I believe the silver ones are only in the UGH versions of the figures which would mean Star Wars is in chrome and there is a silver plaque beside your Vader.

Does anyone have a good movie pic of it? It just appears that with the real symbol the tusks are connected unlike every pic else where.

I wasn't trying to start a debate on the skulls name, just trying to figure out if there was a change with it.

I have read about every explaination of what it is, I just like Jeremy's answer.

A lot of different ideas of what the skull is. When I talked to Jeremy Bulloch about it, he called it a death skull so that is what I'm calling it. My understanding it is more of a symbol than a pic of the remains of an animal.

Everyone knows the skull when they see it as the skull on Fetts shoulder. The actual pics of it are a little different from what is floating around. Does anyone know when or why it was changed? For instance, the tusks appears to be attached to the skull on actual pic's of his shoulder but any image of it show them not to be.