I'd probaly have to say the armour and helmet are the best part of Boba Fett.

A cocept is like a first idea of the character.There are usaully at least 4 to 5 concepts.AmI correct on that?

The best thing about Boba Fett to me is how he does his bountys.He does them by just going up to the guy/girl getting haif the plan thought out then half way through battle he gets the other half of the plan thought out and the first part of the plan was donewithout flaw.Then the second without flaw it's just plain WICKID yeah I mean WICKID.


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You know i've always liked Boba and Jango but I would have to pick Boba.I picked Boba because well his armours way better than his fathers but I sincerly liked how he never took his helmet off.I really thought it was cool how he acted so mysterious.He always got good bountys and always got him self to higher pay. To bad he didnt get good fight scenes in the movies like his father.


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I really like the picture of the mando with the verpine rifle.I think it is very very good.