Nice work Maphestus  ever think of being a writer. Seriously no joke good work.


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Here in Detroit MI. there are 13 in the metro area, but I here what your saying in Jacksonville FL. their were only 4 in the area and Jville is the largest city in the states area wise.


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Republic with the Clone Trooper as favorite class of character. Followed closely by the Empire with the Engineer as fav. class.

Aqulish are not that bright and their are the two species the fingered and webbed the fingered being the more aggressive of the species.  As far as it goes any species could with the right training be a very good bounty hunter. Take Zuckas a Gand not very well know as bounty hunter's but their he is. 4-Lom and IG-88 Droids they are able to upgrade sensor's and learn new tactics ad as a droid never forget like living creatures, although an emp can take them down easily.  Bounty hunting is learned you can list many different species and races in the same species and some will excel while others lag behind.  Montross was a Mandalorian, but he was not as good as Fett, Gredo was no good at all, Snoova was a Wookie and a fairly well known and respected hunter.  Boush was good enough to get Leia in to Jabba's Palace with Chewie. So mostly it is who can get their hands on the best equipment in the galaxy, during the Empire I would have to say Humans made the best because the Empire would share information more freely with humans than non-humans.  Humans being in order of the most widely known for bounty hunting Mandalorian, Corelian, Coruscant.  Coruscant is a good place to hale from because in the under-world you can encounter almost any species in the galaxy.


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OK I was wrong but at least you get Republic Commandos


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Yes I have it for GC and I have seen it for X-Box the GC version doesn't have that glitch the camera does get jumpy from time to time though.


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My best kill was a double kill enemy trooper on Mygeto coming across the bridge from CP 4 towards CP3 in the middle Grenade on the bridge blew him up in the air and off the bridge into the abyss.


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During the hunt for Solo Fett managed to claim the bounty on one of the IG-88 from the empire as well when you watch empire on Cloud City when Chewie gets the parts for 3P0 look next to the incinerator you will see the IG that Fett took the pleasure of dismantling.


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As a side question how do you put the pictures in with the text?


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You can blame Jar-Jar for the down fall of the republic bacause he called for the use of the Clone Army.


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I am 26 and hard @ work lol NOT,  work is never hard.


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The best way to slow down another team from trying that to your ship is to use the auto turrets bonus it will make getting from their ship past your CP tougher but not impossible slowing at least the first wave down.


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Yeah they run arms up in the air screaming, animals on the other hand will still attack while on fire.

Dengar's Punishing One was not that big either, but the B-Wing as far as a star fighter goes had some of the toughest shields and heavy firepower.


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Once your shields are down you can run inside and repair the generator but your shields will never come back on line,  when you are playing conquest land inside your opponents hanger run into the control room shoot the two auto turrets then two time bombs take their auto defense mainframe down, four time bombs to do their shields, three for life support, and three for their engines then leave take one of their bombers and destroy their bridge usually you can have all that done before your shields are down and then you win every time.

The web address to check out and make sure that we are all on the same page is

True the republic probably destroid it, and unless Jango told him Oovo IV would just be another rock floating in space to him. That said the Outrider wasn't a bad ship either.


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NO I just had to pack it in a couple of boxes I am just waiting to get into my new place before I get it out again.


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In The Empire Strikes Back when the Imperials have breached Echo base's Defence's four stormtroopers are carrying the power generator, the tripod and the cannon itself, that I thought was an E-web.


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Any ideas on why Vader would ignore the order and have a rouge Imperial assassin droid lose on his flag ship able to possibly infect other droids on the ship and have them become self aware.


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He was swoop racing in the Crystal swamp of Argelet sorry about the spelling. The Empire did turn him into an assassin during the surgery to save his life they left him with only three emotions hate rage and loneliness,  it was actualy Dengars girlfriend who saved Fett because once Dengar learned who he had pulled out of the sand he was ready to kill him.  Long story short Fett set Dengar up in Jabba's Palace that's why he wasn't on the sail barge. Dengar pulls Fett from the sand girl steps in Fett lives on.

I read that Fett's armour was all save for the helmet destroyed in the sarlac and that after escaping killed an Impostor posing as himself and took his armour.

The Mandalorian death squad's had bright red armour,  that's why the Emperor's Royal guards ware red.  Other Mandalorians such as Fett himself adorn their armour with trophies like his braided wookie scalps.  I forgot does anyone else play the S.W. miniatures game well if you don't in the Bounty hunter's expansion the Mandalorian Blade Master and Super commando have silver armour over a black body suit.


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Only the clones that had Order 66 in their flash learning process would follow it commandos and arc's may have had different so called versions in the process. Take Cody for example hands Obi-Wan his lightsaber only to then receive the trigger of Order 66 to pass on to the sniper that shots at Obi.


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I thought that he was a pilot at the acadamy on Pfisbelt V and rescued Chewie Their.