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Character: Desdemona
Affiliation: Neutral – soul eater
Age: Unknown as she’s neither dead nor alive
Appearance: Blonde woman looking to be in her mid twenties. Her straight hair is worn down with a part in the middle. She wears a sleeveless cream dress that touches her toes. Over this she wears a black velvet cloak.
Personality: Desdemona is a servant to Death. Her purpose is to return errant souls or troublesome entities back to the underworld. She is summoned when a dark soul is released from its captivity.

Desdemona raised her head from the dark sleep. It was time yet again. She had another soul to retrieve. Part of her was weary of it all, mainly because she’d been so close to having a chance at life once again only this time she would have had someone wonderful to share it with.

However that had not eventuated. The last soul she had to collect to fill her quota had eluded her. Void had somehow gone to another plane of existence. Her chance at becoming human once more was extinguished for who knows how long.

She had gone to Death to renegotiate the terms of her quota. It hadn’t been a good deal, Death didn’t like to be cheated out of a soul that should have been his. Her deal was to collect 200 souls in Void’s place. She was up to 174 but it could be years before she collected the remaining souls allocated to her. They never died at exactly the same time. Her only shortcut was to find Void once more, but chances of that were slim to none.

Desdemona floated into the air, up into the sky. Her form was invisible to anyone alive, as she was hidden from view by her own will. Desdemona had many powers, as she was undead and had virtually no limits to what she could do. But since Death couldn’t have rogue Soul Eaters there were rules and boundaries that Desdemona had to conform to.

She had been unable to visit Jack. None of the souls she had to consume had been anywhere near Mission City. However this time it was different. Desdemona could feel it. Even if she couldn’t reach Jack physically she’d find him in his dreams. Even being almost devoid of all emotion, Desdemona found herself missing Jack.

Joo-Eun gasped as she saw the ghost of Tiffany approach Ashryn. She said a few words but Joo-Eun was quite happy to keep her distance.

She noticed Valiant out of the corner of her eye, "You still here?"

"Yeah but I think out little truce is now officially over," Valiant said with a smirk as he reached for his guns.

"You've got to be joking," Joo-Eun replied and hoped that Valiant wasn't about to do something stupid.


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Arista looked around. She was about to suggest that they find the others but she hissed as her leg caught on a rusty piece of metal that cut into her flesh. “Ow man. I just hurt my leg.”

She got to her feet to examine the wound, James also took a look. “I think we need to visit the good doctor,” James said with concern.

“I should be okay,” Arista said then winced as she put some weight on her leg.

“We’re going to see the doctor and that’s the end of that,” James said as he picked her up and leapt into the sky heading towards Dr Leed’s.


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Arista waited as James instructed. She wondered if he saw with his eyes or with his mind. She’d have to ask him later on. As they cautiously made their way forward they heard voices. “One of those voices sounds familiar,” Arista whispered.

A friend I hope? James voiced to her.

“Yeah, sounds like Jasmine,” Arista said as she shuffled up beside James, she gently pushed his wing to the side so she could peer around the corner. “It is them,” Arista said happily.

Arista grabbed James by the hand and took him to meet her friend. “Jasmine!” Arista called.

“Arista? Is that you?” Jasmine called in return.

“Yes, what are you doing down here?” Arista asked.

“We’re trying to get away from those damn soldiers. Skyler is still up there in disguise. Hopefully she’ll cause some inner turmoil.” Jasmine said with glee.

“So what’s the plan?” James asked.

Jasmine looked surprised, “You’re not alone.”

“No,” Arista said and realised she was still holding James’ hand. She quickly let it go, “This is James, James this is Jasmine and um…”

“This is Flip,” Jasmine finished for her.

The four were quickly acquainted. “Okay, the plan. I think we should go back to the surface. I’ve got an empty shop rented in the inner city. We can stay upstairs and wait for Adrian to return.” Jasmine suggested.


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The tunnels were dark but Arista knew them so well that she didn’t really need much light. She took James’ hand to makes sure the he didn’t get lost. She was glad it was dark, James wouldn’t be able to see her clearly as the thought about what he said.

They traveled in silence for quite a while until Arista heard a noise that was out of place. “I think someone else is near,” she turned to whisper in James’ ear. She just hoped that it was one of their fellow mutants and not a threat.


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Arista got to her feet but was unsure if her dizziness had been caused by the fall or by James proclamation. She decided to avoid the subject for the moment, “Where’d he come from?”

James shrugged, “No idea. I think the military are sweeping the area for any mutants they can find. We’re both pretty easy to spot.”

“Perhaps we should go back into hiding?” Arista suggested.

“We’re supposed to meet up with the others,” James reminded her.

Arista nodded and touched her hand to the side of her head. She ran her fingers through her hair and noticed that James was watching her. “I must say I’m a little stunned at your news.”

James opened his mouth as if to say something then stopped.

“I like you James. I just didn’t realise your feelings ran deeper than friendship. It’s taken me quite by surprise.” Arista said, not wanting him to think that she didn’t like what she heard. She just hadn’t yet absorbed it. Besides the way she looked she hardly thought herself the object of anyone’s affection.


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Arista had taken the long way back to see James. Her mind was a mix of emotions and thoughts. She wasn’t sure what to say. She eventually walked back to see James juggling and looking somewhat impaitent. “Sorry I took so long. The kids parents were pretty ecstatic to see him again.”

James nodded, “I thought they would be.”

“So,” she said as she rubbed the back of her neck with her hand. “Ah what the kid said, was he telling the truth or making up stories?”

Joo-Eun had her sword in hand the moment the demon attacked Audrey. She looked at Ashryn, “How do we fight something that shifts to ash and smoke when attacked?”

Ashryn shrugged, “We may actually be hurting it.”

“No,” Valiant told. “I don’t think it is hurting it. We can try swords but I don’t know if they’ll be anymore effective.”


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Arista was surprised but her first priority was to get the boy home. She turned to look at James, “I’ll take him back to his parents. I know you don’t like the tunnels so you can wait here.”

James nodded still feeling very awkward, “Okay I’ll wait.”

Arista smiled at him sweetly then turned to the boy, “Come on let’s go home.” The boy looked very happy at the idea. Arista lifted a grate and they were on their way. The boy chattered endlessly as they walked but Arista was still feeling stunned at what he’d said earlier, Did James really care for her? Love her even? It seemed unlikely.

It didn’t take Arista long to walk the boy home. His parents were ecstatic to see him. “Oh thank you Arista, we were so worried.”

“That’s okay, we found him safe and sound.” Arista told then headed back to find James.

Joo-Eun looked to Ashryn, "Is it time to leave?"

She felt uncomfortable, semi truce or not. There was too much history between the vampires and werewolves to simply shake hands and forget the past.


Valiant had remained silent through the whole exchange. He was not part of D's coven but the werewolves didn't know that. He was still free to hunt their kind, though he suspected that it would be better for his health if he didn't. He wasn't too keen to have both werewolves and vampires wanting him dead.


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Arista felt a little distressed about James going. She always felt self-conscious around normal looking mutants when she was the only irregular mutant around. She decided to ignore her anxiety and instead formed another poison ball.

“Are we lowering their numbers substantially?” she asked she peeked around the doorway before throwing the poison ball at another soldier’s head. He went down with a scream.

“Not fast enough,” Adrian commented as he continued the battle.

“Maybe we should bail out?” Arista suggested.


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Arista decided it was her turn to help. She stood for a moment and let the poison secret out of her skin on her right arm. She let the viscous substance pool to her hand and then rolled it into a ball.

“My turn,” Arista said as she threw the poison ball outside the door. It hit a soldier in the face and he screamed in agony before his airways swelled and he lost the ability to breath. “Give me a moment to make another one of those,” she said with a grin.


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Arista looked around. “I really should call to see if anybody found the lost child.”

James nodded, “Okay but we need to hide.”

“We could have stayed in the tunnel,” Arista pointed out.

James shook his wings, “I prefer some space.”

Arista pouted, “There’s nothing wrong with the tunnels. But I suppose having wings would make it seem a bit cramped.”

“To say the least,” James said as he looked around them.

Arista followed his gaze and she saw an apartment with a ‘For Lease’ sign hanging in it. “I suppose we could hide in there.”

Joo-Eun moved to stand near Ashryn and ignored Paul's low growl of warning, "I agree with Ashryn. If there is a terrible demon on the loose we may as well cause a temporary truce. As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. In this case it sounds like the enemy is the demon to both their conclave and our coven."


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“I suggest we get away as sneakily as possible,” Arista grinned.

James shook his head, “I was trying to be serious.”

The smile slipped from Arista’s face, “Okay I suggest we use my way: the tunnels.” Arista stated as she lifted a heavy grate. She paused holding it open as she heard helicopters coming. “Yeah I think avoiding flying would be a good move.”


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Arista was glad to be around other mutants but she let the poison leach from her skin. It was time to rid the world of some vermin.

(Sorry about the short post, had to run.)

Joo-Eun brushed herself off and watched the wolves warily. They didn’t make a move to attack her so she’d give them the time of day.

The she-wolf spoke, “I’m suggested we have a temporary truce. We won’t attack vampires and your people won’t attack werewolves. We’ll hunt this demon instead. Then when it’s dead we can go back to normal.”

Joo-Eun took a moment to consider this. She pouted as she looked at Paul. He really did want to rip her head off, so she was impressed that he’d restrain himself for his pack mate’s speech. “Okay, I can’t speak for the others, but you’ve got a deal with me. But it’s a very fragile one. If any of your kind threatens me I’m going to defend myself.” She said pointedly and looked at Paul.

“The feeling is mutual,” Daphne said in response.

Joo-Eun turned to see Valiant watching them. She was surprised that he had not attacked the white wolf, “What you say, Valiant?”

Valiant sheathed his sword, “If you believe them I’ll side with you. I don’t D will be as accommodating.”

Valiant was enraged. These two wolves needed to be put down and he was prepared to do just that. Valiant got to his feet as he ignored the pain of a few broken bones.

He pulled his sword from its sheath and snarled at the white wolf, “Afraid to fight me as a man?” Valiant taunted knowing his chances of defeating the werewolf were much higher if he was in his human form.

Valiant held the blade ready to block as he anticipated the wolf’s next move.


Joo-Eun froze as she heard the loud thud. Valiant had been smashed into a tree just in her peripheral vision. She immediately switched tactics, “Guess you get to live.” She told Paul as she dashed away.

Valiant stood with sword in hand ready to fight the white humanoid wolf. Joo-Eun saw that the white wolf wasn’t alone. A grey wolf had blood around her muzzle. She had been in her full wolf form but had now reverted to humanoid wolf.

Joo-Eun threw the silver dagger and struck the she-wolf in the shoulder. The she wolf hissed as the neat cut in her shoulder. Joo-Eun was annoyed that the blade had not dug in. Joo-Eun grabbed her pistol but at that moment she was crash tackled from behind.

“Thanks Paul,” the she-wolf said as she picked up the silver dagger. Joo-Eun was held firmly. The she-wolf approached, “What are you doing here? Can’t you see that the demon over there was going to kill us all.”

“You maybe, I am immortal.” Joo-Eun spat as she thrashed in Paul’s grasp.

“Don’t you remember finding all they dried up corpses of your own brethren? That demon was partly responsible. It’s Master is still on the loose. It wants us all dead, werewolf and vampire alike.” The she-wolf told.

Joo-Eun’s instincts told her to fight but some of what the she-wolf said sounded like it could possibly be true. “Why should I believe you?” Joo-Eun snarled as she contemplated biting the arms that held her.


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Arista decided to go top side. She lifted the heavy grating and heard shouts around her. At first she thought it was because of her appearance but it seemed it was not. Gunfire was sounding and screaming followed. Arista climbed out of the underground and replaced the grate.

She moved to the shadows and made her way quietly to where she heard the noise. It suddenly went quiet. She peered around the corner and was pleasantly surprised when she saw James. “Hello there stranger,” she said with a smile.

Pain flooded through Joo-Eun’s body but she ignored it. Valiant had suffered worse from the truck and had come back from it. As she looked up she only had a moment to roll away before the wolf barrelled into the tree he’d thrown her against.

Joo-Eun pulled a blade from the holster on her lower leg. She took a chunk out of Paul’s leg with the silver blade. “An eye for an eye,” Joo-Eun hissed as she got to her feet.

Paul moved more quickly than she thought and she found herself in a bear hug. His teeth sank into her flesh and she screamed despite herself. Joo-Eun flicked the blade around in her hand and plunged it into Paul’s side. He immediately let her go. “You’re a noble warrior wolf, but I don’t plan to die today.” She flicked the bloody blade around in her hand and prepared to plunge it through Paul’s skull.

Joo-Eun snarled at the wolf but she didn’t lunge as he expected. Instead she drew her pistol and shot him in the shoulder. “Silver,” she hissed and launched herself at him. Paul slashed at her with his talons and threw her off. He quickly used his talons to dig out the bullet and throw it away.

Joo-Eun tsk-tsked him, “Really why don’t you just lay down and die?”

“Because you’re the one going to die,” Paul snarled in response.

Joo-Eun grinned which showed off her long white fangs. “I doubt it,” she replied as she readied her sword. “Let’s dance,” she invited with a sneer.


Valiant let out a cry and the wolf bitch bit his arm. He pulled a silver dagger and tried to stab her but a large white humanoid wolf stopped him, "I don't think so," he growled.

Valiant reached for his gun with his free hand and started firing at the white wolf.

Valiant would never normally be so civil to D but under the circumstances he'd issued a personal truce. The werewolves were now being slaughtered and this could only be a good thing. "Do you know what that is?" Valiant asked D.

D shook his head, "Some sort of demon I'd imagine."

"I doubt it'd be a problem for us immortals," Valiant stated high handedly.


Joo-Eun, Striker and Ashryn departed the club and made their way to the woods. "This better not be a wild goose chase," Ashryn growled in warning.

Joo-Eun did not plan to displease him again. It would be bad for her health. "The wolf was wounded, I suggest we find him before he gets back up." Joo-Eun paused as she heard gun fire. "Perhaps we're too late. I believe D was hunting this night."


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Lesha ran but took a second to look over her shoulder. Another dragon rider flew high in the sky and it distracted Ashaz from her. She smiled for the diversion and made a run for it. She found herself an outcropping of rocks and took her bow in hand once again. She aimed at Ashaz, this time at his leg.


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Character Name: Arista Jamieson
Alliance: Mutant
Age: 22
Weapons:  Blades and axes
Power(s):  Secretes poison from the splotches on her skin at will. Has extreme strength and some healing ability.
Description: 2.5b5*f1*Arista*Hair:Feminine,horned,FFF764,FFFFFF,100,100,23,Eyebrows:Expansion1,thinmean,FFF701,A66900,100,100,21,Eyes:Expansion1,cyclops,9482B6,9482B6,100,100,20,Nose:Standard,ring1,940018,FFF764,100,100,27,Mouth:Standard,line2,F79D9C,EF6972,100,100,18,Beard:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,26,Ears:Standard,mule,940018,F79D9C,100,100,19,Skin:,spots,940018,F0689A,100,100,6,Mask:Expansion1,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,22,Headgear:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,29,Undershirt:Bustiers,plainhalf,F79E72,EE694A,100,100,7,Overshirt:Standard,downchevron,FFFFFF,DDDDDD,100,100,8,Coat:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,25,RightGlove:Standard,wrap,EE694A,F8B684,100,100,17,LeftGlove:Standard,wrap,EE694A,F79652,100,100,16,Insignia:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,9,Neckwear:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,24,Belt:Expansion1,doubleWrap,5A3410,BDBDBD,100,100,15,Leggings:Standard,capris,F79E72,EE694A,100,100,10,Overleggings:Briefs,splitmid,FFFFFF,E7E7E7,100,100,11,Pants:Standard,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,14,RightFoot:Standard,coolats,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,13,LeftFoot:Standard,coolats,FFFFFF,BDBDBD,100,100,12,Back:Standard,shortcape,FFFFFF,DDDDDD,100,100,3,Wings:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,4,Tail:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,5,Aura:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,2,Companion:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,31,Background:,fraBlank,FFFFFF,FFFFFF,100,100,1,RightHand:Standard,woodaxe,BDBDBD,8D6531,100,100,30,LeftHand:Blades,plaindagger,9C9C9C,724D21,100,100,28,#
Personality: Deep distrust of humans. Her odd appearance has made her seek shelter in the underground. She has met many other mutants this way and formed strong alliances.

Arista shuffled her way through the storm water drain. She was searching for a mutant child that had gone missing. Chances were he’d gone above ground. Arista was hesitant in going to the surface during the day, as she was too different to the humans above to blend in during the sunlit hours. Instead she’d wait for night and make her way through the more populated areas.

Valiant grew bored with following Joo-Eun. She was leaving the blood trail to go after Ashryn. It was his personal mission in life to avoid Ashryn and D as much as possible. He followed the blood trail for a while but then he heard the faint sound of voices. Valiant moved in the direction of the voices and grinned.

The werewolves were up to something. Valiant picked up his phone and dialed D’s number that he’d stolen from Joo-Eun’s phone. “Hi D, the werewolves gather. If you want to see what the scumbags are planning you better come quick.” With that he hung up and sat in wait.


Joo-Eun and Striker walked into Ashryn’s favourite club. “Do you see him?” Joo-Eun asked.

“Not yet,” Striker said as he looked amongst the crowd.

Someone grabbed Joo-Eun on the butt and she smacked him down with an elbow before she even turned to look. “Some people never learn,” she muttered as she looked at the now unconscious man on the floor.