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Sarin Kerivor wrote:

Yeah. He's got a lot of models hanging up there by some fishing line, and one day we were snuggling and it just... went XD Quite funny, looking back on it. But the B-12 was so big it nearly killed me.

Awaa I think it was a wee bit jealous xD.

All i have is The Mandalorian Armor..... .___.;


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Ok....thats good x3 I might get it for Xbox .___.

or gamecube......whichever ones cheaper when i buy it used -.-;


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x3 Alright..... sounds convincing enough =3

I'll try to get it soon big_smile.....((hopefully))
Wait...what game systems can play it? ._.;

fairyblood wrote:

ESB, the guy in the hologram who was apparently being hit by an asteroid. ^_^

xD That made me laugh so hard. At first i was wondering what the heck happened....then i rewound it and was laughing my butt off.

xD That scream makes me laugh. I think they use the same scream in some of the LOTR movies. Cuz i remember i was drawing at my friends house and her lil cousins were watching...the second one.... and i herd that scream and i looked up and said "BOBA FETT?!" and was utterly dissapointed xD.

They changed'ed his voice? Was it in the newer ones...buh....um.....or am I just...lost......verymuchly....

I go to dances. People look at me and think i've never danced in mah LIFE. But oh...I dance.....I dance >3.

-cough- But thats besides the point.... Uh... If you really dont wanna go.... you shouldnt be forced to go. But it would be fun to go there and hang with your friends, =3 right? Thats what i used to do before i realized i could dance xD


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I are teh girl. =3 Or....so...i...hope .____.


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How is it?

Cuz i really wanna get it. But ONLY if it is a good game. I've bought a few games that stunk and regreted buying them ((like Shadow the Hedgehog)). So from fellow Boba fan's point of view's.....how is it =O


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Flame thrower..... Im a pyro I swear..... xD


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Thumb Wars. xD

Apparently my parents liked it so much... they decided to name our dog offa the Obi-wan thumb guy.... OObieDoob ScoobieDoobie Banoobie........ >.>; I really dont like that dog.....


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xD Lol. So it is. =3

Yeah. I had gotten my dad the Legos for xmas... cuz he was saying how you could kill JarJar.... so i wanted to get it for him. Then a few days after... i decided to play it cuz it looked...uh...'cute' xDD. Then i was HOOKED. I was playing from 10 in the morning to 12 at night!! Ive almost collected all the lego ship things ::evil laughter:: .....::stops:: Err..... sorry ._.;

Hey! x3 Your on Deviantart aint you? big_smile Its Kianton xD

I really and truely love your art =3. TIS SO SPIFFEH.

If yeh go to mah art site -points to signature- I have some Boba art there of him as a lil Kid <3.....somewhere.....


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"Dont you call me a mindless philiospher you overweight glob of grease!" xD C3PO Is funny. Most of my fav quotes from Star Wars come from him =3.


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Bah even though its past >.>; ... I recieved my Boba Fett OTC in the mail, and told the boy i like that i like him x33. Pretty good. Despite the only sugarfull thing i got was a pack of sweethart things ._.;


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14 neutral Sofar i'm the youngest.... wootness x3

Boba Fett OTC Figuriene and my Boba Fett pez dispenser x3


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Really! Thats so cool!! Its all because of Star Wars Legos that im in love with the Star Wars stories big_smile. I can't wait to play it x33.


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Battlefront2 is a great game. I Spend most of my video game time playing that....or Star Wars Legos x3.

Boba Fett might seem hard to use.... But once you get the hang of him its really simple.
If you go to 'Instant Action' then go to Mos Eisley, assult... You can play as all the main peoples. Its great practice.