i imagine fett would have swat gear, night vision, the whole nine. but nothing heavy. fett needs his mobility.
boot knife. alot of non lethal weapons.


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wow draco, you really went digging...the droids. thats comedy.
i had forgotten about his appearence on there.

much like all the star wars continuim, there is much to be disputed...


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while the fetts are techinacally sound fighters, we know they arent much when they enter the fray. for examples of this see the sarlacc or the arena. dengar is like that burly ogre- you definitely want this guy on ur side in a bar fight, yep he's bloated and probably lost a step but im thinking he can take a punch. so this seems like it would hinge on too many variables.
fett always seemed like the smartest guy in the room, not the toughest.


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i get the impression  dengar isnt exactly the most agile hunter around.
hand to hand fett would toy with him.


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my thoughts are these, if you want a diverse space dog fighting game-make another rogue squadron. i just think bf2 suffered, be great at one thing and bf1 was. it was tactical, and i like the idea of the heroes being npc. just gives you a sense of being a cog, or a gear of war if you will.
there are plenty of sw  games where ur the hero. i like being one of many.


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props to the person that said baron fel, he is a pimp. hes basically the brad pitt of starwars.