the fan art page (I think under "multimedia").

What activities are appropriate for a party in honor of Boba Fett?

first of all welcome everyone- i think u will find a very fun community here.
and a very interesting idea "a boba fett holiday!!!" lets start a new topic for the activities that
would go on during it.

i have a few ideas myself smile


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happy bday aaron.

welcome to star wars continuity. its what happens when lucas just lets people write his characters in novels and so on- for money grabbing, only to totally ignore all of it. for example anybody remember who "jaster mereel"...case rested.

and i echo "therealmccoy" maul should have been around longer, IMO the most menacing villain of the prequels.

Merciless Mandalore wrote:

He does look cool, but I'd have to say that Jango Fett is the Boba Fett of the Clone Era, considering they are the same genetically.

yep- im an idiot. thanks for pointing out the now very obvious, i guess the only character left for lucas make is "the ugly".

it was also nice to see aurra sing in action, some nice sniping.

welcome all.
somebody is named carmine...must be a gears fan smile

hmmm, odd how nice something looks when its actually shot on location.
the setting and visuals remind me of another indy- anybody ever see "six string samurai"?
if not- find a copy and thank me later...or ask for ur two hours back.

yep- ill be there. lets pressure Ralin to trip out tongue


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Ragelion wrote:

Im not just the artist...but also a member.
Been on here for sometime, but just mainly a lurker. This might actually be my first post. smile
Thank you so much for the word of encouragement.
I am a fan of the Mandalorians, Commandos and anything armor basically. smile

welcome ragelion, very nice stuff.
my faves Spiker(a huge fan), nice to see someone else is drawing him.
do u find his helmet a huge pain todraw?

i also liked ur Jaxxon card, homage FTW
again awesome. r u gonna be at comic con?

ok be honest- it looks awesome, and i dont even like star trek.
its hurt me abit that the new star trek movies look better than the current star wars stuff.
ur thoughts?


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i jumped out the nearest window, fortunately i was on the first floor-so ur off the hook.

good call, in regards to the LVC character- which means there is only one left of the trio to be defined "the ugly".
who could be the ugly?....hmmm.

In the Season Finale of Clone Wars a new Mercenary is introduced Cad Bane.

info on Cad and episode

do u like his appearance?
all u can do is speculate but just looking for opinion.

Valthonin wrote:

mmmm that Dark Trooper phase II is looking mighty fine...just wish their guns werent so weird.

the dark trooper is BA, that gun may look funny but its pretty hardcore.


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i actually was sort of sympathetic to the villain in "live free or die hard".
i liked his character and that cut and paste presidential montage was nice.


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this book is certainly getting a buzz around it.
but is not really star wars first approach at horror...
EU has had mind witches".  and lets not forget the "bando gora"

i would be interested to see what lucas has to say about this book concidering everything he is personally involved in has been kiddy friendly- at least lately.

no surprise here really. recognize...


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alo is a super trooper in training. nice 'stache 
where did u cruise to, Si?


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ur very welcome smile  sentiment echoed.

actually i thought the first "manhunt" was one of my most intense gaming experiences. i did not play the second.
but i think quite a few fans would like to see a darker side of starwars, not a whiney anakin/vader "noooooo padme!"
sort of thing.

but the gritty underworld. explore who "bane malor" and other scum characters are- like SPIKER, had to say it.
the number of awesome undeveloped characters in jabbas palace alone is staggering.

Grand Theft Landspeeder :Tatooine Underworld, FTW

RShehay wrote:

The more recent star wars game and the Republic Commando game are beginning a new wave hopefully of real gritty, intense psychological games. What I would like to see is a bounty hunting game with Boba Fett and the other hunters that is completely noir, the criminals scathing and nasty and Fett just about if not as bad as some of the criminals you have to hunt down. Not that I want a mature rated Rockstar developed game, but something that brings a more artful or dark storytelling than the entertainment ones of the earlier Star Wars games that mimic the films.

i would love to see rockstar make a star wars title.  star wars needs to explore the seedy spice driven underworld.  at least IMO. but i thought ur post was well written.

as for bounty hunter it was a half baked cool idea.  the dead moon where jango has to fight off the "bando gora" i thought was great. but alas- the bounty tagging system was fail.  there were a fair amount of glitches. but i loved the cinematics.

montross- "youre worth enough dead." class.