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nice, whats the background image?

im going to look the other way...happy new years folks.
be safe, have fun all.



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but of course, brutal violence- rooted in reality.  nice opera house scene.  oddly no sex- in a bond movie go figure.
solid writing if not too smug for its own good.

oh wait u wanted an opinion? tongue

BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

ya i liked 100% of the characters they listed, dont really agree that he's #1 tho

i too thought most of their picks were pretty solid- though i didnt really think "durden" was as that iconic.  but then again im not too familiar w/ empire magazine.  IMO boba is far more of a pop culture icon than most out there- ten minutes of on screen time...a legend born.


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"churlish"...always confuses people u r arguing with tongue


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truely sorry Mel. please keep us posted.

79...shoulda been higher but- oh well.

funny dude, awesome shirt.

block the exits- hes trapped now tongue

welcome aboard.


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ARC Fett wrote:

I got a job on sunday working at the Old Spaghetti Factory as a buser smile

pesto salad dressing FTW.

i have a green boba fett shirt and everytime i wear it, at least one person comments....positively smile
its quite the conversation starter.

dvr set...should be fun.


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"ground walkerrrrrr!" yeah im down w/ gears2. if u own a 360- its a must.
my gamertag can be found if one is so compelled.

a historic day, and hopefully a time of change and getting our troops home.


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pics? i would like to see a dog named "at-at"
and perhaps a chicken named "at-st".

dropping a fett reference is instant street cred for nerds. yet another reason "news radio" was a good show.
i second the RIP for Hartman.


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perhaps he was referring to martyrdom, or his death empowering luke.  or just the fact he could be a ghost and scare people at halloween tongue

ee-3 wrote:

Oops I put serious instead of series Sorry I was Excited sad

hey EE-3 welcome to the site, i wanted to give you a heads up about the edit button,
that way you can amend any misspelled words etc.

good to have you here smile


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why would they make an MMO, they already have a starwars MMO and its a fail.  give us KOTOR 3.

cOLD in here!

i thought i was a student of star wars...apparently i am a mere dabbler. this blog/ article has a stooopid amount of info i never even caught- most cantina related. enjoy.



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Commander Appo wrote:

Wow......Draco spelled "Siteings" wrong....

no worries, BFFC-Cujo is looking out smile

on the topic, fett seems to be referenced more than any other single fictional character.
the cartoon references alone (ala simpsons) are staggering.


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alot of borders or barnes and nobles books stores have this comic, at least alot that i visit.

i thought the first 2 episodes of "clone wars were fun. they r aimed for a younger demo,
but i like the band of brothers approach to the clone troops. and the opening being similar to an older world war
propaganda film is tight.
i agree that the continuing angle of having the droid army as comic relief is dumb- but if thats the worst i think we r in for a pretty entertaining show.

dont forget the TV show starts oct 3 930pm est or check ur tv guide- on cartoon network.
at anyrate this is a heads up- set the tivo.

if you dont know, now u know.

might as well add this- more fett love.