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I seriously need to get those games.
I'm curious beyond belief, and I need more Star Wars games to play.
I'm gettin' antsy xD

Haha, mentioned this to my husband,
and about 5 minutes later, we ordered it on Amazon :]
Soooo lookin' forward to it!


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fairyblood wrote:

There's a Star Wars cookbook???? (Of course there is)

Theres actually some SWEET things in there.
http://www.amazon.com/Wookiee-Cookies-S … amp;sr=8-2
http://www.amazon.com/Star-Cookbook--Da … amp;sr=8-1
I'm so excited to star t'making some of the things here :]
I've needed a cookbook, and now I have these big_smile
I can now be an awesome housewife!!
I just need to find/make a star wars apron >:\ Hurm...


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Seriously! You remember me!?!?!?
I feel special :3
Got a Fett shirt, Usb flash drive, computer modem bobble head, lego keychain, Headphones, and the two star wars cookbooks big_smile
Hahah <3


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I haven't been on here for possibly years xD
Just got Boba stuff for xmas and I decided to check back in on this site.
big_smile  Yeaah.
That's where I've been!


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Me(clickie : 3)


Heres me with Boba on New Years Eve! : D In my usual obnoxious get-up :<
....Boba is missing alot of stuff on him.... I snuggled him to much and his antenna thing fell off D: M'bad


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...I'm envious D:

My collectionj is nothing compaired to these T___T; I can't get a picture now. But when I can I will......


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Right handed : D

Then maybe i'd try to learn how to use both hands.

It's really well made : D

N' it's one of the only interesting sites I can go to at school.... xD;

"So Zara....Your ship or mine? ;3"

....What. I can have a fangirl moment...can't I? xD

I 'unno... Mayber Burger King...the food seems healthier o__o;

But...Lol. I'd love to see fett pull into a drive through window with the Slave1 xDD lawlz.

....Snuggle buddy when I go to bed : 3

I loves my figure of him >w< I gots him with me now at school : D He's laying on the desk....I fink he's asleep o3o;

I'm carrying him around in my jacket thats tied around my waist xD And whenever someone points him out, I quickly pull him out and cling to him and pout like a little child claming, "My Boba Fett dolly." xDD I'm quite sure he hates that >___>;

My snuggling made his wookie braids fall apart and his little antenna thingy fall off : [[[

But he's still my special Buddy : D


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Neva' had one...Nn.... But ya' know, I don't exactly go to the best school in town : [ But yeah, I've had my scare of crushes.

I gots a somewhatbig one now.... >_> But thats not the point.


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I <3 Miyazaki. He makes awesome movies!! I saw Howls Movin Castle in the summer and i LOVED it ^^-


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A little bit after Xmas when i got obessed with Star Wars. I was watching the movies and saw him and i thought "OMG HE LOOKS SO COOL!!! <33" ^^- Forget how i learned about him ._.; But does it really matter? ^^;


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according to that im Elesp Kesar....

But i got Zara Orono offa a different one and i prefered that ;3


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The Yautja wrote:
Zara Orono wrote:

i highly dislike rap. ><;

Yep, Me too.  And country.  And classical.  And R&B.  And pretty much any mainstream band that is really popular with annoying preteens.

Yeh. Thing is....i go to a like...-BAD- school.....so people are always playing that music DDD: So i have to put up with it aLOT


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D: I got in trouble by my teacher cuz ah squealed out loud.

These are so CUTE! Ah want em'! -^^- But their hard to find i bet .______.;

-plus i'd never have enough monies.-


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Oi....um... I like a variety of moozik....
I like some JPop and Broadway. Ack. I LOVE Broadway... specailly 'The Producers'
I also like some bands like KoRn and Cradle of Filth and so on.
Rarely do i find a rap song i like D: i highly dislike rap. ><;


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Anyone with a sword. I have a strange obession with swords.

Did i post here before? Beh. I forget >.>;


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Boba Dude wrote:

Does he like you?

Yus big_smile -^^- heheh

It was a good story! Sofar the best we've read all year. >.>; Our teacher asked us ((from a worksheet)) Which was the better human being. I shouted out "Zaroff!" ((which was his name)) An' people looked at me.. an' i said "What...he reminded me of Boba." And i held up my little Boba Fett Pez thingy big_smile


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Buh.... the only one i know of is Jango .__.; ((or sofar that i remember))

Oo! Uh... this one guy ing this story we read in English. Uh it was called, The most dangerious game....or something like that. An' this one guy on a island started hunting humans instead of animals...an' for some reason he reminded me of Boba Fett big_smile smile


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Gojan Fett wrote:

A lot of people thought I was a guy for a while. That was pretty funny.

I hope you know that i love you signature xDD hehehe...


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You people and your smartness big_smile