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cujo wrote:

didnt dengar die on the sail barge with bossk?

Dengar wash punished by jabba by being strapped right next to the sarlacc

before any of u ask, dengar was thinking of getting a bounty placed o jabba by another hutt

Boba killed bossk *i think* ................................

Why can't we?

someone should start a website called 'ask lucas' where u can ask george lucas about the films and stuff


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Sev Fett wrote:

I haven't read Jawas of Doom but on wikipedia it says he was saved by the Jawas, then he got on the sandcrawler somehow met Han, battle ensued, after fighting Han  the sandcrawler fell into the sarlacc and then you get the Tales from Jabba's palace one which i have read, then Dengar rescues him.  I was confused on this issue for a bit as well.

Never, EVER trust wikis!!

I've thought  that the whole world is out to get me plenty of times, i am an outlaw, like solo, he is the only good guy i like for that very reason.


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True Warrior wrote:

Actually, I prefer Tomboys over Valleygirls.......They're REALLY anoying, and sometimes really mean to poeple. mad

True Warrior {MW}

funny u should mension that, true warrior, cuz i'm just starting up a relationship with a tomboy, even though i'm 10, i still think seh's the best girl that ever lived, espacially since i hav hardly any friends.

none quote about it being last year cuz i only jus red it


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you seem to like saying whatnot, but i think it's a good idea: there could be a little entrance into the cockpit with an, as u sed, clubhouse inside; then like, monkey bars on the underside of the nose type thing. there could be a slide on top of the wings, there could be netting going down the side. thats all i have for now. peace out

slave 4 looks pretty much like the slave 1, and it seems that three of boba's ships were police enforcement ships, that is, if the slave 4 is a firespray


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i did say : i don't know if this has been said before but .....


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I don't know if this has been said before, but Boba is not evil, he's just ' a bounty hunting man trying to make his way in the galaxy' but got tangled up in the empire


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ok then


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your welcome Gustavo


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Yes on wookiepedia * not again!* Jango has a grapling hook attachment and a rocket launcher attachment

The Mitrinomon Z-6 was a more common model of jetpack used by the Mandalorians. Many famous Mandalorians used this type of jetpack, including Jango Fett and Boba Fett. The jetpack included a targeting computer, flight gyros, and a missile/grapple launcher.

Oddly enough, both Jango and Boba were thwarted by their jetpacks: while fighting Obi-Wan Kenobi on Kamino, Jango's jetpack detached itself and flew out of control, exploding against a column. Also during Jango's final battle, it was the malfunction of his jetpack that ultimately resulted in his death. Likewise, while battling Luke Skywalker over the Pit of Carkoon, Boba's jetpack was accidentally activated by Han Solo, launching him into the side of Jabba's sail barge and into the Sarlacc.

draco, didn't you say wikis were not trustworthy, then you go and show us pictures you got from wookiepedia.

Jango is in every way worthy to be a fett, it's just Boba has surpassed him in greatness, and Jango should have died a sort of.. complex way instead of simply having his head cut off   ^   ^                                                                                                               
                                        \__/ oh and  fetterthanu While boba fired at Luke, in his obsession with killing the Jedi, he failed to notice Solo. Solo, still semi-blind from hibernation sickness, accidentally activated Fett's manual controls on his jet pack by waving a staff wildly behind him, rocketing the hunter against the sail barge and bouncing down to the sand, rolling right into the waiting maw of the Sarlacc.

http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Boba_Fet … n_Tatooine

Boba_Fett wrote:

IG-88 is a set of five identical robots which massacred their constructors.

*4* ig-88 put his plans in 3 other models and freed an ig-72 model


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fett3393 wrote:

It has nothing to do with Jango's helmet cuz we allready decided Boba wears Jaster's armor.

wookiepedia said that boba had at least three sets of armour, repainted jango's, possibly jaster's cuz all mandalorian armour has that symbol and one of his own.


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jango could have got his dent from kaminoe,  just as he went into the slave 1 the door closes and you hear a metal on metal clang


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jango fett got one i think from bing trampled by the reek, and boba did repaint jango's armour, either that or it is usual in mandalorian armour.

here is a pic of jango's dent:    http://www.cyberzeus.com/swdesktop/wall … linger.jpg


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i wasn't provoking him i was simply jus stating a fact


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he probably wore a tux and painted his helmet black and white like his tux


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i seem 2 b doing a lot of double posting now don't i draco


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durge is a crap guy with a crap weapon on a crap speeder, even jango is better


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no mace windu dropped his saber, jango dived,the reek stamped, the jetpack failed,windu reacted, jango died, end of story


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nicely put, and thanks


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jango is an idiot it was his own idiocy that killed him, he jumped for mace windu's saber,letting the reek stamp on him,causing his jets to fail, letting windu cut off his head


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and sandtrooper armour