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draco wrote:

i actually meant jango was introduced at all.

i agree, to a point. i think the prequels needed a hired gun character. but trying to tell bobas origins undermines the reasons he is cool. i also think alot of the main characters deaths are anticlimactic.


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word, i gotta agree with draco, jango intro..."here take these worms."
i gotta say my personal is when yoda started hopping around like a joke.
i actually started laughing. lucas understands nothing of his own creation...


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speaking of funny stuff...go to youtube and type "druken lightsaber battle".
its very funny. heads up, there is some language.


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"cujo" is a detraction of my first and middle name. the movie "cujo" is actually one of the worst movies ive ever seen.

its cool to see where people are coming from...

i tend to think the less you know about fett the better. i gotta go with mystery, and bad *** armor.
im cautiously optimistic about the series, im thinking lucas might further clown fett up.

nice work revan. that is some sick detail with a sharpy. props.


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the fett nod.

nice, im gonna dig up some of my fett art...is that chalk?


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no worries. just joking around. respect.


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i did not see that, i guess i have much to learn in the world of internet boarding etiquette.
you guys are still board nazis..."no board for you!"


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didnt dengar die on the sail barge with bossk?


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ur killin me draco, next time i have a thought about anything ill run it by you.


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nice. well ur poignant wit aside humorbot, fett is an archtypal character, sure we all love him, and that brings us here, but he exsists in many stories, games, movies. he just doesnt have the t-shaped visor...a fett by any other name...blah blah.


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Does anyone play gears of war on line? anyway...there is a character on gears that named Carmine that has some fett qualities, masked, cool looking and goes out like a chump. awesome game by the way. on that note-the fett of resident evil is hunk. hunk is a gas masked badass that is employed by umbrella. anybody else got any fetts in games or movies?


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it kinda looks like they made it into a comedy, at least thats how they are promoting it,
oh by the way smokin aces is only ok...

not gonna lie, ive played a few video games. just curious about who you think are the coolest moments, bosses, do you think fett is done justice in his many game cameoes? my personal favorite is ig-88 on shadows, that thing was a beast and the unsettling noises he makes when pursuing you.

i imagine fett would have swat gear, night vision, the whole nine. but nothing heavy. fett needs his mobility.
boot knife. alot of non lethal weapons.


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wow draco, you really went digging...the droids. thats comedy.
i had forgotten about his appearence on there.

much like all the star wars continuim, there is much to be disputed...


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while the fetts are techinacally sound fighters, we know they arent much when they enter the fray. for examples of this see the sarlacc or the arena. dengar is like that burly ogre- you definitely want this guy on ur side in a bar fight, yep he's bloated and probably lost a step but im thinking he can take a punch. so this seems like it would hinge on too many variables.
fett always seemed like the smartest guy in the room, not the toughest.


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i get the impression  dengar isnt exactly the most agile hunter around.
hand to hand fett would toy with him.


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my thoughts are these, if you want a diverse space dog fighting game-make another rogue squadron. i just think bf2 suffered, be great at one thing and bf1 was. it was tactical, and i like the idea of the heroes being npc. just gives you a sense of being a cog, or a gear of war if you will.
there are plenty of sw  games where ur the hero. i like being one of many.


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props to the person that said baron fel, he is a pimp. hes basically the brad pitt of starwars.