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Idk but I would like to know.


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THis I bet has been talked over before but I want your opinions. Do you think that they will make a Bounty hunter 2 game starring Boba Fett.


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THat would be so cool to have I might just get it.


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I wouldnt doubt they had one in germany cause fett in germany means cool.


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I was a little kid and when I watched the star wars movies I thought he was so cool. I got a poster of him from some magazine my brother got and it is still in the same spot in my room. As I grew up I began to read books like the mandalorian armor and stuff. THats it for me.


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Havent had one in a year. scary huh?

Of course but IG-88 was the best........I think


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If he wanted to survive a digestive system (like the sarlacc's) he would need to have no nerves. The pain would kill you.


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si he is right amigo.

Ya that is why I said hes 72 but he has been having problems since he is a clone.


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I say that Dooku would win. Obi-wan  killed Maul and he couldn't beat Dooku.

In that book he is 72 though but still.

Have you read bloodlines he is sick and meets his doctor there

I have no clue maybe he went to Kamino or something.


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Jango was worthy for Boba's dad ,but Boba is older and better than him now. Therefore he isn't worthy any longer. He is okay ,but he isn't as much of a risk taker than Boba. He is kind of a coward.


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oooooohhhh, I think he'd have a hard time , and lose Ashley alot.

Ya I know I just like saying that.


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4-LOM wrote:

im not

I noticed you made an imaginary friend. He is the new member. 4-LOM friend.


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Fetterthanyou wrote:

I have a Spyder Imagine (2004), just got a new 16" barrel for my birthday. It can switch from semi to burst to auto fire. The automatic fire on my gun is fun to play around with, but it's not really helpful during woods ball. And I find team woodsball more fun than speedball.

I was going to get a Pirahna like that. I like auto but semi or burst in a game for me. I agree with speedball

Having all of a sudden bursting off with no control I'd scream too. He isn't dead though.

Maybe he thought it would be easier since if he fired at Luke, Luke could have hit it back at him


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I don't know what you're saying, but I'll just for some reason he would make it and never lose her.


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That's sweet I couldn't tell in the photo. What kind is it?


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It's true......trust me.


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I think the only cool musical is happy feet.