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"Leadrain this is E1 Jake tunnel is clear but need support to hold before the enemy can regroup and counter.  Bring HMG and probably 2 squads, if you can swing it a tank would be nice."
Jake said into the raido hopeing that Nick or John might here.


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((I hope not I was just getting into it.))


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Even in the dark Jake took his time he knew that the enemy also had night vision.  He slowly opened a door from the work area into the main portion of the tunnel, because he had recced the area before enemy troops were there he had removed or destroied all the back-up lighting, it was pitch black to the naked eye.  He could see the small seven man patrol moveing in a covering pattern towards the explosion.  Hunting people is the same as hunting game start at the back and work your way up to the leader Jake thought to himself.  He ducked down inbetween an abbandond car and the tunnel wall and waited and counted, as soon as number seven went past he made his move, clamping a hand over the soldiers mouth, he simotaniously rammed his knife at an upward angle just above his collar and below the helmet the knife periced his spine at the base of his skull and traveled upward doing considerable dammage to the cerribellume, death was almost instant.  He slowly laied the body down holding the other mans gun so that their was no sound.  Number six was now the next to go moveing up on him he started to turn at the last second,  I must be loseing my touch Jake thought, oh well stabbing him in the side of the neck severing his corroted artery and then pulling the knife out the front it sevored his wind pipe allowing him to only make gurggaling sounds as he died.  It was still quiet enough that the others in his squad didn't know what was hitting them.  The other five went down in a simalar fashon.
"Leadrain this is E1 Wells the tunnel enterance is secure I am going ahead to secure the other end bring up support to hold over."

Jake looked at the bodies, humph Jack the Ripper would be proud of that little mess he thought.


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Squee sat down and thought for a minuite.
"Boss you tinking we can beat dat elf man?"
"In time, all things in time Squee." Malachai said
"You think this trader got sumpting better dan dis here hammer?  If you do can you trade it for Squee cause you talken better dan me."  Squee held out his war hammer to Malachai, he rubbed his nose"I'm wanting to get that elf."


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Squee asked Malachai "Do dey have anyting dat could make mesmart as you?"
"No this one does not but their are other's that do." was Malachai's reply.
"OK, you in charge now boss man." Squee said looking back at Zephyr "Dat a fast horse you tink we could race it some time?"
"No Squee it is a war horse, they don't race."
"Oh, but if it do it make lot of gold, nough to buy anyting."


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Squee choked and gasped as the vines worked their way up his legs and arround his neck. At that instant when he was about to give in he started swinging wildly with his rock.  Cutting crushing and smashing the vines, Squee let out a howl to allert the other orcs of attack. They quickly came to his aid but didn't know what to do, one came up with the idea to set the vines on fire but Malachai stepped in and cast a spell of his own the vines began to writher and die.


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I like Winter you know Tycho's girl friend. In the commics and in the other art she could melt Hoth.


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"So it's a jail, how jail gonna help us win a battle?" Squee asked still confused
"This jail as you so put it contains all the power of the demon and the god.  Anytime you use magic it puts a drain on your soul, this replinishes it instantly."  Malachai said with the patince of a saint.
"Oh, I see you don't get tired now right, ok you hold the orb it good for you keeping the dead in line."

(As far as a Space Marine is concerned anyone who is not another Marine or Greater Demon was normal.)

The blast left a large crater in the battle feild his armor had held for the most part, part of the armor on his leg was gone exposeing the bionic portion still the pain of being blown down into the ground was only temporaryas he got back to his feet his eyes were coming back into focus with colors now becomeing visable, he was partaly def now but could still hear abit.  His storm bolter was destroied, he climbed out of the crater to see that he was a good hundered feet away from where he last rememberewd being seeing the slain body of a terminator who was wearing lightning claws he removed his own and took the lightning claws he would finsh them off hand to hand.


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Squee was still in awe as they walked away, wondering if he had really seen what he thought he saw.  With his keen eye sight off in the distance he saw a glint in the dirt, with the curriosity and zeal of youth he bounded down the path.  Once close enough to make out what was partally burried he pulled the war hammer off his back he wouldn't be surprised again.  Looking over his shoulder as he bent down he discovered a jewel encrusted orb that had a soft glow almost soothing, he knew that he didn't know what it was but it was nice maybe Malachai would he seemed to know everything. Running back he couldn't wait to show Malachai his new prize.
"Hey hey look at dis Malachai."  he held out the orb in his dirty hand "You tink it worth anyting."

This cannot be, thought Scourge the finest troops in Abbadon's army pushed back by these ordinary people.  With his hatred building he grabbed the closest ARC, the trooper tried in vaine to break free even stabbing him repetedly, but the ancient armor held strong, Scourge crushed his skull and threw him at the Jedi, the blow caught the jedi off gaurd sending him down onto one knee.  The only thing he could think of was takeing the biggest risk of his life.  Scourge ran at the jedi pulling the pin on every gernade that was attached to his armor turning himself into a giuded bomb running straight at the Jedi.

Watching the Dreadnaught force the Jedi and clone out of their cover.
Scourge said to his men"End their lives now." 
With that order all the terminators opened fire.


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Eating raw rabbit was nothing new to an orc, but Squee was surprised to see a humanoid drink the blood of an animal.
"Dat all you want, I got mushroom, and berries?"
Malachai replied "Yes that the life force contained in the blood was enough to sustain him."
"Not for me, da meat is better."  Squee thought about it as he ate some of the mushrooms.
"I make good drink now, you like."
Crushing the berries and squizing the mushrooms until they produced a thick liquid he mixed them together added some water and mint leaves.
"Dis de best drink, have some."
Squee chugged his in a matter of seconds Malachai was not as enthused, but did sip out of politness.


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Raj'el Vhett wrote:

(Outnumbered?  There's only one of him.)

(He's an orc he has to justify to himself why he was bettered.)

Wipeing the blood from his face he made his way back toward the path where the undead army was.  He had the rabbit, mushrooms, and berries.
"Sorry for the slow return I was ambushed."


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"Go two blocks South then head East you'll run right into them.  But be ready they are a little skeptical of outsiders.  Good luck just don't say your a friend of mine to Sylvia, or she'll shot you for sure.  Ex-es can be that way."


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"Yes across the wastes their was a fight going on, some barbarians were attacking a city.  Can I go now me really hungry."  Squee said backing up, this elf was fast and Squee knew that a fight in his woode was not a good thing, but maybe later when he wasn't out numbered.


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"Negative SSgt Borelli, I just regained access to the holland tunnel.  I have to disarm my traps before our guys get here wouldn't want to blow up friendlies.  But you can call me E1 Wells."  Jake was entering the sevice passage for the tunnel.  He pulled of a vent cover and inserted a safety pin into a claymore and put it in his backpack, while in their he pulled out his own night vision had them at the ready.  Useing a garrage door remote he clicked the main button, there was a muffeled explosion and everything went dark, he turned on the night vision the familiar green world that had been his friend long ago was back and he would be up to his old tricks.


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"I lost." Was Squees fastest response"I found necromancee and he bring me acroos the plane of the dead, and we hungry and I not know dees yours woods me sorry. I found dis rabbit."  Holding up the crushed remains of a rabbit Squee didn't know that you should not hunt small game with a war hammer.


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Jake turned the volume down on the radio"This is Jake Wells of the New York City Milita, if you are defending then consider me friendly."  Jake was almost ready to be shot when his radio came back with.
"Proceed to your destination we have you covered."  The silent sigh of releif was a good feeling, better than being shot and left to bleed to death to see if anyone was going to come to your aid.  Once in a conceled area Jake decided that their were enough friendlys to warrent him to put an American flag patch on his jacket, sticking it to the velcrow on his shoulder.  It was the green and black cammo pattern with infared stiching so in low light or night friendlys with night vision wouldn't mistake him.


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"Squee hungry, you hungry, necromancee?  Squee good at finding food."  As the two liveing were ahead of the hord of undead, in the wastland Squee had found a real helmet and was now wearing it with pride.  It was a large rivited steel helmet with a plated chin strap,  he also found a chain mail shirt the main drawback was it was a little to small and had a lage hole where the privious owner had been killed.
"Yes I am." was Malachai's response.
"Oh, good I be back wit good food you see."  With that Squee ran off the path into the woods.

That one clone needed to be stopped it was a pest to the Dreadnaught, and that was a problem because the one with the energy weapon was good, very good. 
"All terminators close ranks and target the one in white and yellow armor, push him away from Rykol.  Plauge marines begine your assault crush their flank."  With those words he manuvered himself at an angle to see both the Jedi and commander.


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Raj'el Vhett wrote:

(But the plastic parts from an exploding lighter wouldn't punture a steel or aluminum gas tank.  Nice use of improvised weapons, though.)

(( That is why the bag was packed with metal parts from the burned out chevy. A buddy of mine was in Afganistan for a year, then instead of comming home they sent him to Iraq.))


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"Oh the undead they powerful, that where I got dis."  Pointing to his war hammer "Dis be the power, of de undead dey break when smashed.  But you keepen de dead ones from attacking us right?" 
Following the Necromancer Squee felt like a hero at least in his own mind he got to gaurd someone who in turn would protect him from the only thing he feard the undead.
"Boss Ta'lein be paying good for one of your kind, being able to control the dead."


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Jake pried open a manhole cover and worked his way into the storm sewer, going west then north he popped up a block and half from the enterance, one problem enemy forces were in the area.  Jake could see the destruction that he and John had caused an hour before and that enemy soldiers were looking at the bodies of their comrads.  Seeing a 7-11 that was closed and shot up he crawled out of the sewer drain between a cab and a burned out Chevy.  Makeing his way into the store he found what he was looking for the means for a diversion.  A disposibel cammera with a flash, bic flick lighters and some liquor.  Takeing the lighters he wrapped them arond a bottle of tequila at 120 proof it would burn quite well, unscrewing the cap off the bottle of whisky he would use that as a fuse he cut a smaal hole in the cap of tequila and placed it in a plastic bag.  He made his way back to in between the cab and burned out car grabbing bits of metal and other derise he put it all in the bag tied it shut and placed it under the gas tank of the cab with the tequila bottle on it's side, he poured whisky all over the bag and ran a trail back to the drain.  He climbed back down and lit the make shift fuse.  Alcohol bunrs fast on less than a second it was to the bag, a second later the lighters burst with the hot shrapnel puncturing the fuel tank as soon as the fuel hit the flames below it erupted like a volcano turning the cab into a 2000 pound claymore mine killing a squad and causeing the others to fall back.  While the enemy was reeling Jake made his way back out of the sewer and ran towards the tunnel, the thick black smoke of the gas fire blocked anyone ot the roof tops from being able to see him.

((Facts: 4 bic-flick lighters have the explosive power of 1 stick of black powder dynamite,  120 prooff is 60% alcohol and burns quite well.))


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"OOH, good trick you gonna show Squee?"  Seeing the figure in black toss a black orb that caused someone to appear.  "You a wizard, I here of wizards they bad mojo to fight. You look like a wizard, I smack people if they get close to you, OK."  Smileing with his yellow and missing toothed grin, and green skin.