Mine are...
!. boba fett
2. han solo
3. obiwan kenobi
4. dark tyrannus/ count dooku(sp?)
5. R2-d2
6. Dex (obiwan's friend)
7. lando
8. grand moff tarkin
9.princess leia
10. jar jar

lol, some off them are really dumb, unimportant characters, but hey, they have to be somebody's favourite.


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My favourite jedi through thick and thin was always Obi Wan Kenobi, and my fav. sith, Dark Tyrannus/Count Dooku


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I think...................... dooku! he's got that old fencing stile and...um he's older which seems to be a bonus for a jedi ...atleast until you get to be about 700. anyway, dooku kicks butt, sith all seem to be better than jedi... besides the jedi like... let themselves be beaten. Luke skywalker is the only jedi that kicks any sith butt, except anikin, but he was practically on the dark side anyway


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maybe,  Boba was veiwed as an expendable character who merly gets han solo from point A to pointB, and then when the fans got into this whole cult bit, lucas beleived he owed it to them to put more of boba and jango in, but didn't want to make their parts so powerfulthat it upstaged the real message of the prequals

ya.... come to think of it I did.....maybe he was just goin for the evil, sort of "hissing" accent.:/

hmmmm................. metallica and zztop, and maybe "welcome to the black parade" by my chemical romance.

hey so people..... well I was really bored and I was thinkin and suddenly randomly and i don't know why cause...blah blah blah ok to the point theres this movie called..umm "a tall tale " I think and the main guy...um sorry it been some time since i watched this, I think he was peglass bill or somthing like that and he was a western gunslinger guy and his standard was that he never killed on sunday and he just shot peoples trigger fingers off,(lol) but any way Boba Fett isn't christian, but do you think there is a day that for whatever reason that boba fett doesn't bounty hunt or doesn't kill or just you know takes a day off? hmm  I don't really think he's to religous to anything but being a mando....is there a day that mandos take off....not sure it hasn't said anything in any book i've read...but i haven't read a ton of those books either.

my cpu is all boba fett.. you know pics vids, sites.
I have a drawing of him in my room...
I write fanfic (well on the computer again)
I... replay star wars scenes or imagine my own with him in them when im bored(alot)
I read books on him
I draw him(home...anywhere else)
Think of things he said or his standards and morals when i need motivation
watch star wars!(my fav episodes have him)
go on and on about him and annoy my friends  smile
wear my fav pants that remind me of him... hey they're cargo pants and they've got
always stop at the star wars section when i shop!
so ya see im a total boba fett freak.... and it looks good on me too!

ok part three,

                                   Chapter 3

Saf spun around quick and watched, registering every movement of the small starfighter, as it landed over the hill in the village Boba and jango had been in the day before. It's small engines blazed against the pink and yellow morning sky. "There'll be more of those" She mummbled, gritting her teeth. "What?" Boba asked jumping to her side, he two had been studing the small star fighter, but couldn't quite recognize it from there distance. "Small jedi star fighter, no hyperdrive, that means there's a capital ship up there somewhere, R3 droid..."
She paused, "guns instead of navigation... these jedi mean buisness" Boba frowned, she must have had better vision than him, and she knew her mechanics, how interesting that someone considerably young knew so much. "think we'd better hide, unless you think they'll help you. Chances are thats not gonna happen, beleive me...I know alot about jedi"
"How many you think they are?"Asked Boba, he didn't want confrontations, his father didn't like jedi, so he didn't either. "Force says twenty of so" Saf replied biting her lip. "thats a-alot, especially for jedi" Boba looked up and then turned back to Saf "force?"
"Ya I'm force sensitive" Boba frowned "doesn't that make you a jedi?"  Saf shook her head,"nope, to many rules for being a jedi, you have to be force sensitive to be a jedi, but not all force sensitive people are jedi, I hate jedi, they killed my parents and tried to force there stupid code upon me" Boba nodded "My father hates jedi, so I hate jedi" Saf lifted on eyebrow ,father? He had admited he was a clone, but how interesting that he should have, a father.
  "where do we go?" he asked trying to get an idea of where they were. Saf looked around " um...well lets see, they never send more than two after me, and they probably aren't after you, so if we just walk far enough in one direction, we should be fine." Boba nodded and Saf began a more hurried clensing of the camp area.
  "I hat jedi, they're always getting in the way, thats what my father says"
"some of them aren't that bad, atleast when they aren't going on about the code or trying to arest you, it all realy depends on what your doing when you meet one"
She began walking in a odd diagonall direction, like she was content just wandering off with no particular way at all."Come on, I'll take you to my ship and you can contact your father, its this way... I think" she spoke with content and happily kept wandering along. Boba caught up to her "Why would you walk in such a random direction?" he asked, not understanding Saf quite as much as he thought he should. "because i saw...well heard that explosion and I was pretty sure that anyone would be over here instead of where I was".
    They walked along a while, with very little conversation, Boba saw no ship "Where is it?" He asked frantically looking around."you know" began saf "people don't think I'm very smart and it always comes back and gets them, they just don't see it comin, I mean me being smart and all" Boba stared as she jerked left all of a sudden, and momentarilly was face flat against what felt like metal, but could not be seen. Saf laughed histericaly and dug into her pocket, an instant later a starship was visible in front of him."welcome" said Saf "to the Star Avenger"

ok thats c3 for now, next time you'll hear about the ship.


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Sigh, all my fav people are dying... and they're dying in lame, lame ways. We need to add more action to death here people... it is my best opinion that movie characters, and especially good ones should not just "pass away" no! they need glorious, dramatic, action filled, valient deaths , which include them doing acts of ,good/evil or whatever makes them who they are. Just getting old and sick makes for a lame fictional demise.

with all due respect, that would be weird! He'd proly never say a word to you and somthing tells me unless you were a little kid, (Boba seems to have a soft spott for kids) And you were really counting on him being there, he probably wouldn'y even show up to a familly reunion, it would be cool though, cause you probably wouldn't be able to tell anyone yo were realated and you'd get to be all secrative about it. Oh and he'd be fun to annoy... until he shot you...

Probably the first random thing that came to mind....somthing like...oh, I know I'd ask him to listen to pink floyd with me!or to define the word insane or ... I KNOW.. I'd ask if he wanted to watch star wars with me!  But in all honesty if Boba Fett showed up at my house I might just be smart enough to let him ask the questions.

How about a lightsaber proof gun.... or maybe a bigger wallet

ok so this is chapter two, enjoy

                                      CHAPTER 2

          The figure sat looking at the strange little boy whom she'd met, he sat sleeping contently under a woolen blanket, one that had come from her homeworld it was the softest, warmest one.
      She pullled her rough quilt closer around her shoulders and pulled up the hood on her cloak, leaning back against the rock behind her to study the boy. He looked like one of the clones she'd seen on kamino, but no clones should be this far out,not if the city buzz was true and it was an army for the republic. The republic didn't even go as far out as kamino. She sighed, She knew to much, to much about the republic, to much about the outer rim, to much about what was going on. Imediatly cancelling the subject, she turned her thoughts back to the boy.
   He was a clone, but not one of the trained ones, or he wouldn't be out here and he wouldn't need her help. He must have been ten or so, but no one who wasn't in  a situation of emergency left there ten year old here. Nobody in there right mind anyway and he wasn't a local, they were dead. She put her head in her hand to think and let herself become calm,seeking guidance from the force.
      Boba's eyes opened slowly, the stinging  gone, his head still hurt, but not as much and he was astounded by the intense warmth around him, he couldd feel the fur across his neck. He sat up, the intense pain in his shoulder makeing the task uneasy, it had been bandaged an some sort of slimy ointment covered his fingers when he touched the bandage. He remembered suddenly he wasn't alone, the person whom he'd encountered before becoming unconcious was still here.
   "Pretty nasty little scratch you got there, it'll be ok"He spun round, his hand falling to his blaster, he took aim and fixed it with a stair. The figure paid him no head and turned to stir the bubbleing pot beside it, he had to admit it smelt lovely, with a warm exotic aroma that filled his nose and mouth.
"sleep good?" It asked, not turning away from what boba guessed was stew of some sort.
"depends" he answered"what time is it?" The humaniod form turned his way, hood still up  " defensive arent ya? It's almost dawn." It wasn't very light, but Boba could see no trace of a speeder or other mount. He lowered the blaster. "Why are you even up at this hour?" He asked, almost wanting to hear it talk again.
"I move on as soon as it gets light enough to see where I'm walking."
"You don't have a speeder or somthing?" Asked Boba suspiciously. "Nope, I prefer walking" It turned back to the soup, not even asking why he had a blaster or who he was. "What are you? Some kind of hermit or somthing?" The figure turned back to him. "You ask an awful lot of questions"  Boba had heard his father say that before and the tone had been quite the same. He put up the blaster once more. "I think your going to tell me who you are"
"Well," It said pullingg down its hood. "I'm Saf, and I'm here tracking somthing called the death watch" Boba put down his blaster. "The death watch?"
"yep, and I, must say I don't have the slightest clue who they are and if not for that i never would have found you" Boba digested what she'd said. "ANd may I ask your name?" Saf inquired. Boba studied her, she was not alot taller than he was and thin, but sturdy built, short fringy hair the colour of grapes, her eyes were dark. He thought they were green, but they were to dark to tell,She looked vaguely human, excet for her pointed ears , and the way she moved. "Why don't you just ask me my name?" He asked making a face, "Why may you?"
"Because I've met a great many different people and I've learned that a great many of them don't like to tell me there names" Boba thought about this. "I'm Boba" He stated, not giving his last name incase she may have heard of jango. "Do you live hear?" He asked, trying to decipher where they were and where she had come from. "Nope,"answered Saf "I landed here yestarday, my ship is about half an hours walk away. "
  She laddelled some stew into a bowl and held it in his direction."Hungry?" Boba wasn't sure if he could trust it or not, but his throught was so dry and his instinct was telling him to trust Saf, so he accepted."Thank-you"
"No problem" She sat across from him, cross legged, Boba wasn't sure if she was coreillian or not, she sure did sound like it. "What brings you out here kid?" She asked sipping the broth from her bowl. "I got separated from my dad... we were here looking for something"
"I see, hmmm, how do you spose your going to get back to your father?"
"he'll come back for me, he wouldn't leave me here" Insisted Boba
"good, then we'll wait here" She said sounding so sure of her self. 
   "What exactly are you?" He asked, his father said he should learn somthing about and from everyone he met, and he wanted to know more about this strange race so he could study it.
"Now, thats a good question" Saf said thoughfully. "I was under the impression that you were from corellia when you first spoke" Admited Boba, "but you don't look it"
  "Part corellian" Admited Saf "part kendonesian" Boba frowned in disbelief "they were all killed"
   "all but one" smiled saf,  "and what, are you?" Boba scrammbled for an answer that wouldn't give him away, but it was only fair he be truthful. "A clone"  he sighed.
  "thought so" She exclaimed seaming pleased with herself. " then you must be about ten, your not a normall clone"
   "how did you know" frowned boba "because if you were a normall clone you would be in kamino doing drills, not here" Boba pondered this, it was true. "and your how old? You know an awful lot!" he said rather defensivly.
"thirteen"Stated saf happily finishing her stew, "I've had it rough, but I been alot o' places" Boba stared in disbelief. "been on the road since i was 8"
  "you had no parents?" asked Boba sadly "none" she answered "but i got a tone of friends"  Friends, boba had always wanted friends.
Saf began to pack up her camp, "What are you going to do?" asked Boba, he wanted to know more. "I'll leave as soon as this father of yours comes"
Boba watched her, her motions were fluent yet solid and rugged, he'd red fluent motion was very scarce as far as kendonesians went.
His thoughts were interupted by the landing of a star fighter in the distance.

ok I think thats long enough for now- chapter 3 is comin soon

thanks- I'll try that

wow! those are some really awsome drawings big_smile


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sounds like a pretty acurate guess...Hmmmm I wonder if the skywalker family and all its relations will ever figure out that they're all destine to become evil....and maybethey should leave the force alone...:P

ok well I'm sorta new to this whole fanfiction  bit but I do write so heres goes nothing..... (ps: any feed back on this and wether it should continue is greatly appreticated.             

                                            CHAPTER 1

    A young Boba Fett stood beside his father Jango, eyeing the village nervously. He was only nine, but his father had brought him along on a hunt, he had been excited at first and still quivered with energy as they stood amidst the small gathering of seemingly deserted straw huts. They hadn't seen anyone for an hour and Jango seemed on edge that's what made boba nervous. Not only as a perfect replica of Jango , but as son did Boba know that when his father was nervous he ought to be nervous too and probably even had the right to be scared. But he refused to look frightened in the eyes of his father, as a bounty hunter's son he could show no fear. Jango pressed a button on his gauntlet and the mechanics in his helmet flashed to life,"no one here" he said into the com, "they're there" said a grisly voice on the otherside "and remember...DEAD!" the words chilled Boba adding to the wipping winter wind across his face, his father didn't usually take bountys concerning killing people, it was above Jango Fett. Boba still found it interesting, he had been told nothing, nothing except that for his safety he had to come along...."the death watch" stated Jango uneasily "I knew it" a starship and then another and another landed just behond a ridge and out of their veiw and warriors doning the same armour a his father climbed out and began firering from the hill. Boba got caught in the excitment and drew up his blaster from near his hip, copying his fathers actions , he fired ,but missed "Boba get behind me!" Boba took another shot and started to move, but he was obviously being to slow for jango's taste. His father shoved him back. Dodging between the huts they took down the four warriors and though Boba only provided distraction he felt proud to be somewhere so dangerous. "we're going to need to leave" his father hurriedly ordered "why whats wrong?" asked Boba unable to understand, they had just won. Hadn't they? "It's just as I suspected, the deathwatch wants me outa the picture" Boba gasped."I was hired to kill a man who inturn has been hired to kill me, someones playing jokes and I don't like it" Boba looked frantically up to his father, the mighty jango fett, best bounty hunter ever, chosen template for an entire clone army and he had a price on his head? "No" he breathed stepping back"no...it's not true" His father turned to him"it is son, and your going to have to be very careful, don't get caught anywhere without me around" Boba nodded, shifting uneasily, maybe dangerous situations weren't always somting to be proud of. "Quick back to the ship, we have some questions to answer" Boba on his fathers comand started back as obdiantly as if he were one of the thousands of altered and trained clone troopers that were brought into being along with him.
       slave 1 waited behind some brush, the modified firespray class sat menacinling under the cloud cover, not even the imperials messed with slave 1. Boba started for the ramp only for  his path to be crossed with laser fire. "Boba into the trees!" yelled Jango from somwhere behind him. Boba ran as fast as he could thick intto the tangle of furs. An explosion lit up the ground behind him and he was thrown to his knees, he got up twisting his right ankle and took off again. He ran on, explosions seemed to burst from everyspcae availible, this must be a motions sensor mine trap, thought Boba, the forest blazed and smoke stung his lungs and eyes, he grew light headed. A sudden snap caught him off gaurd and he was hit with a burning branch, it caught his shoulder and nearly took him down, just as he caught sight of the end of the dense forest. Oh, he though I'm gonna die... he tried not to cry, he'd disappointed his dad. He couldn't, his coat caught fire and tha warm fur spread the small blaze quickly, Boba jumped and dove off a hill of snow rolling down to a heap in the bottom. His shoulder numbed with cold and pain his eyes stung, blurring with tears, he fough out of his smoldering soggy coat. Now he was cold and his throught dry, his head light from smoke inhalation. Somwhere in his ming he regstered the unike sound of Slave 1's engines "now I'm alone" he muttered,"atleast I'm alive " The wound on his shoulder started throbbing soon after and he weezed with every breath, he ad a bad head ache he felt dizzy and he was cold. His vision got darker until everything appeared in fuzzy blurs and the sun set, He would be eaten after dark, he knew it, who knew what kind of monsters lurked in this god forsaken place. A Dark human shaped blur appeared infront of him he curled up afraid, but couldn't hold the fear, he just wanted help. "Hello there" Exclaimed a voice that could have been female or belonging to younger boy or off course of some other species. "help, burnt, cold" Boba managed to utter helplessly."Well I might think so" It said, obviously female if human at all. "here' it moved, boba felt threatened at first and curlud defensivly, but a strong warmth closed around him and unconciousness took him.I must be dead he though, but he slept easy know some how that he wasn't.

ok I'm gonna have to cut you off there people, but have no fear its just cause meeting a new chaacter deserves a fresh chapter.

true and it does add a bit of humour

ok im sure this has been posted but, why the heck does boba fett yell like that when his jetpack get hit... i mean shouldn'  he be takeing death in a ...respectable way he is boba fett....i believe that moment just  that scene of the movie for anyone who is a fan of boba fett or starwars for that matter

maybe he was proving himself brave by jumpin into the battle  .....you think he would have learned about that from his fatheras death..... or maybe hes not the type to stand around when stuffs goin on and we all do remember that darth vader wanted luke captured so he couldd be turned...maybe fett was gettin in the chance at a reward

Even the best miss somtimes.........

.....Makes it more interesting! just think....maybe its supossed to haunt you! wink

he doesn't say much......and how he never takes off that armour on screen after attack of the clones!


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I've done quite a bit of research on boba fett and there are quites a few different oppinions on select stages of his life, but one that puzzles me....this website says that boba fett infact had alot of the nerves that feel pain removed from his body...
hardcore! a little to hardcore for starwars? i don't doubt this sites history page but i've never heard that anywhere else. It's proly true but man, that is heavy! any opinions? hmm