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Name: Seth Holden
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Apperance: Tall, thin, brown eyes, black hair, pale complection.
Hunter type: Scavenger, former CorSec officer.
Main weapon: A280 sharp shooter rifle
Secondary Weapon: Blastech E-11 blaster rifle
Armour: Storm Trooper Plastoied chest plate. 
Ship: Incom T-65 X-wing still with Green CorSec markings
Side Kick: R2-F6


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Name: Tam Darkwater
Rank: Sgt.
Weapon. Heavy Blaster Carbine
Skills: Sniper and Recon expert

     Tam had just finished a day of drilling new recruts on how to stay alive in the feild with no gear.  He was back in his quarters in the small garoson just outside the Theed Palace, trying to relax abit befor he turned in for the night.  Pulling a small bottle from his desk drawer he took a small sip the bight of the liquor almost made his eyes water, but he fought them back as he took a deep breath.
     "Tam, this is palace control we have a report that two of the sensors on the South perimiter are out, we need you to take a squad and get them back up as soon as possible."

"Yes sir, I'll take Zeta squad, they could use a little extra curricular training."  Tam said
"Very well do you want us to notify the motor pool?" Control asked
"No, a little night hike will be good."  Tam replied

I liked the scene in Empire where the Rebels have a Wampa trapped in Echo Base, as they are evacuating C-3PO tears the warning off the door and leaves then, three snow troopers meet an untimely demise at the paws of a Wampa.


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Squee pulled the starp on his helmet tight, and pulled out his war hammer looked up at the Thunder Bird.
"Boss how we gonna get up ders to fight it?" Squee asked with a little bit of edgyness in his voice.


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Jake woke up the burning tank that he had been standing on had blown up fortunatly the armour plateing was strong enough to keep all his limbs attached to his body but so heavy that right now he could barly move. He was not sure how long he had been out but the fight seemed to have moved away from his location.


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Just tuned 27 last Wednesday.


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"Listen Tracer, you go your way and I'll go mine agreed.  Now you go and conduct your investigation from over there, and when I want your opinion I'll give it to you ok."  Kais was not in a good mood, haveing two bodies show up in a matter of hours in his sector was not going to look good.
"Dispatch has the ID on the first vic. been established yet?"  Kais said into his comm.
"3w56 yes it has we will down load to your datapad now."
"Good, Thank you."


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Kais looked over the body, yup it is the same rodain that Tracer was chaseing, the clothing gave it away.
"Well Handon we got a mess tonight, you think the casino's holos got anything?" Kais said looking back at Handon
"We'll find out soon enough won't we." was Handon's reply.
"Detective you think we could deploy our own holo droids, for the time see if they might spot something we miss?"
"Sure why not Sgt, you already tripped the other investigator I brought in so why don't you start to unscrew this mess, right now."
"Yes sir, at once."  With that Kais walked back to his speeder and logged into the police data bank and used his code to activate 20 of the police holo droids and set them to a grid pattern in the area.

I got that one the Jabba's Palace, and the fold out/ card lists for Endor, Death StarII, Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, Degobah.
Plus if you play then you'll know what I mean when I say I also have the Compleat sets for.

Primeir, A New Hope, Hoth, Degobah, Cloud City, Jabba's Palace, Special Edition, Endor, and am only missing five cards from Death StarII.
If you have Coriscant, or Theed Palace that you are interested in selling or tradeing send me a PM.


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Kais herd the call over the comm.
"Ok, we'll get the meat wagon down here and get him back to the mourge." Kais said back over the comm. to Handon.
"Well you get on your way, and stay out of ours." Kais said to Tracer.
"3w56 this is dispatch over."
"Dispatch go ahead."
"We have a report of another body in your vicinity."
"Let me guess a Rodain."
"Were pretty sure it doesn't have a head."
"Ok, I'm heading that way, where exactly."
"Three blocks in the South alley by the casino."
"10-4 on my way."


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Kais looked out the door to see a chais start, jumping up he ran out the door catching up to the human, seeing the blaster in his hand and on his belt he kicked the mans back foot causeing him to trip.  He reached and pulled his own weapon pointing it at his head the man stopped rolling and looked up at him.
"Don't move, toss the weapon away." Kais yelled at the man.
Doing as instructed Tracer gave the Sgt. a barrage of a retort ending with.
"........you ask me down here and when I show up treat me like I'm the purp. You guys are good no wonder you asked for me."


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((Pretty good but did he keep a momento was it a vendetta or a thrill kill, or mafia hit, or even darker the first in a siries?))


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"Any ID, or credits?" Kais asked Handon or anyone listining.
Kais looked at the body puzzled by why someone useing a blaster would be close enough to leave a hair.  Over all their was not a whole lot around so Kais classified to himself that this was an orginized crime scene and that either he knew the attacker or the attacker had been watching for awhile.

That is going on the premas of human blood, if it were alien of sort what if it had some mild acid that etched the armour and caused it to stain and perhaps it stared orand and then turned red once dry, and water was not a base ingediant why not an oil of sort, oil and water don't mix.


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Kais landed his speeder on the path, normaly it was only a walkway and speeders were not permitted but he put the flashers on the red and blue light panels flashed and he pulled a roll of the yellow tape from it's holder.
"Officer move them back, get all their names addresses and com-frequncies so we can get a hold of them later."
Useing his speeder he stuck part of the tape to the air intake and ran it over to a tree.
"Well Handon, what do we have here."


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Name: Kais Nord
Age: 26
Rank: Sgt. Duty suporvisor of the night shift Taris upper city zone 11. Has a repulsor speeder call sign 3w56
Clothes: Navy blue pants with a red stripe down the pants, navy blue shirt with yellow rank insignia, badge with his sirial number 476-38-9987 and black flack vest, with pouches and on the back T.P.D.
Weapons: Standared issue blaster for the Taris P.D.
Apperiance: Nearly two meters tall and overly skinny he was almost the image of an unhealthy person, pale skin from years of working nights. Black hair with grey starting to dot though, brown eyes and a deep scar on his right cheek.


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Seeing a tank go up in flames Jake halted his own withdrawl and went on the offensive again running up to the burning tank he climbed up to the top and shot one of the survivors as they tried to climb out, he then manned the 50cal on the roof of the burning tank. Between himself and Leadrain they shold be able to slow or stop an advance for the time.


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Running as fast as he could he heard the claymores go off, well they tried to follow.
Hearing John on the radio Jake paused.
"John get the #ell down here now the enemy is trying to push through the sniper is slowing them but they are trying to advance on my position."


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Bugatti Veyron

http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/rich-tehran … on-big.jpg

Fast car.


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Hearing the shooting close and listing to the call back from Leadrain he thought to himself, Marines the sound of $hi* hitting the fan. OK, well they are takeing cover I'll use this time to do a little trick I heard about in Vietnam, Jake took all of his remaining claymores and positioned them around the Jersey side of the tunnel and pointed some in to the tunnel from the toll booths.  That way if the ones pointed out went off if they took cover from the explosions inside then the ones behind would go off trapping them in the crossfire.
"Thanks for the cover, permission to fall back to base and re-arm."  Jake said into the raido.


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"Leadrain this is E1 Jake tunnel is clear but need support to hold before the enemy can regroup and counter.  Bring HMG and probably 2 squads, if you can swing it a tank would be nice."
Jake said into the raido hopeing that Nick or John might here.


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((I hope not I was just getting into it.))


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Even in the dark Jake took his time he knew that the enemy also had night vision.  He slowly opened a door from the work area into the main portion of the tunnel, because he had recced the area before enemy troops were there he had removed or destroied all the back-up lighting, it was pitch black to the naked eye.  He could see the small seven man patrol moveing in a covering pattern towards the explosion.  Hunting people is the same as hunting game start at the back and work your way up to the leader Jake thought to himself.  He ducked down inbetween an abbandond car and the tunnel wall and waited and counted, as soon as number seven went past he made his move, clamping a hand over the soldiers mouth, he simotaniously rammed his knife at an upward angle just above his collar and below the helmet the knife periced his spine at the base of his skull and traveled upward doing considerable dammage to the cerribellume, death was almost instant.  He slowly laied the body down holding the other mans gun so that their was no sound.  Number six was now the next to go moveing up on him he started to turn at the last second,  I must be loseing my touch Jake thought, oh well stabbing him in the side of the neck severing his corroted artery and then pulling the knife out the front it sevored his wind pipe allowing him to only make gurggaling sounds as he died.  It was still quiet enough that the others in his squad didn't know what was hitting them.  The other five went down in a simalar fashon.
"Leadrain this is E1 Wells the tunnel enterance is secure I am going ahead to secure the other end bring up support to hold over."

Jake looked at the bodies, humph Jack the Ripper would be proud of that little mess he thought.


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Squee sat down and thought for a minuite.
"Boss you tinking we can beat dat elf man?"
"In time, all things in time Squee." Malachai said
"You think this trader got sumpting better dan dis here hammer?  If you do can you trade it for Squee cause you talken better dan me."  Squee held out his war hammer to Malachai, he rubbed his nose"I'm wanting to get that elf."