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"C'mon or the'll have your a$$ in a sling befor you know it.  They have almost the same tactics as the Navy Seals hit the enemy so hard and violently that they think they are being hit by a much larger force and then vanish, tieing up all kinds of resorces." Jake said while running down the tunnel.
"Up here into the vent I left some supplies in their." Once he and John were in the vent shaft, Jake pulled the safty pin out of a claymore mine.
"If they try to follow they will get a nasty surprise."
     The ventalation shaft was large enough to stand in because it was also the service passage.

Devon was knocked down by the barrage unleashed upon the chaos ranks by the Juggernauts. 
"Hit that thing with something heavy now d@**'it, where the hell are our Land Raiders." Devon was swearing into his helmet mic.  The Lnd raiders had circled around behind the enemy Juggernauts and was about to hit the enemy from the rear and drive them closer to the warp portal.
(( Can we have a Chaos Titan come through the warp? Non playable but just because.))

Yes the warp thought Devon the gods were blessing them. Seeing a barage of fire from chain guns he held up a hand stopping the advance of his devistator squad.
"Form lines," as soon as the squad had formed into one line "open fire!!!"
Unleashing the full fury of the devastator squad on the enemy would be a fine sight as he knew that soon there would be no escape as the planet was pulled into the warp. Plasma, Las-Cannon, Multi-Melta, Frag Missles, and his own heavy bolter were raining death on all in the way they were cutting a path straight through the center of the conflict death cult members were dieing by the hundereds. Those fools thought Devon as one of his bolter rounds took ones head off spuing blood  and brain matter over others close by.
"ADVANCE"  takeing steps into the carnage they were creating rounds of bolters were bouncing off his armor as well as the reounds from the enemeys chain and energy weapons, the barral of his Heavy Bolter was glowing red as the extrem heat from prolonged fireing was starting to take effect.  Crash an explosion occured to his right the plasma cannon over heated killing the bearer and covering Devon's armor in burning plasma. On fire and consumed with rage he through down his bolter and charged head on into the enemy lines swinging his fists with the fury of the Blood God Kohrn, he began the hand to hand slaughter of as many as he could reach laughing and reciting the creed of the chapter. He truely look like a demon now on fire and were not on fire covered with blood.


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"Damm I thought they would be held up a bit loger befor they got here c'mon through the tunnel."
Getting up and taking off for the enterence for the tunnel staying low useing the toll booths for cover.

((Idea England and the common wealth are at war with the U.S. using Canada for a stageing area.))

((I know i wasn't going to become Abbadon but just for the sake of haveing him show up is enough.  And all the planets in that system should end up in the warp.))


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"Look a good place to stage from is in the pit were Ground Zero was the New York Milita has a strong hold there and in the sub-way running along there." Jake said "They could use someone to lead them."
Looking back at the Lincolin.
"I could get you close if you want a ride?""Look if go thrugh the tunnel we'll come out close to the A-Line follow it down the the E-line that will take you right to Ground Zero."

Seeing the gate open Devon was exalted, this world and the surrounding ones would now be under their control and their was nothing the enemy could do other than retreat or die.  Devon like the second better.
"C'mon no sense being left out of the fun." Devon said to the other's in his squad.  This was his chance Abbidon may arrive soon, and this could be the time that he choose's the Iron Warriors to lead the crusade.  That would propel the Leigon to Lengendary amongst all of Chaos, putting them ahead of the Black Leigon.
     Leaping off the wall his brother's followed running as fast as they could all the Iron Warriors were on the move.
"If anything is in the way destroy it alien or brother." those words were greated with a chorus of yells and random fire in the direction of the fight.   This would be their chance to cleanse the feild in the name of the dark gods.

Watching from the walls it occured to Devon that this establishment was not planned but the remains of a crashed ship and that those troops were comeing for whatever it had been carrying. Those dammed Plauge Marines were in the way if they were to give heavy support they would stand a good chance of hitting their own.
"Fire at will use everything that has range to fire over the enemy start to drive them towards us, any that break through will then be easy pickings for us."
With that said their was a chorus of explosions as all the vehicals with ballistic weapons fired over the heads of the Marins and their foes seeding death and chaos behind the lines of Republic troops driveing them closer into the jaws of death as the Chaos Marines would surely overwhelm them in close combat.


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"Names Jake, I was on my way out of here when the $hi* hit the fan. As for why I was here lets say I had some business in the city and leave it at that." 
Jake was looking back toward the black Lincolin Towncar.
"My boss wanted some extra protection with this mess.  Anyway if you want in the tunnel is still open the GW bridge is down and so is the Brooklyn. Don't go near Centeral Park, to many hostils there they gunned down Joey yesterday."


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Name: Jake Wells
Allegence: USA for now
Occupation: Merc/Enforcer for the Gambrelli family
Rank: N/A
Weapons: H&K416 .556 rifle and Glock 31 .357 semi automatic pistol plus a Kukri hung upside down between his shoulderblades.

     Jake was in the enterance to the Holland Tunnel Just on the New Jersey side catching a glimps of some obviosly lost Amarican trooper he decided to lend a hand.
"Hey Trooper over here." he called out waveing his hand."This is the Holland tunnel on the other side is lower Manhattin."
John Lorenzo looked shocked"You mean to tell me that I am not in NYC yet?"
"Thats right your still in Jersey NYC is f@#$%d and aint gettin any better, where's the rest of your unit?"


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Hugh Jackman would work and he's got the right accent.

As I made my way up the tower I discovered an officer of this foreign army hiding in a small office as we do not normally get the chance for close combat I took the opportunity with joyous glee.  I threw my heavy bolter at him lifting him off his feet, and sending him falling onto his back.  I took off my helmet his look of pure disbelief went straight to horror as he looked upon my face my shaven head with horns protruding from my forehead my bionic eye was gleaming red and my oversized k-9 teeth as I smiled  at him all the blessings that the dark gods had bestowed upon me, he knew that these were going to be his last moments.  Out of the corner of my eye I caught glimpse of an other officer holding a small pistol like device I took a quick step and hit her across the face sending her fling across the room I would have to get back to her.  I quickly turned my attention back to this coward my hatred growing, he could not move the massive weapon that I had thrown onto him, I walked over to him lifted my heavy bolter off of him with one hand and grabbed one of his in the other tossing the bolter away I was going to enjoy this I started to squeeze his hand in mine the bones were beginning to break in his hand snapping and cracking his screams were growing louder, as my rage was rising.  I took my hand that had tossed my bolter and reached up to his face breaking his jaw, I reached into his mouth and pulled out a section of his jaw with teeth and meat still attached as his anguish grew so did my euphoria, I snapped the rest of his arm off blood spewing onto my armor.  I threw him to the floor with blood pouring from his face and arm I decided that he had not suffered enough yet, I took a step towards him and in a swift motion kicked him in the abdomen causing him to vomit the yellow brown bile hit my boots I then stepped on his chest slowly adding pressure causing him to suffocate.  What to do with her she had more courage than this worm, an idea crept into my head send her back to the Warp carrying the leader of the next generation of Iron Warriors.  I had my way with her, Slanish was pulling hard at my mind.  Putting my helmet back on I could hear chatter about the fact that one of our frigates had been taken down by these aliens and they were dropping troops near our position.
“Rhino this is Devon Margress I have a prisoner I need you to take back to the drop ship.”
    I picked her up she was still unconscious and would now pose no threat to anyone . 
“All troops report in status and weapons count we are going to have company soon .”
    As they reported in I made my way to the observation deck of the structure.
“Sir to the South their was a large force landing and assembling.”
    I took my binoculars and focused in that direction more of the white clad troops and  strange vehicles that were walking this way. 
With a smile on my face “ARE you ready for a war cause it’s coming.”
     With a chorus of yes and yeah's it was time "All troops to the South wall it's time to send all the non-belivers to HELL!!!!!!"

As we approached the walls of the Alien encampment through the small screen that was linked to what the pilot of the Rhino saw, we could see where the Vindicators and Land Raiders had set up a firing line and were beginning their assault on the walls.   
“Pilot what are the structures primarily made out of?” I asked.
“They appear to be mostly a metal alloy with some concrete reinforcement.” he answered
“Good once the walls are down  head for the tallest building left standing.”
“Yes sir.”
      With the news that the structures were mostly metal I decided to change to two rounds of  AP spaced by one HE on the belt that fed into the heavy bolter that way if they tried to hide behind a wall the metal would not give them any protection.  “Here we go.” the pilot said moving in line behind the Land Raiders we would be the first to disembark what a honor we would be the first to dispel the enemy. 

    We made it through the breach and were nearing what looked like a control tower for a landing strip.
“Nice, that will do nicely.” I said
    Once out of the Rhino I could see the enemy the were in white body armor .  Strange I thought  I had never in all my experience seen Imperial guard in white armor, they definitely were not marines they were not big enough.  All at once the turned and unleashed a volley of  blue energy, it was bad luck for Brother Janis one of the blasts caught him just under the helmet you could tell he was killed instantly because their was not even time for an umph sound to come from him, but the lenses in his helmet flashed and an instant later he was on the ground.  Not one to stand and have my a$$ shot out from under me I retuned fire unleashing the full fury of the heavy bolter the AP rounds ripped right through their white armor while the HP blew gaping holes into them, Brother Tornis fired his lascannon hitting one of them and ripping him in half covering the one next to him with blood and burning chunks that had once been his squad mate.  With the ten who had come at us all were on the ground dead or soon to be as we walked up toward the heaped clumps of bodies and body parts I saw one that was alive he was missing an arm and lying looking up at me, I raised my foot and brought it down in the middle of his face brains and blood covered my boot .
“That was for Janis.” with a smile on my face I proceeded  to enter the lower level of the tower if their was anyone in here they would have the same fate as the men on the street.

As the Leigon's started to disperse in seperate directions a Dreadnaught from the Emporor's childeren had grown impationt with the way the Death Guard had cut across it's path and had opened fire.  As you know with Chaos fighting with fellow marines was quite common especaly when you were just starting a Crusade.  It did not take long for the Death Gaurd to dispell with the infernal machine and anyone of it's chapter that came to it's aid.  As for the Iron Warriors we had intel that said that their was an encampment near by and it appered to be well fortified so we were en-route to level the playing feild.  As the Vindicators and Land Raiders spread out my squad entered a Rhino.  The plan for now was use the Vindicators to breach the enemy defenses the Land Raiders would lead the attack through the breach followed by us and then we would find suitable high ground or a tower to set up and dispence death upon the followers of the false Emporor.

Name: Devon Margress
Class : Devastator
Allegence: Chaos Undivided
Leigon: Iron Warriors
WOC: Heavy Bolter
SWOC: Krack Gernades

Devon strode down the ramp next to a Land Raider, as the huge machine roared by a smile appered on his face.  The thought of how much destuction that vehical could pump out was absolutly breathtakeing.  He could see other ships landing as this Crusade was getting under way all the Chaos Gods were represnted as he could see the ships of the Plauge Marines, World Eaters, Alpha Leigon, The Emporor's Childeren, and the Thousand Sons.  All had converged on this world and were about to open a gateway directly into the Eye Of Terror and perhaps Abaddon the Despoiler himself may come to lead this glorious event.  He formed ranks with his brothers, as the sun began to set on this alien world he thought how glorious it would be if it were it's last.

When Thours came to he could not find Zaal the last thing that he saw was Zaal trigger his jump jets and destroy the probe then while he was climbing out of the canyon something had shot him in the head, he didn't know how long he had been out but the front of his helmet was destroied and he could feel that some of his teath were missing and a large portion fo his face had been damaged but he still had both eyes and that was enough for now.  Standing he could now see smoke in the distance and took off running the Red Thirst was takeing hold again.

((Sorry for the delay in posting I have been travaling and didn't have internet access.))

"Before impact I saw another landing site, it was completly alien in origin." Thorus said
"As for others the main force of Blood Angels were supposed to be landing in four more days, so their should not be any other marines unless they are from your chapter."

Looking around Zaal's camp he suddenly stopped.
"Zaal we need to move they know were here."  Pointing to the top of the canyon he could see a small probe droid.

Thorus had left the crashed drop pod two days ago only to find that the rest of his squad had been killed on impact the second time he had lost all bretheren, the Red Thirst was calling him he was on the hunt for anything.  In his mind an immage of Sanguinus appered "Thorus you have suffered long on my name.  For this I shall lighten your pain by giveing you direction.  You shall aid our brothers, one of the sons of Robet Gullien is near seek him out then together you shall spite the enimies of our beloved emporer."  With that the thirst had been calmed for the time being, the way had been pointed out to him in his vision. He began walking giuded by the vision he came to the small shelter that had been built by Zaal.

"Greetings brother in the name of the true Emporor may we have a swift victory over the unrightious.  I am Thorus  of the Blood Angels and may the blessing of Sanguinus be with us until we part ways."


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I had asked a simaler question with Fett vs Marnus Callager.  I think that any marine who made it through the rigors of neophant and scout training could take Fett.  If by chance it were a Terminator or a Chapter Lord game over for the Fett man, if it were a scout then I think that Fett would win due to the scouts lighter armor and lack of experiance.


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What would happen ship to ship, if Fett were in Slave1 and the Barron Fel were in his Interceptor?

Name: Thorus
Rank: Battle Brother
Class: Death Company
Chapter: Blood Angels
WOC: Lightning Claws
2Woc: Cannot carry second weapons

After the loss of his squad durring an assault on the Ork Battle lines on Armageddon he succum to the Red Thirst and the only way to find peace was in the grave.  he will fight on no matter the odds only stopping when the last enemy is dead or himself.

Spc. ability due to the unsanity of the Red Thirst he will ignore injuries that would stop most marines and kill ordinary men.


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Blastech E-11B blaster rifle.


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Well if Ripley could kill one I think Jango could.


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Think of the security aspect though Identety theft of her stuff would be found right away.  Because if someone stoll my name Mark Hunter who would pay attention their are 421 in the state of Florida and 11 others in Jacksonville.  Her name is very very very..........................................unique.


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My pick is Vosa, ok so she is insane but still tough enough to lead the Bando Gora.