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Humorbot5 wrote:

Yes its a total Sausage-Fest....

Lol, why yes it is.

Contrary to popular belief I am actually female.

I saw parts of Return of the Jedi when I was really little, but I didn't see the whole trilogy until I was 10 (the special editions)


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I can't stand Padme, or Anakin for that matter. God, what a bunch of whiney idiots.


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Whoa...this is definitely all news to me.

I completely agree with Miba...not only would Fett not walk out on his family, he'd probably go to great lengths just to avoid having a family.

Has anyone considered the idea that maybe Boba Fett wouldn't unmask because he feels the mask IS his face?

(I mean, he's said that in TEOD, after all)

He can't rely on his own face to shape his identity because it's not unique to him and his father anymore--everyone has his face, so he needs a new one. One that only his father could have shared.

Beskaryc Beroya wrote:

and WHY would he stop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?   Fett isn't a girl..

Hey dude, even manly men need new bedsheets once in a while tongue No one said he HAD to stop by the scented bath beads or anything.

Me, I think Boba Fett makes regular rounds to the Sanrio store. Gotta love those Hello Kitty notepads....

BalanceSheet wrote:

Instead of bending, they apparently stretch out with each step...that's how my 12" IG works.  Must look somewhat ridiculous.

Lol, that does sound kind of funny. How does that get him foward, though? Does he do that side to side wobbling thing that R2 does sometimes?

Well, I did call it "The Boba Book of Fett Functions" lol. Although, yeah, all but a few people in my class knew who that was.

I like Jango Fett, but I can't say he could really compare to his son. Jango Fett has a certain humanity in him, one that can be reflected in his desire to have a son. I don't really think anyone could say the same for Boba Fett.

It's sort of like comparing apples and oranges, really. Both essentially the same thing (bounty hunters) but different types all together.

And the question about asking whether Jango is "Fett" material begs the question--is Jango not Fett-material by Boba's standards because we knew about Boba first, or does Boba fail to classify as a Fett because Jango having come first would define what a "Fett" is?

(Personally Boba Fett remains the One and the original to me, but I just wondered what everyone else thought).

Darth Maul Clone wrote:

It's not about mercy Eric...I would say it is the chance to prove yourself when the other opponent is at his best potential.Only then can you understand your true power.

DM Clone, I think this is more about Eric's desire to destroy planets and less about his combat ethics tongue

Also, has anyone mentioned Han Solo's trusty DL-44??

(sorry if I'm bringing up an "old" topic...it's new to me tongue)

What I found bizarre about the beginning of Ep III was all those exchanges between Obi-Wan and Anakin, where they use those little signals like the kinds baseball players use...that was just...strange for George Lucas.


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IG-88 wrote:

Make homwork !!!! so you want Boba Fett to make homwork for you lol. You mean do ur homework.

Oh, no, I think he actually wants Boba Fett to set assignments and grade his papers and so on tongue While on the topic, I once wrote a children's book as a project for Pre-Calc in high school. Guess what the theme was? tongue All the colored construction paper pages were shaped like a familiar helmet....

I should make myself, you know, a Boba Fett-related avatar...

Complex Hunter wrote:

Add Boba Fett in it.

Agreed. Every game should have Boba Fett in it tongue

Or there should at least be a game that's all Boba, all the time! big_smile

Wow, I never saw that SuperShadow thing before. That guy's full of crap.


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I'm late, but...good job, Dae. I like drawing...too. ._.


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My favorite part is definitely the stink lines.


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I like Beck?

Eh, Green Day used to be good back in the day. Back in the early to mid 90s, they were fun. But now Billy Joe's just a fatty with too much eyeliner and a dumb hairstyle.


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THE FLASH wrote:

deadpool looks pretty cool, reminds me alot of deadshot(i think that is his name) from DC though!

That's because Rob Liefield (creator of Cable and Deadpool) copied him right off Deadshot tongue

But yes. My favorite DC/Marvel superheroes would definitely be the Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Captain America, Magneto, Catwoman, and--of course--Superman and Batman.

Other than that, I love the Samaritan and the Confessor from Kurt Busiek's Astro City, and The Great Machine from the comic series Ex Machina.


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You know, according to that Wiki list, there's a planet that shares my surname! yikes Shocking!

But yeah. I usually stick to relatively known planets, mostly because I figure I might as well put my character on a more populated planet, right? My RPG character's an Elomin, but he's from Ord Mantell, mostly because I figured he probably wouldn't have become a bounty hunter if he had grown up around the culture in Elom.


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Ursula wrote:

The DH cotninually teases me by making up words and telling me he's speaking Mando'a. He likes to do this in public places, like the mall and Chili's. (And he's 42!!!) So I figure I'm at least getting some entertainment value out of the whole experience.

That's awesome, lol. Maybe soon we will see weddings conducted in Mando'a? tongue Whatever the case, this is news to me...

Yeah, I used to be really into Star Wars books when I was like, in middle school and the beginning of high school. While I don't have as many of them as most of you guys do, they make up a good portion of my book collection in general. I have the Han Solo Trilogy, the Mandalorian Trilogu (of course), a few miscellaneous EU titles, and all the NJO books until Star by Star, when I stopped reading the arc after Anakin Solo's untimely death (I'm not really a big fan of Jacen or Jaina...). I have a whole bunch of Essential Guides and stuff, but my favorite reference book is probably the Wildlife of Star Wars. Even after I lost interest in Star Wars books, I bought this because it was just so beautiful and interesting.

But yeah, a few weeks I bought the first Dark Nest book after coming across some good reviews. I've been reading it little by little, and I like it so far....


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The Bounty Hunter's Guild: Serious about your love for Boba Fett's lifestyle? Or, rather, are you just an excellent RPG writer and would love to commune with other geeks of your kind? Then join the BHG! It's where I spend a lot of time these days--well, when I don't have school, that is.

It's great to belong to such an organized RPG group, but I wouldn't suggest anyone join unless you're serious about commitment to the group. You have to actually take written tests on relevant subjects in order to start RPGing, or rise in ranks. And you have to compete in arena matches where you have to plan how to take down another hunter in order to get credits, too. Yeah, it sounds kind of disturbingly involved, but it's really fun and amazingly organized. Not everyone there is a Fett fan, though, but hey--there's a drawing of him on the front page tongue

But yeah. other than that I frequent LiveJournal.com (where I am buddies with Miba!) and um, I dunno. Most of the other sites I frequent belong to friends of mine... I'd link to my web site, but it's currently dormant.

Yo, Cecilia!

My name's just a name I've had for a while, and my avatar is...Father Jack and his beloved puppy (which he uses to wipe his mouth) from the comedy Father Ted.