Carmen walked with Speed but managed to catch the last of the conversation between Michael and the others. She had to stop herself from smiling, so Shaylee didn’t trust her, that wasn’t surprising. Carmen wondered if it was simply the reaction to another female joining the ranks. Carmen also wondered if Shaylee fancied one of her male companions and felt threatened.

Her attention quickly returned to Speed who was talking a hundred miles per hour as usual. Carmen took in what she could understand. She felt herself momentarily pause in her step as she heard the sirens of police cars again.

“So are the cops on our side?” Carmen cut into Speed’s babble.

“Wellnotentirely. Somearebutalotaren’t,” can the usual machine gun paced answer.

“Can you speak a little more slowly?” Carmen asked, although her eyes were scanning for any sign of the police drawing near. The sirens seemed to be getting quieter.

Carmen had to swallow the laugh that was threatening to erupt from her throat. So they thought they were on a quest, how intriguing. “I’m sure I could help you clean up this town,” Carmen said with a nod. She gave nothing away, her thoughts on cleaning up were totally different to Michael’s.

“Great we can always use more help,” Michael said enthusiastically.

Carmen smiled sweetly, “So how many Redeemers are there?”

Carmen accepted the hand and shook it with a degree of strength that seemed to surprise the owner of the hand. "My name is Carmen. I'm a teleporter." she said simply, deciding to keep her other skills secret.

"I'm Michael, this is Shaylee and you've already met Speed." Michael replied.

"I thought there was someone named Mimik?" Carmen comment.

Michael chuckled, "Oh that's my super name."

Carmen raised a brow, "So what exactly do you mimick?"

Carmen watched the scene unfold below, Shaylee was not the only one to come to Ace's aid. It seemed that she'd brought friends. Two males appeared on the scene. Carmen had done her research and recognised one as Speed, the other looked familiar but she couldn't see his features well enough to correctly identify him. Unfortunately they seemed to have spotted her.

Carmen considered teleporting out but she was curious to see which one of them would come for her. It seemed Speed was the unlucky one. Carmen stayed where she was, she wanted Speed to think he'd gained the element of surprise. In her hand she held a spoon which she had already flattened out so that it was smooth and shiny. It reflected images almost as well as a mirror. She knew the moment Speed was on the roof from the tiny image in the spoon she cautiously held in her hand, well out of his view.

"Ma'ampleasestepawayfromtheledge," Speed said so quickly that Carmen only turned to look at him.

Carmen faked a jump of surprise as she spied him, "What? I don't understand."

"Isaidtostepawayfromtheledge," he repeated.

Carmen's brow furrowed but she understood. She was simply playing him for time. She noticed that he wore a thick silver chain around his neck and for a moment she was tempted to manipulate the metal into a rope and tighten it ever so slowly. Unfortunately his friends below might stumble across such a scene taking all the pleasure out of it.

"What's going on below?" Carmen asked, "I wanted to help but it was so chaotic that I could only watch."

Speed moved swiftly to the ledge and looked down at his friends. Carmen saw it as a perfect opportunity to push him over the edge but she didn't. Her mind was working faster than that. A sly smile crept across her face briefly but was gone by the time Speed looked back at her, "There'scriminalactivitybelow. Myfriendswilltakecareofit."

Carmen watched with wry amusement as three mutants backed Kremlin against a wall. The short violent mutant was not afraid, merely covering his back. A sharp smile crossed his face as a shadow appeared behind the three do-gooders. It seemed his partner in crime, Shanks, had finally decided to make an appearance.

"Is that one of your friends?" Carmen asked innocently.

"No," Speed said and then suddenly sped off to assist his friends.

Carmen raised a brow with mild interest. Shanks had gained his name from his time as a butcher. Apparently these days he liked to chop up his victims and then cook them the way people often cooked lamb shanks. Carmen shuddered, Shanks was a weird one but extremely lethal. As far as she understood he was able to dematerialise into a shadow like substance. He was also gifted with extreme strength and a very thick hide. Apparently he'd been shot and stabbed numerous times and yet he'd continued to rampage. Carmen was interested to see how he planned on saving Kremlin.

For a second something shimmered at the edge of Carmen's vision. She looked down near the police cars but there was nothing obvious. Then she remembered hearing one of the do-gooders mention the name Mimic. Carmen was not familiar with such a mutant but that didn't mean one didn't exist. The do-gooders were none the wiser that she was in fact Slasher and she planned to keep things that way.

She returned her attention to the scene below. Ace had been launched into a brick wall as Shanks materialised. Speed was suddenly at Shanks' back but Kremlin was already busy trying to slice into Shaylee. She fired her oversized weapon and Kremlin's smaller size allowed him to dodge the shot. He slashed at her ankles and was rewarded with a cry of pain from the female.

Ace shook off the small shattered pieces of brick that had resulted from his impact and attempted to swing at Shanks. Shanks merely dematerialised enough to avoid any sort of blow and then rematerialised to catch Ace's fist in his own hand. With both hands locked around Ace's, Shanks did a swinging throw and tumbled Ace into the unidentified male who was trying to assist Shaylee.

Speed was suddenly on Shanks' back, his hands going around the criminal's throat. Again Shanks dematerialised and Speed dropped to the ground with a hard thump. He was on his feet in a blink of an eye but he'd missed the fact that Kremlin had moved away from his previous position.

Carmen could already anticipate what was going to happen. Speed was totally unaware of Kremlin and his friends were well out of range to assist him. Kremlin would cut his throat and the do-gooders would lose one of their own. But Carmen had already had an idea how to hurt them more than any way Kremlin or Shanks could.

Carmen teleported in, grabbed Speed and teleported back to the roof. "Are you okay?" she asked Speed.

"Why'dyoudothat? Ihadhim." Speed said with a touch of annoyance.

"The short one was about to slit your throat," Carmen pointed out as she saw that the two criminals make a run for it now their exit was clear.

"Oh," Speed said finally only stopping at one syllable.

Carmen turned to Speed knowing that he'd now think that there was a sort of trust between them. She had saved his life after all. However Carmen had simply been looking for a way to get in with these mutants so she could slowly tear apart their organisation. It was her nature to destroy and it would also allow her to prove herself to the more sinister mutants in the city.

"Looks like it's over," Carmen commented as she looked at the street below. "Shall we talk to your friends now?"

Carmen had been taking her time in picking her next victim. She’d been eyeing off a pair of emos but her attention was diverted at the sound of sirens. With the slight tilt of her Carmen watched as the emos ran away and chuckled quietly. “Like the cops are interested in your pathetic hides,” Carmen muttered to herself.

The red and blue flicker of lights hovered over a nearby building wall. Carmen teleported herself to the roof of the building and admired the view below.

Two police cars and four policemen were stalking towards the alley end with their pistols pointed before them. Carmen turned her attention to the dark alley end. A thin smile crept over Carmen’s face as she recognised the short white faced freak that waited for the cops.

Kremlin was a self mutilated menace. He liked inflicting pain on others as well as himself. Carmen was fairly certain that Kremlin was eyeing off his own handy work and was no planning his next kill: the police.

Carmen had no problem with that idea, the local police chef Mitchell was known to encourage the killing of mutants and was even more inclined to let mutants kill each other. It was one reason why Carmen chose human victims rather than mutant victims, she liked the idea that she was ticking off the dirty cop.

Carmen watched as Kremlin fingered his daggers eagerly. He was poised to attack when his so-called victim came at his back. Carmen also recognised him, this was local do-gooder Ace Power. Carmen shook her head. If the muscular bulk actually managed to put down Kremlin, Carmen would return the favour: if the cops didn’t kill the mutant first.

There was no allegiance between Carmen and Kremlin but Carmen had been looking for a chance to take down Ace Power. The guy was such a joke, yet his mediocre powers and overly large muscles seemed to have allowed him to live this long with such a lame name.

As the two mutants fought, the cops hung back to watch, their guns still raised but not nearly as eagerly aimed.  Carmen watched as Kremlin slashed at Ace who somehow managed to dodge most of the blows. Carmen took a spoon from her pocket and without looking at it formed it into the shape of an icepick. She took another spoon and replicated the change, she repeated it until she had four icepicks.

By some miracle Ace was getting the upper hand on Kremlin. Carmen decided to divert the do-gooder’s attention. With both hands Carmen launched the icepicks and took out all four cops who were standing neatly near each other. She got two in the throat, one in the head and the other in the back just above T1 of his spine.

Ace was immediately distracted and it allowed Kremlin to cut the buffoon’s chest. Unfortunately he didn’t manage a deep cut. Carmen let out a sigh, “Kremlin, what a disappointment.” The two continued to fight and Carmen heard a feminine voice cry out Ace’s name. Carmen rolled her eyes, it appeared that Shaylee had come to the rescue of Mr Power.

Ph34r I hope you don't mind us using your idea again...

Carmen Smithton smoothed back her short blonde hair as she sat on the rooftop admiring her handy work. Bloody bodies littered the alley below, their throats torn out. Carmen looked at her hands, her fingers were elongated and were almost as long as her forearms. Each finger was shaped like a blade and was just as sharp. The skin on her hands looked like metal as it glinted faintly in the moonlight.

With a smile Carmen watched as her hands transformed back to their normal state, the metal coating her fingers pooled to the ground before turning back into a pile of spoons. She was already referred to by the police as Slasher. That suited her just fine. She was a mutant, hunted and stalked by those who feared her. She’d finally decided to give them something to really be afraid of.

A dark grin crossed Carmen’s face as she heard a feminine scream from the alley below. In that moment she teleported away, her work for tonight was not done...

Setting: Well a certain person **coughSevcough** was saying he was wanting a Super Humans type RPG, thought I’d give it a bit of a start. This one can take place between SH1 and SH2 when the mutants are hated and are being hunted. I’d prefer that none of the old characters are in this one, I’d like this to be more of a “roll with it” kinda RPG.

Let’s call the city Norton Peak, its dark and gothic and full of crime. Once again chose your side, good or bad...

Character Sheet:

Name: Carmen Smithton
Nickname: Slasher
Affiliation: Bad
Powers: To be revealed... teleportation, power to manipulate metal and a more secret power...
Background: Was once a reporter for the Emerson Star, she was in an accident when trying to get a scoop on a dirty corporate tycoon and it almost cost her life. It was then that she discovered her powers.

This scared everyone immensly so they decided to go and watch some Jerry Springer with...

Hendy sat back in his chair and enjoyed the food. He appeared relaxed however he was keeping a steady eye on those around him. Tension was thick in the air, too many hunters together wanting blood.

Hendy turned his attention to Letitia, “So what’s the story with old tin can?” he said as he nodded towards Katray.

Letitia shrugged, “I don’t know. He’s been with Gerba for a long time. He always obeys him. I’ve often wondered if he’s programmed to submit to Gerba’s every demand.”

Hendy lifted his leg, his booted foot coming to rest on the edge of his seat as he stared at Katray. “So you think he’s a droid.”

Letitia touched one of her lekku and stroked it in an agitated manner, “I suspect he’s a cyborg but no one really knows.”

Hendy took another mouthful of food and chewed it as he continued to stare at Katray. The servant to Gerba remained still, “Do you think he’s in some kind of stasis?”

“I don’t know, but if you tried to attack him he’d quickly respond.” Letitia said as she moved slightly away from Hendy.

Hendy finished his drumstick. He looked at the bone and smirked. He wiggled his brow at Letitia before throwing the drumstick bone at Katray. With lightening reflexes Katray caught the bone in his hand. His head turned to focus on Hendy. Katray then crushed the bone to powder before moving back into position.

“Wow,” Hendy said with awe.

“Yeah, consider that a warning. He won’t tolerate that twice.” Letitia cautioned Hendy.

Before Hendy could response they heard a slurring, “Hey!” Hendy turned to see a drunk Weequay staggering their way.

“Hey what?” Hendy asked as he stood up.

“You’re in my seat,” The Weequay snarled as he jabbed a finger at Hendy’s chest.

Hendy looked at the chair, “I’m standing, buddy.”

The Weequay looked at the chair for a moment, “I don’t care, you tainted it with your fat arse.”

Hendy grabbed the Weequay’s finger before it jabbed him again. “There are many chairs why don’t you find another.”

The Weequay leaned down and his hand went under the chair, “Because this one is hiding my favourite vibroblade.”

Hendy jumped back as the Weequay swung the blade at him. “Can’t this wait until the Battledome begins?”

Name: Hendy Challace
Affiliation: Mercenary
Species: Zabrak
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Brief History: Hendy was born to mercenary parents and was only too happy to take on the family business. Hendy is a skilled fighter who’s not afraid to fight dirty. Money and enjoying himself are his key motivators. He was immediately drawn to the Hutt’s offer and has no doubt that he’ll win, by hook or by crook.
Weapons: Pair of Blastech customer DT-57 “Annihilators” and hidden vibroblades once used by his mother:


Hendy sat back in his chair as the chaos ended. There was silence in the Hutt’s amphitheatre now that the screaming had ended.  Hendy continued to chew on his carrot stick while eyeing off the Twi’lek that had been pushed aside by the thug, Katray.

“Hey babe, why don’t you join me?” Hendy suggested.

The green Twi’lek blushed before moving to his side. Apparently he was more appealing than the drunks around him. Hendy smiled and offered her a bite of his carrot stick. “So is Gerba always this showy?”

The Twi’lek blinked, “You’re new aren’t you?”

Hendy chuckled, “That obvious, huh. Yeah I’m here for the battle and the glory.”

“It’s going to be a blood bath,” the Twi’lek said with a shudder.

Hendy shrugged as he picked up a cooked leg of meat from some sort of bird life. “You’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelette.”

A look of disgust crossed the Twi’lek’s pretty but gaunt face. “You have no idea how bad this will be.”

Hendy took a bite out of the leg and chewed with his mouth slightly open. “You need to eat, babe.” He handed her a wing which she took between her fingers. Clearly she wasn’t a fan of greasy food. “So when does the Hutt pay the winner?”


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“You forget your place, Dachande. I am no fool. I know what the hard meat is capable of, I have been a hunter far longer than you.” Chechande reminded the younger hunter.

“We can’t let the hive become a threat,” Dachande growled.

Chechande eyed Dachande through his mask, “Your concern is appreciated. If things do go astray we will eradicate the threat like we always have.”

“By annihilation?” Dachande asked with disbelief.

“It is our way. I know as well as you that the hard meat is not to be trifled with. But there is much to learn from this place.” Chechande said as he looked at the structure.

“We are hunters, technology is no great gain,” Dachande hissed.

Chechande stepped forward, “To increase our prowess we must hunt a variety of creatures. To get to those creatures we must travel, often to other worlds. Without technology this would not be possible.”

Dachande was silently fuming and was about to respond when they heard the sound of metal scraping across metal.

Acknade tapped his chest, “The Oomans come.”


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Chechande turned and realised Dachande was on a mission, “We don’t even know where the nest is.” Chechande said harshly.

“I can feel them, they’re near.” Dachande claimed.

Chechande shook his head, “You know the drill, if they are here than it’d likely that they’re dormant. We don’t want to disturb them until we find suitable hosts.”

Dachande bristled, “If we can locate the nest then we can go back to the ship and find hosts.”

“Or you’ll end up as one,” Chechande said as he stood tall. He didn’t need this sort of behaviour from his team mate.

Acknade approached, “The train looks like it can go deeper into the facility. Shall we continue our search?”

Chechande nodded, “We shall.” He turned to Dachande, “Don’t go running off we need to stay as a team while searching.”


Natalie sat back in her chair and listened to the bantering going on between the other ships. They’d be landing soon and already the excitement was building.

Natalie flicked through the cameras and found the view outside. She saw the orb that was Iapetus grow larger as they got closer. It looked so lifeless, devoid of any type of landscape other than dirt or whatever it was. She was sure that the scientists would correct her naive assumption.

“Are we picking up where that signal is coming from?” she heard someone ask.

Natalie did a search, “Seems like it’s almost coming from underground.”

“Makes sense,” the Captain replied, “We don’t have any visuals of other craft.”

“Almost seems like it’s coming from that ridge that runs around the moon,” Natalie said, “We’ll need to land to find out if it does.”

“Wait we can see something, there’s a huge crater in the mountain side.” The Captain said with surprise.

Natalie zoomed in her camera view. “That’s new, looks almost like a laser burnt into it.”


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Name: Boba Fett
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Himself (Bounty Hunter)
Weapon: You should all know tongue

Boba Fett stood impassively with a brown robe concealing his form and a heavy cowl concealing his well known helmeted head. He was pondering his situation. He was supposedly trapped but Boba Fett was not perturbed.

He wasn’t ready to leave this planet yet. He had a bounty worth pursuing despite the bickering that was increasing between the Empire and the locals.


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I think Darman would be devastated if that happens. I think they will either smuggle her out or as you say she will die... but I hope not.


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Chechande and his fellow hunters boarded the battered train. They had kicked the windows out so they could have a quick escape if need be. The train was relatively quiet as it rolled through the complex.

The lighting was duller the deeper they went and Chechande was growing more wary as he saw signs of an ancient struggled. Items were knocked about but there were no bodies. This only seemed to confirm that the hard meat had been here.

The train slowed and the Yautja cautiously made their way out. The place was dead but they weren’t about to drop their guard. The train stopped at a small station of sorts.

Chechande stepped forward and found the first trace of the people who had built the facility. A skull lay on the ground under a bench. Chechande picked it up, “Naktar,” he said to the others.

They grunted in acknowledgement. The Naktar were builders by nature, they picked an area and colonised it as a home to their large numbers. They were like the ants of earth. The Naktar even had specially bred soldiers that the Yautja had found to be good prey. The fact that this facility was empty so far suggested that the Naktar had been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the hard meat.

Chechande placed the skull back on the ground. He walked into the station to find it a disarray of paperwork. Clear sheets with writing on them were strewn across the room.

His attention was diverted as Acknade called. Chechande emerged to see that Acknade had a small skeletal form held up with the two lethal blades from his wrist gauntlet. It was the remains of a face hugger. This confirmed his theory.

“Hard meat,” Acknade said with pride.


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Natalie was analysing the signal, the bleeps were irregular but they were in a repeating pattern. "I'm getting the computer to analyse this further," Natalie said through her com. "Seems to be coming from Iapetus."

Natalie swung around in her chair. "Its orbit is coming close to Hyperion, well as close as it gets. That might be why we're only just hearing it now."

Turning to the Navigator, "What sort of ETA would we have to Iapetus?"

"Two hours max," the Navigator confirmed. Natalie relayed the message.


Chechande took a moment to examine the exposed wall. The carvings were intricate but the language was one he’d come across before. His helmet immediately translated. With a large finger he found the point he was looking for. A small carving was etched deeper with the others.

Chechande pressed the image. There was a hiss and then a door opened. It was right at the edge of the laser cutting but there was enough room for the Yautja to get in.

Hachakra sent a message to Chechande, he was leading a second group. Chechande already had three other hunters with him. He didn’t see the point of Hachakra coming but he did not let that bother him.

Chechande was the first to step into the cavernous room. Lighting was coming online, seemingly activated by their presence. He could hear the room pressurising, there was no airlock but it seemed that an invisible barrier was keeping the air from escaping.

There was no time to wonder about the air, all of the Yautja were able to breath through their own equipment so they didn’t worry about the atmosphere. Instead they began to search.

The main room was huge, their ship would have easily been able to fit into the yawning space. Chechande went through his visual modes to get the best view. A line ran through the room, almost like a train line but with only one rail. Chechande knelt down and touched the rail. He watched as it glowed pink from his touch. A sound echoed from some distance away.

All the Yautja trained their shoulder cannons in that direction. A light glowed, a tiny speck that was growing larger and brighter.

“Transport,” Chechande voiced to the others. They waited as the transport approached them and stopped where Chechande had touched the rail. The doors opened to an empty carriage. Chechande tilted his head and noticed that the seats were slashed and windows were lined with fractures. What really got his interest was the acid burn in the floor.

Chechande clicked his mandibles together as he moved it to examine the burn. It was as he thought, “Hard meat.”

The other Yautja joined him, he could smell the musk of excitement coming from them. Perhaps Hachakra’s coming would not be a waste after all.


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**Rev, the humans are on Hyperion not Iapetus yet tongue **

The Tek'naj had traced the signal to the equatorial ridge, it hadscanned the ridge and had been unable to penetrate the surface of the mountainous landform beyond the ice. Chechande had a readout of the few details acquired and it seemed that the ridge was hiding something. He suspect that there was some sort of underground complex in the mountain, but only exploration would confirm this idea.

With its powerful laser, the Tek'naj had cut through the surface layers of ice. The laser beam had finally been blocked by a heavy alloy which did not seem to be part of the natural moon surface. Scans had come back to reveal and surface that was not natural, it had been built by something from inside the mountain.


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I've just finished reading an Aliens novel and figured it'd be fun to do an RPG...

Setting: Iapetus (moon of Saturn)

Year: 2158

The Rules:
1. You may create any character you want. Clarify their name and species so others can follow their actions easily.

2. You can kill characters you create but you can't kill other people's characters unless they say they have been killed in battle with you.

3. You can have any weapon you want but you can only have what your character could physically carry - otherwise they wouldn't be able to move.

4. Be consistent, eg if someone says they blew up a building, don't suddenly be assaulting it.

5. If you have sustained many wounds you will have to either get medical help or eventually die.

6. Follow the storyline, sure add a few twists and turns but allow others to see where you want to go so they can help you get there.

7. Have fun.

The darkness of space was all consuming, the shadow of Saturn concealed a ship not unfamiliar to the system. However it's normal destination was the blue and green marble some distance off. For the moment it was picking up a signal that had been humming for centuries, ever so quiet and easily missed.

The moon, known as Iapetus to the human world of Earth, appeared baron and desolate. Its strange equatorial ridge had been an interesting feature on the moon, why it was there nobody really knew. But perhaps the answers were about to unfold.

Chechande stood at the helm watching the moon enlarge before him. The signal was foreign yet there was some familiar element.

Cold planets and moons were generally of no interest to a Yautja but this one called of intrigue. Chechande was a warrior foremost but he knew that alien technology could sometimes enhance their own. Anything to make the hunt more intense was always a motivator for exploration in Yautja culture.

It didn't take long for the ship, Tek'naj, to find orbit around Iapetus. Once there Chechande and a handful of his finest would jettison in their personal pods.

Name: Chechande
Species: Yautja (Predator)
Gender: Male
Weapons: Shoulder cannon, staff, wrist blades - the usual Predator get up
Appearance: Tall for even a Predator, he wears the thermal netting and has some minor skeletal trophies around his belt.


The Chilly Fox, Exploration Shuttle orbiting Hyperion

Communications Analyst Natalie Bryan sat sipping her coffee through a straw as she listened to the crew nattering on about the dirt particles they were currently examining. She shook her head and was glad to be on the ship rather than on the strangely shaped moon. The ship had to constantly adjusted to the chaotic orbit the moon had to Saturn, Natalie didn't really understand why the moon needed further research. It was basically rock and ice.

She leant back in her chair and decided to flip through the audio channels, surely there had to be something more interesting to listen to then the bunch of pencil necks on the moon below. She let the scanner do its thing, it skimmed for a while and then found something that made Natalie's brow furrow. The noise was garbled and sounded almost like an SOS bleep.

Natalie thumbed the com switch, "Ah guys, I think you need to listen to this." She patched through the signal and waited for their response.


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LOL hey I'm a Bon Jovi fan, I knew exactly who that was! big_smile


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And of course there's a Bon Jovi song in it wink


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Spaceballs rocked, I loved the bit with the Alien doing a dance tongue

Amen to that tongue

It's amazing how many second hand copies are floating around of Splinter of the Mind's Eye, wonder why... tongue


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The hairspray bill must be a killer tongue


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Yay for Draco! Been a long time coming wink


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Yeah I'd like to see a SW novel done about her. I think she'd have a very interesting history to explore and expand on.


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Mando Ewok, pint-sized death tongue