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My ratio is about 2 yes and 45 no my pride may be dented but never broken.

What happened to the good old Force choke.  My money would be on Vader.


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What are you talking about draco when you were our age I am twice your age.


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Hey everyone be safe and have great Holidays I don't want to read about any of you almost 21 and 21 year old's lighting up New Years to much.  Merry Christmas to all!!

Why not R2 then he could almost pass as a stand up comic, if you understood the beeps and bleeps.

He's a mindless philosopher in a gold package.


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It ant all its cracked up to be stay at home save your money for as long as you can because once your on your own your on your own.


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Hoth their is just something about the purity of the cold that attracts me.  Second would have to be Couruscant after living in New York and Chicago you would just go stir crazy in a small town.


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I am a car salesman I get told no all day long if you let it get to you then after about tn in the morning you had better pack it up because your done.  If you view it as you friend then it just builds you up for when they actually say yes.

If it were Jango, Boba. and Vader this team all day long.  Three to four with one of the the three being one of the most powerful Dark Jedi ever.  I'll take the three.


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Yah my rank is General and I am Legendary in six categories I still need to get their with the Shot Gun and Sniper rifle.


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Sev Fett wrote:

I like all the trooper classes, except for the Empire.  The E-11 annoys me, so puny.  You got to have the DC-15A Blaster Rifle.  Or even the Rebel's A-280.  The bigger the better.

The award rifle makes up for the E-11 being able to drop anyone in one burst is always fun.

All the Rouge squadron books Planet of Twilight, Vision of the Future, Specter of the Past, Dark Saber, The Star Wars Technical Journal, The Empire Strikes Back, Hard Contact, Tales from the Mos Eislie Cantina Tales of the Bounty Hunters, Tales From Jabba's Palace, and Hard Merchandise. Have read but do not Own Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command, The Courtship Of Princess Leia.


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26 All we got was a thank you very much theirs the door, have a nice life, that's the difference in automotive they don't care their are to many unionized employees anyway according to the government when in reality our union didn't do @#!" for us cost us $4 an hour in concessions and then the whole place.  If the place was going to go anyway they should have push for rate increases so that we could bank as much as possible before the shutdown.


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I here that I haven't had a date in 3 years.  Rejection is my friend.


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Well that's a bit of a trip out their I used to live on the first coast in Jacksonville Fl. hot sunny and to many people


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Damn that sucks what part of BC?


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I like Miba's, what do yall think of mine?


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That would have been a bargin had it shown up.


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That sucks how much are you out?


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Don't they have any used game store's like Game Stop EB game's or Game Crazy their?  Because with chains like those if one store doesnt have it and another does with a deposit they can get it in for you.

Deep dpwn inside only coming out when the time calls.  One time n particular the security gaurd where I was staying got jumped and was getting the worst of it so it came out I steped in and the guy went to jail. Reward free night.  My first bounty.


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Yah 04 sucked my job got shipped to Mexico so that forced a career change that lead to an early 05 that sucked as well, sleeping in my car was not fun but 06 has turned out to be the bomb.  Hey anybody want a car? Not any of mine, car salesman here.  Oop's now you can't trust me.


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Don't shoot please?   On the serious side why dose he hate Spice Runner's so much?


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My dad even knows who Boba Fett is and only about four other sw charicters Vader, Luke, Liea, Solo, and Chewie.  So Boba Fett is a better known Bounty hunter than anyone else.