BobaFett243 wrote:

4 - lom probably i think that he wouldnt be killed for some reason probably because he is an robot and when he sences trouble he would probabaly get out

im a big 4-lom fan, but i think fett blew his face off in "shadows...".
perhaps they rebuilt him though...

Sev Fett wrote:

I don't think Dengar reached retirement age, if you believe comics are canon.  Mara Jade killed him, but I have a hunch it was an impersonator....

what comic/novel did jade kill dengar/imposter in?

i think greedo would probably make it...oh wait, ive just been notified that greedo was shot.
i will say, boushh-the guy that captured chewie..."the black sun" did what to him? ok.
then im going with jodo kast, i mean who could have any problem with him?


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the go-to armor...:P


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very nice work corran, and i checked ur deviant site. mad props.
and ur right "children of men" was a great movie.

thanks for the pointers on color.

IG-88 wrote:

Where does it say anything about Children of men?

on corrans deviant art profile-his favorite movie list.


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oh, i gotta question- if anybody is familar with paint, can you tell me why i cant add color to a black and white
sketch? im at wits end...which means its fairly obvious. thanks

i realize this is spam...dont drop the hammer on me draco.


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fett3393 wrote:
BalanceSheet wrote:
draco fett wrote:

Bossk is still alive.

Last I heard, he was aboard the Jubilee Wheel when the Vong destroyed it.

What!? Jubilee wheel, never heard of it, it must be in NJO man, I gotta start reading them

im willing to buy some sort of explanation, if you have one. but it doesnt get more cannon then the movies.
and plainly bossk is on the skiff...if memory serves it was blown away.

dengar is in the scene where everyone is heading for the door with luke and friends to sarlacc, but isnt seen on the skiff so ill give him a bit of wiggle room.

drop some knowledge on me.


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i met bullock at a night club, he was wearing a pink shirt...a little part of me dead inside.


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heck, mickey mouse was like third in the voting on an election in the seventies...why not.
he might get sandbagged by his shady relationships with twilek dancers though,
that wont fly in the bible belt. tongue


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i like the use of color, and the armor is dope...
keep it up stargazer.


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a frame from a boba comic that im working on...

a sketch of a young dengar and a IG unit with some nunchucks...thats right, what you gonna tell
a robot what he can do?

These guys(zuckuss, 4-lom) define unheralded.
always been sleeper favorites of mine.

Ursula wrote:

Zuckuss. I dig the way he's this freaky looking mystic amonia breathing guy. Much better than Bosk in his County Jail Orange jump suit and no opposable thumbs.

word, "No apposable thumbs", comedy. i never liked that lizard either.


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Sev Fett wrote:
cujo wrote:

why isnt "clone wars" canon? im not here to argue it is, but like stated previously lucas had it made to lead up to episdode 3, not like some comic stories that take liberties with the license.

for example: ig88 clowning the emperor in "tales of the bounty hunters".  just curious if you knew something i didn't.

I saw something during that show and it really contradicted what was going on in the Movies.  I can't quite remember what it was though.  And the episode where Mace literally takes out an entire droid army on Dantooine half the time without a lightsaber was really pushing it.

i think i've seen that as well. and mace literally force shovelling an army of droids seems excessive, at least in the movies nobody jumped out of a speeder miles in the air and in a free fall- time a landing on another moving speeder...oh wait.

in short, jedis powers seem to be exponential as the series moves forward. for further examples of this see-
next years "force unleashed" video game. its obvious that jedi powers have come along way since a geratric obi and aging vader faced each other on the deathstar.

...but i kinda agree. if its not on celluloid, its not cannon. id bet lucas hasnt read a fraction of the star-wars literature. he is probably too busy counting money. tongue


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i'm a fan from way back so its easy to say boba, but each has their drawbacks.
jango probably farmed out his work because he was too busy to do every job. and you saw what happened when that shapeshifter failed him. jango seemed too cavalier for me walking around with his helmet off...and dropping into a fray of go-bots and jedi.
boba, from what we have seen soaked up what his father taught him, and obviously became quite notorious, boba is just "the man", jango the afterthought. aware that im headed off topic...

Sev Fett wrote:

I don't think clone wars is canon.

draco fett wrote:

It isn't.

why isnt "clone wars" canon? im not here to argue it is, but like stated previously lucas had it made to lead up to episdode 3, not like some comic stories that take liberties with the license.

for example: ig88 clowning the emperor in "tales of the bounty hunters".  just curious if you knew something i didn't.


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i have another boba armor related inquiry...does he the same gauntlets as jango.
more specifically-does he have that blade that comes out of them?, as seen in the obi fight.

word, im not sure why but that montage makes me laugh too.
very cool. but ur right, spidey looks to be on some suppliments in that picture...
at anyrate, one of the craziest cross-overs ive ever seen.


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Ruusaan wrote:

*newbie pokes her head into the thread* I've not done much yet, but here's what I've got so far.

Lady Mando

Obviously based off Tom Hodges' amazing work.

~*Ruusaan <><

nice work with the colored pencils.


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a defender 90. it has to be beat up, dirty but still the coolest ride around.


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"empire" all the way, old voice. boba stole every scene.


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i am 30.


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yeah, i dont mean to sound ignorant, but how do you make an avatar?


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borat voice "nnnice".


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gears of war...


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"noit of this earth"? obscure much? im gonna have to imdb that one...


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thank you. i kinda over killed with detail, something im trying to scale back.


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fett is an intergalactic player. high-end palace dancers, multipule child support payments, which is why he never retired by the way. boba has about as much game as anyone with the ladies...well not as much as lando or baron fel but serious game. tongue
I'm sure what ever women he had-he kept on the low, so his enemies wouldnt use them as leverage against him.

bossk is a freak lizard with a great deal more strength than a human, wookies and trandoshians(not sure on spelling) are an even match. boba is a quick thinker, and will outsmart most opponents, jango is a bit more reckless, but anybody who can hold there own against obi, is a force to be reckoned with.