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it's 4 days late but happy May the 4th

cool stuff, cool stuff


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yeah, Fett has retractable spike boots, rocket knee pad darts, lots of sensors indicating where Kakarot will be coming up, and he could probably just build a new device to give him a sheild around his armor kind of like Goku's super saiyin aura, or maybe even stronger.


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yeah now that I think real hard Cakarot would probably win unless Boba like always came up with some way of killing him so... I'll remain neutral on this one.

(( sorry i havnt been on I just forgot to log out))


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my freind and I got into an argument over who would win between Boba Fett and Goku from DBZ, so I think Boba will win, what about you guys?

some sort of an exotic car i would think then he would just tune it to his liking


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"Yeah, I'll be there" Brassk told Anbu in his com.
"sorry if I'm late I had trouble finding the dock" Brassk told Anbu upon his arrival.


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the only that I didn't like was they never showed Blackheart or Mephisto in full Demon form. But Fantastic Four 2 looks awesome.

I don't know probably some sort of war game like Tom Clancy's ghost recon advanced warfighter 2 looks good I'd bet he'd like call of duty 3 as well.


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draco fett wrote:

The number twenty-three appeares massivly throught history. There is no known reason.

weird, like what?

here's a thread where you can post your very first Star Wars art and get tips from other members. I'll try to get mine on here but the scanners not working so you guys can post for now. Hope to see some cool stuff.

Boba would make it look like he sucked compared to Revan and then wam! down goes Revan. That is after all what Boba is best at.

I don'y know that's a tuff one. I vote Boba Fett.

My heart says go for Boba but my mind says Anakin is the better pilot. So, even though I want Boba to win Anakin would still beat him.


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thx, I must've missed it.


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What? I where do you change that stuff?

Jacsveus wrote:
Thylacine wrote:

The first time I saw ANH was when the Special Editions came out in theaters.

Me too.

I too saw the special edition ANH when it came to theaters. My dad started me on Star Wars with that movie even though I don't remember it at all, guess something as good as SW just sticks to ya whether you remember it or not


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I saw that episode, i used to watch that show every saturday morning on jetix

definately the mandalorian crusaders


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cool yours is definately 10/10


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what about my Avatar? by the way I love yours Mandalorian Assassin


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Gustavo_Perez wrote:

My favorite Mandalore is Jango Fett.

he was never Mandalore


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I mean I sent you a message it's highlighted in yellow at the top of the message boards page uderneath profile home messages etc...


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dude green read my message and reply it has nothing to do with you spamming or anything(sorry off topic)


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what's after Journeyman Protecter?