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Jake was right he knew him and they had not parted on good terms, ducking away he made himself scarse wanting to see if they were heading back to the Holland Tunnel, if they were he would have to get ahead and dissarm the traps.  He didn't want to be responsable for killing friendly troops.

Reacting without thinking was a gift of centuries of warfare, the gernade was comming back at him he swung the storm bolter over clipping the gernade and changing it's tragectory.  It exploded in the air over a squad of clones killing one and knocking others down.  Seeing Rykol, now inducted into the ranks of Alpha Leigon, and bringing demons with him was a reassuring sight.  The feild would be theirs hearing Rykol's order too charge he closed the distance between himself and a group of ARCs they were tougher and more skilled but no match for a terminator, he grabbed one by the neck and threw him at Rykol impaling the clone on one of the Dreadnaughts spikes.

((Good dreadnaught pic.  Yes it is a Black Templar fighting orcs though.
http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r102 … nought.jpg  ))


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Name: Squee
Species: Orc
Age: 15
Armor: Leather leggings and an old pot for a helmet no shirt
Class: Warrior
WOC: Rusty war hammer
SWOC: Large Rock

     Squee had left the warrens the privious year in search of war, but so far all he had found were people who hated Orc's.  He had accuiered a Rusty War hammer from an old battle feild, he had just barly escaped from the undead who were gaurding the area.  Squee was in luck their was a fire burning over a city and an army of liveing fighting.
"Goo good, I like fight." Squee said to a passer by "You gonna fight?" he asked someone in a black robe.


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"John I guess they can tell you where the rest of your company is at."  Jake said while positioning John between himself and the marines.  Yup he thought, I know that officer.  I hope I don't look like I used to enough to be recognized.  Putting on a cammo cap matching his jacket he thought he might dissapere into the crowd, now gathering around the chopper eager to hear of news from other parts of the country.

Seeing the figure in white and yellow armor fire at him, he could see it was a large projectile.  Scourge kicked a corps into the projetiles path the body exploded covering him in small fragments of armor and burned body parts.
"So you want to play, here catch this."  Pulling the pin in his own gernade he threw it as fast as he could, while it was in the air he opened fire with his storm bolter.


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Damn looks like I'll have to make myself scarse, soon Jake though as the dust was being kicked up by the landing chopper.
"Sylvia, where is a good place to eat around here?"
"Jake, your sense of humor died a long time ago dear, but in the sewer their is some nice warm s*#t." was her answer as she walked away.
"OK, I'll keep that in mind." Jake said. looking at the marines disembarking he thought he saw one he recognized.

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Still argueing with Sylvia, Jake heard the sound of a blackhawk flying low over-head.
"Gimmy your binoculars." Jake inturuppted Sylvia.  Looking up he caught a glimps of it U.S.M.C was painted on the tail.
"Well it's friendly lets hope they know we are, you got a flag?" Jake asked.
"Yes we have our pride to show ya-know." was her retourt.
"Runner up so they don't perforate us.  John those friends of your's?" 
F@*k, Jake thought to himself marines, they might know who he was if he was unlucky.  Seals didn't work well with Marines, or Army for that matter but Marines usualy thought that all the Navy was good for was getting them to the war zone.  The chances of running into anyone from his past were slim to none he reassured himself.
If he could get to the Armies sector he would be fine, he never had a run in with them.
"John where is that armoured division supposed be?"

Grabbing chains Scourge looped them around the Dreadnaughts arms, he then hooked them to a land raider.
"Get him out of here now we will stay and cover your with-drawll." With that the land raider took off back toward the Titan towing the dammaged dreadnaught behind.  Scourge new that the best artifacers would get the Dreadnaught up and running in a hurry.  Seeing two warriors one with an energy weapon the other in differnet armor comming to their position, he smiled at the oppritunity to face the best the enemy had to offer.  He had already fought the best the Imperium Of Man had to offer, when he had assaulted Holy Terra.  These two would be no different but he had to be sure not to underestimate them.

Seeing the clones bring in up reenforcements Scourge new they needed to get to the fray fast.
"Terminators double time, KILL everything in white armor.  Devistators hold your position, shoot the enemy transports down now.  Red Corsairs where is our air support if it is not here in thirty seconds I will kill your Lord and install a man who can follow orders. Clear."
    Sprinting as fast at they could they caught up to the two Land Raiders that were running over troops both clone and Chaos.  Pulling into flanking positions to the left and right of Rlkol the Land Raiders unleashed volly upon volly on the clones slowing their momentum and allowing the Terminators to get into fireing positions around the Dreadnaught.  This was the place this would be their last stand they would win or die no falling back no retreat,  the Red Corsairs finnaly arrived all manner of Land Speeder began staifing enemy positions.  Between the crashing LAAT's and Land Speeders the ground was becomeing as littered with burring wreackage as with corpses.
"I want another Leigon brought up two miles south of our position drive them towards us we will pinch them off here."  Scourge radioed back to the Titan where Abbidon was waiting for the outcome to see this prized killing machine known as Rykol.
"Scourge the Thousand Son's will have the honor of getting to your position.  The Death company will form on your right flank and catch anything that tries to escape." A voice came back.
"Rykol my brother, Lord Abbidon wants to see you and award you after this engagement"  Scourge yelled up to the Dreadnaught.

Seeing the Dreadnaught recover Lucius charged death in glorious battle was an end he was willing to accept.  Slashing with his chain sword he cut down many a clone but at last he succum to the enemy blaster fire.  He could feel his life slowly drain out of his body.

(New Charicter)
Name: Scourge
Leigon: Alpha Leigon
Allegance: Chaos Undivded
Rank: Chaos Lord in charge of a squad of Terminators
WOC: Storm Bolter on Tactical Dreadnaught armor short Terminator armor

     Scourge came throgh the deminished warp portal, memories of when they had withdrawn from Holy Terra so many melenia ago, had been broght back anew.  He knew that the primary objective now was to secure the remaining genorators.
"Advance to the area of the orbital bombbardment, send the devistators half a click off our left flank bring up two Land Raiders push through to the Dreadnaught, Lord Abbidon wants him kept alive at all costs, sacrifice as many as nessacery to achive that.  Red Corsairs I want all Land Speeders to break off current engagements cover our advance.  Go now and do not dissapoint me or prey the enemies kill you."
   With that he lead the squad of terminators toward the base of the mountains ignoring the blaster fire that the clones were shooting at them their mission releve the Dreadnaught and protect the Genorator this would be accomplished, Alpha Leigon when lead by Abbidon had never been defeated.

Lucius saw the Dreadnaught dive out of the way, the intense heat from the bombbardment burned his face.  The though tof the gunners high above filled his mind they would make very good soldiers in the ranks of Chaos, fireing on their own troops.


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"Don't worry they are always like that." Jake said to John
Yelling over the barakade "Hey sweet cheeks you mind not makeing us dead until after you know who we are?"
That was responded with another shot.
"If I find the motherf*#@er shooting at us......."
"You'll what?" said the female voice cutting Jakes tirade off, Jake turned to look she was now standing behind them.
"Sylvia, that is some way to treat a friend." Jake said
"Shut up you maggot, you got a lot of nerve comming back here." Was her response
"I still had some buisness to take care of in Jersey."
"The families don't care right now they are just trying to survive."
"Well after the war they are gonna care and if I didn't do my job, after the war I would be first on the list to be whacked.  Sorry John but this is a private matter, go get your arm looked at will ya.  They really are a little edgy."

Lucius was close enough to hear the screams of the dieing man that Rykol had impaled, with a new found veal for killing Lucius caharged into the melee.  Carving a path towards some robed figure with an energy weapon that he had not seen before this would be a challange.


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As John drove ahead pushing broken and wrecked cars out of the way, once they hit the topside were light poured in, John did as Jake asked and raised the dumper bed sheilding the two from the top and rear.  Fireing as they went Jake hit two enemy soldiers center mass John ran over a humvee.
Yelling to John "Turn right onto Hudson st. then make a Left on Cannal that will take us to Broadway.  Their should be friendlies there."
Their was a barakade on Broadway.
"Stop the truck now get out with your hands up.  You are now in the custody of the New York Malita." said someone behind the barakade.
Surpriseingly enogh to Jake it was a womans voice.
"Nice to here you sweetheart where the F*@k would you like us to park."

Sharra Fett wrote:
Jodo Kast wrote:

i think Jango would've been killed off sooner or later...

I agree, in whcih case Boba would have ended up in th same predicament as an orphan.

Yes but if your parent dies when you are older is not as devistating as when your a kid and also not seeing your father beheaded right in front of you.

Fireing past the Dreadnaught he was missing more than he was hitting dropping a few clones.  But the loss of his left arm was distracting he would need an artifacer to make him a sutibal replacement back on the fortress ship.


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Looking arround the tunnel Jake suddenly felt like he was back in Iraq behind enemy lines trying to make his way back to the safety of a frendly fire base. 
Then it occured to him."John can you drive a stick?"
With a puzzeled look on his face John answerd "Yes, but what the hell does that have to do with anything right now?"
"You see that dump truck?"
Popping the lock on the trunk of the police car he found gold or at least the combat equvalent.  This cop was on the bomb squad and had enough kevlarg to stop a cannon.
"Bingo!!  Let me hot wire that thing you drive I'll cover you, wear the bomb disposal suit that way if any rounds make it through the cab it won't kill you it will feel like you got hit with a hammer though. Once out side raise the bed of the dumper it will give more cover and that is were I'll be rideing right behind the cab in between the dumper. If I miss anyone that dosen't look frendly run'em over, ok."
With that he walked over to the truck and went to work.


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"Do you know where they are gonna be comeing in from?" Jake asked.
Stopping by a service door Jake cautiously took a look out side and saw a bullet riddled police car.  Stepping out into the tunnel Jake went to the police car the cop was dead his gun was already taken but they hadn't pulled out the radio.
"It's got a radio, you could call for reenforcements if you got a frequency that works."  Jake said and with that took a defensive stance at the front of the car.

After exiting the Juggernaut Lucius saw Rykol leaveing the battle feild, he knew that the Dreadnaught with countless more centuries experiance than him was heading for something very important but what he wondered to himself. Then it occured to him the genorators they had been held on this plane not realizing that the enemy was trying a vain attempt to stop the warp from overtakeing this world.  Looking arround he spotted a landed Land Speeder Typhoon belonging to the Red Corsairs, running up to it Lucius threw the pilot out and proceded to take off following the Dreadnaught.  As clones began to regroup in the wake of the giant war machine Lucius told the gunner to wipe them out in the name of Khorn.  The unfortunate side effect of fireing missles at ground troops was that it left a good trail back to your position, a missle fired from a clone struck home the Land Speeder went down the gunner was killed on impact, Lucius servived but he was pinned under the craft his left arm below the elbow was pinned, useing his chain sword he cut off his arm, the clotting was almost instant.  At least he was now close to the Dreadnaught, slinging his sword onto his back he pulled his bolt pistol and proceeded after Rykol.

(( Space Marines under go phisical alterations that include ceramics in their diets makeing their bones and teeth harder than normal men and their saliva is acidic and slightly poisonous. It has been written that if captured an put in a cell with steel bars a Marine could chew his way out in only a few hours.))


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"John my boy how old are you? 20, 21 you went through jump school at Ft. Benning and have been doing this for what 3 years?  In my line of work you take what you can when you can and you don't ask to many questions.  Ok, now we need to get out of here they will probably not do anything special for one lost paratroop and one civi. but, don't think that in their great scheme that the Holland tunnel is not vital it is the only thing that they don't hold and is the only way from the city to the main land remember that four of the five burroghs are on islands."
     Walking toward Manhattin he knew that holding the tunnel was vital and haveing enemy snipers at one end was bad very bad that only means one thing that they are going to assault the tunnel soon.

After killing the medics Lucius took his time slashing some, others he took a more personal approach biteing their throats and drinking their blood, all the time lost in the moment, frenzied and derranged the atrocities that he put upon the other's is far to grim for words. Some begged others were to wounded to react but all were to be killed in the name of the blood god.  After the killing of the wounded Lucius saw a new prize to be had he would try to take over a Juggernaught.  Seeing one slow to drop off more troops he sprang at the oppritunity slashing and shooting his way on board.  Once inside he would turn the silver metal deck and walls red with blood in the name of Khorn.  The first trooper he encountered fireed at him blue energy washed over his armor he grabbed him by the back of the neck and beat his head against the walls until his helmet broke spraying everything close with blood, another trooper was rushing him fireing away but Lucius's armor was demonicly posesed and the blaster shots were haveing no effect with a flick of the chain sword he made a cut right through the troopers mid-section, dropping the bolter he reached into the troppers wound to pull out his liveing guts he looped a section of small intestine around his neck then lifted him off his feet strangling him.  With that sight the other troopers in the area retreated not wanting to face this demon in here.


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Stopping to look around he saw John doing the same thing.  Reaching into a small duct Jake pulled out a flat case inside was his rifle and a different jacket.  The digital cammo jackets tan green pattern was broken by the Chalker TAC sling that always kept his weapon at the ready even if not in his hands.  He turned and looked back at John who was still uneasy about his new found companion.
"Here take these." Tossing him a small pouch with three .556 magazines "They should fit that Colt POS your useing.  I don't know how much stuff you got left so help yourself.  After this war though you are gonna owe me though."  Pulling the Glock from under his shirt he placed it in a holster on his hip after checking to make sure that the batteries in the laser were still working.
"You got cross hairs or red dot? Cause I don't have batteries for the red dot."


(Yes he was reveered enough to get encased in Dreadnaught armor and is slaughtering everthing in your path.)