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Desdemona found this world utterly confusing at times. But she believed Jack, he seemed the trustworthy type. She sat down next to him, though hovering slightly. She waved her hand and a pack of cards appeared. "Want to play?"

"You know about cards?" Jack said with surprise.

"A little, I was learning something called prode or poke or something or other." Desdemona said as she shuffled the cards. "Snap is so much easier."


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Desdemona followed Jack in and tilted her head slightly to observe the two opponents.

"Oh and look, Jack's brought a girl to help him." Void said, his voice thick with sacasm.

Desdemona raised an eyebrow and looked at Jack, "I'm guessing he doesn't ride a scooter."


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Dah’lei didn't like seeing Master getting so angry, she would have assumed they were able to control their emtions more readily than a Padawan like herself.

"Which way now?" Dah'lei asked the others as they came to a split in the corridor. She wasn't game to poke her head out.


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Desdemona was amazed at the scooter, she hadn't seen anything quite like it before. It took her a few seconds to answer Jack, "People are always judgmental. I don't think it matters what you do. So this thing is considered manly?" She asked truly not knowing.


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Jack and Desdemona lost track of Darklight and Void as Darklight had taken Void somewhere in a bubble of light.

“Let’s fly after them,” Jack said then quickly quietened down as a few people looked their way. “We better get the ‘copter ready.” He said to cover himself.

Desdemona picked up on Jack’s nervousness but did not understand. She was about to take his hand and fly when he yanked her arm hard.

“We need to stay on the ground,” Jack whispered to her.

“But you just said…” Desdemona started.

“Let’s walk to the car,” Jack said loud enough for the other people to hear. They had crowded around to watch Darklight and Void fight. Now that it was over people were starting to thin out.

“What do you wish to do?” Desdemona asked, not understanding the words he used.

“Let’s just walk away for now,” Jack said leading them away from the crowd. When they were finally alone Jack stopped, “Do you know where Darklight took Void?”

“Not exactly but I could find them.” Desdemona answered as she looked up to the sky. “Why are you afraid?” she asked picking up on his edginess.

“I’m not afraid. I’m nervous, I heard that the city is out to ‘collect’ supers.” Jack said as he began to pace.

“Supers?” Desdemona asked, not understanding.

“Those with powers beyond the norm for humans.” Jack clarified.

“Oh, I see.” Desdemona said as she watched Jack move back and forward, she reached out a hand to stop him. “We can still walk to find Darklight and Void.”

“Oh I think we can do better than that,” Jack grinned, “I’ll get my scooter.”


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Dah’lei was devastated that a Jedi youngling could be slaughted in such a way. She felt a deep burning anger arise in her and had to calm herself.

Cin took care of the clones and they continued on in silence for the moment. They rounded another bend and heard the hum of lightsabers.

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Desdemona had moved Jack to a quiet rooftop some distance away. As she lowered him to the ground his hair was ruffled by the wind and she noticed just how boyish he looked when sleeping. She found herself smiling despite herself.

Touching a hand to his cheek, Desdemona allowed him to wake. While in the process, Darklight and Void flew overhead throwing punches at each other madly. "Such fury," she whispered to herself quietly.


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Desdemona understood that Jack was making a joke but humour was still out of her reach as he'd assumed. Desdemona looked back the hospital. "You don't have to fight Void."

"What do you mean? Of course we do. You said he was going to slaughter people in there." Jack said his hand itching for a blade.

Desdemona raised a hand and pointed, "Darklight is coming."

Jack turned and squinted but saw nothing. "No he's not."

"Just wait." She said quietly.

Jack looked frustrated. "If I wait what will happen?"

"What's supposed to happen." Desdesmona said cryptically.

Jack stood with his hands on his hips, "And what exactly is supposed to happen?"

Desdemona reached out and caressed Jack's cheek with her fingers, "Something you won't like." She watched as Jack's eyelids fluttered and he fell asleep. She caught his limp form before he could fall to the ground. She didn't like having to do that, but if she didn't she knew that Jack's fate would be just as bad as the doomed Void's.

She lowered Jack gently to the ground and waited. Then she saw Darklight approach. He spotted them and landed on the roof. "What's wrong with Jack?" He demanded.

"He was over eager to help you defeat Void." Desdemona told.

"What did you do to him?" Darklight said and attempted to be intimidating, it did nothing to Desdemona.

"He's sleeping. I didn't want him to get hurt." Desdemona told.

Darklight's face softened. "So you did it to protect him?"

"Yes," Desdemona confirmed.

Darklight leant down to check Jack's life signs and was satisfied. "Okay I believe you. You need to get him out of here while he's asleep. I don't want him used as leverage."

Desdemona gave a nod, "Very well but I will return."

"I don't need your help." Darklight said not wanting another person involved who could potentially be hurt.

"I'm not here to help." Desdemona stated.

"So what are you intentions?" Darklight said as he stood to his full height.

"To wait for the outcome." Desdemona said, not wanting to explain herself yet again.

"And then what?" Darklight asked.

"I mean you no harm if that's what you ask." Desdemona told.

"You're a strange one." Darklight said.

"You've got no idea." Desdemona replied as she picked up Jack as if he weighed nothing. She lifted into the air to take him some place safe. Then she would wake him and return.


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Desdemona sighed for effect, "Why do they all try to fight. You saw how futile it was for Magnus."

Jack seemed to contemplate this for a moment, "I'm not dead though."

A small smile tugged at Desdemona's lips, "No you certainly aren't. The dead are much more fiesty."

"Is that sarcasm?" Jack said, wondering if Desdemona was actually showing some emotion.

Desdemona shrugged, "My time to become fully human must be growing closer." She lifted her hand before her eyes and rubbed her fingers together. Once again her transluscent flesh seemed more solid.

Jack found himself reaching out to touch her hand, his fingers briefly streamed through her hand but when he went to pull back he actually felt something. "You know my sword just might be effective."

"You want me dead, Jack?" Desdemona said curiously.

"You make it sound like it's nothing." Jack said feeling awkward.

Desdemona shrugged, "Death is only a different state of being. I am not a truth reflection of that."

"What do you mean?" Jack asked, suddenly curious.

"I sold my soul to Death. I have a set purpose which I must continue to fulfill." Desdemona said as she gazed out to the horizon.

Jack took a step closer. "Why'd you sell your soul?"

Desdemona's lip turned up in a sour smile, "For love of course. What else? I was young and stupid. My heart was captured by a cad."

"What do you mean?" Jack said and moved so she would turn to look at him.

Desdemona let out a snort. A twinge of emotion touched her, the old memory was still a bitter one. "I grew up in a time far different from this one. I was poor, very poor and my father hoped to marry me to a wealthier man. His hopes arose when a new man came to town. He wore fine clothing and had a beautiful horse. He courted me and I took it seriously. I thought we were bound to wed. One day he took me for a ride on his horse. It got spooked and threw us. He hit his head on a rock and I knew he was going to die."

Desdemona paused and Jack urged her on, "What happened next?"

"I panicked and prayed to any God who was listening to save his life. But it wasn't a God who answered, it was Death. He promised to let the man I loved live to old age if I pledged my soul to him. As you can see, I did just that. As luck would have it, my suitor quickly turned his head to a different woman and I found out he was not rich. He was merely a con man looking for a good time and things to steal. He never even knew that indirectly he stole my very soul." Desdemona said as she fiddled with the material of her dress.

"Wow," Jack said as he wasn't sure what to say at all.

Desdemona looked him in the eye. "Now then, do you want to save your friend or do you think you're about to make a mistake as life changing as mine?"


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I agree with MA, that is awesome - 10/10.

What do you think of my avatar - I liked the idea of Boba on an old style phone.


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Desdemona shook her head. "No he's not killing. Not yet at least. He's waiting."

"Waiting for what?" Jack asked clearly perplexed.

"He's waiting for Darklight." Desdemona told.

"But why would Darklight... oh wait you said Void hadn't killed yet." Jack said suddenly realising.

"Indeed." Desdemona said already knowing what future events were about to unfold.

"We've got to stop him." Jack said with urgency.

Desdemona stopped him, her hand pressed to the centre of his chest. "It is their time."

"I don't care. They don't need to die." Jack shouted in frustration.

"Everyone dies, Jack." Desdemona said coldly.


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Dah’lei wasn't about to be left out. As they turned a corner four troopers stood waiting for them. Dah'lei neatly decapited one before moving on to the second.

Deilor sliced one in half while Cin dispatched the other.

"Nicely done." Dah'lei commented before they started to run. They could see the exit doors but suddenly a youngling ran towards them.

"He comes! He comes!" Shouted the child, his robes flapping wildy. Dah'lei recognised him as Meunash. He was almost a hand's breadth away when the shot was fired. A group of troopers clumped in a bunch ready to kill them all.


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"Okay so Void's not dead. We can change that, can't we?" Jack said growing impatient.

Desdemona shook her head. "I cannot directly kill. I come to collect the dead."

"Oh that's just peachy." Jack grumbled.

"I wouldn't be here if he wasn't going to die." Desdemona pointed out and grabbed a fistful of Jack's shirt and lifted into the air.

"Hey can't you hold onto me in a more comfortable fashion?" Jack said with exasperation.

"We're not going far." Desdemona said as she sped through the sky. They landed only a few mintues later.

"So where are we?" Jack said as he dusted himself off.

"Feel my friend and you'll know the answer." Desdemona replied.


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Desdemona stopped suddenly, dropping to a rooftop and taking Jack with her.

"Why are we stopping?" Jack asked as he rubbed his wrists.

"Something has gone astray." Desdemona said as she looked at the sky. The silver man shot across the building tops.

"That was Chromium." Jack said looking confused.

"Void isn't dead." Desdemona said simply.


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Dah’lei was preparing to climb with the others when she saw Deilor. "Hurry, we need to get out of here!" She shouted to him.

"Do you know what's going on?" Deilor asked as he prepared to climb also.

"Seems that Skywalker has gone rogue." Cin said.

"This is very bad." Dah'lei said, stating the obvious.


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The Cloner wrote:

Boba and Jango weren't prepared for a jetpack problem, so I'm going to agree with virulent_messiah. But Boba is still my favorite, I'm only saying he wasn't prepared for anything.

Maybe jetpack's are just twitchie? But I suppose it was bad luck on both their parts when their jetpacks failed them.


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Dah'lei felt relieved as Cin joined the battle. "Thank you master, we're starting to get inundated."


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Desdemona flew quickly. She stopped mid air for a moment to sense which way Void had gone. Jack dangled at her side by her hand.

"Um, this isn't very comfortable." Jack said as he tried to cling to her single hand grip with both his hands.

Desdemona reached for him with her other hand and shifted him to her side.

"Why are we stopping?" Jack asked as he was now more comfortable.

"I'm not sure where he is. He's hard to track." Desdemona answered as she narrowed her eyes in concentration.


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Dah'lei activated her lightsaber and deflected some blasts also. "What should we do?"

"We fight," said Kanith.

"Ok," replied the Padawan but quickly they were swarmed. "I think we need to get out of here."

The pile of dead clones was increasing from the deflected shots.


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Dah’lei was just edging toward the exit when she saw Master Kanith enter the room.

"Greetings Master, do you know what's going on?" Dah'lei asked, pleased to see a more experienced Jedi.


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Desdemona turned her head to study Jack. He was a peculiar human. He didn't understand the ways of the soul eaters.

"I shall make a way out." She raised her pale finger and opened a portion of the bubble for Jack to step through. She didn't to do it for herself as she could pass through it easier.

Desdemona paused. "There's something odd. It's like two halves of the one whole. But separate."

"What are you talking about?" Jack asked, wondering if the mind was all there.

"This may be more difficult than I thought." Desdemona said cryptically and headed after Void.


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Dah’lei lifted her head. She heard gunfire and then she felt the disturbance in the Force. Something was very wrong.

Never one to rush into danger, Dah'lei took her lightsaber in her hand but did not activate it. She walked purposely towards the library entrance wondering what was going on.


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Desdemona waiting for Jack to concentrate on her and then she told him her offer. "I am Desdemona. I am a soul eater. I retrieve evil souls and return them to the underworld." Desdemona pointed at Void, "That one is my last to capture. He is a tainted soul. The accident not only changed him physically but it also deemed his soul impure."

Jack looked a little skeptical, "This sounds a bit far-fetched."

"You were just possessed by touching a sword." Desdemona reminded him.

"Oh yeah," Jack said scratching his head.

"Although Magnus is gone, he has left residual powers in you. These powers won't be as strong as they were previously but use them wisely." Desdemona instructed raising a finger of caution.

Jack rubbed his hands together, "Finally some powers of my own that are more impressive than just healing."

Desdemona waited patiently. "Now that you have this power I want you to assist me in taking Void's soul. His will be the last soul I collect."

"What happens after that?" Jack asked.

Desdemona shrugged, it was a mortal characteristic but one she often copied. "I get a holiday. I can become human and live out a human life time and then return to being a soul eater at my death."


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Desdemona watched as Magnus left Jack's body. She turned her hand with her palm extended and Magnus was absorbed into her. She stood for a moment and opened her mouth to the sky, a beam of light shone upward and quickly turned in an arch down to the ground and beyond. Magnus passed through the light and down to the underworld. Desdemona closed her mouth and dropped into a crouch and took a few deep breaths.

Raising a hand Desdemona noticed that she wasn't quite as translucent. "I must be close to my quota." She said to herself. Desdemona stood and picked up the cursed sword. She held the sword in both hands and it ignited in green flames before disappearing from existence entirely.

Desdemona turned to Jack and allowed her hand to materialise. He was alive and his pulse was strong, her hand glowed slightly and Jack awoke.

Desdemona noticed that the average age of an adult had changed since her last hunt many centuries ago. She shifted her form, making it older in appearance so she looked approximately 22. Then she felt the pull of the last soul she had to capture before she would be released from her duty.


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Name: Dah’lei Enbesh
Affiliation: Jedi (Padawan)
Species: Twi’lek
Age: 19
Appearance: Green skinned slim Twi’lek. Wears the typical Jedi robes.
Weapons/Powers: Yellow bladed lightsaber. Excels in Force Push/Pull and Heal.

Dah’lei stood at the window of the library, wondering when her Master, Marcus Lupine, would return. He had been sent on a mission that even Dah’lei was not to know about. It had been months since Marcus had departed and Dah’lei was beginning to think he would never come back.

Dah’lei was considered too young and inexperience to be a General to the Grand Army. Dah’lei thought this rather odd since other Padawan’s were allocated such tasks.

Instead Dah’lei had been left to help instruct the younglings on how to master Force Push and Force Pull.

Now was Dah’lei’s personal time. She often visited the library. She loved learning and was preparing for her trials.