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Diablo ducked and rolled under the towering acklay before him and fired his rifle at its backside with this last shot the acklay went down. Thank god he thought. In the past couple of hours he had modified it so it had a small lightweight wrist rocket launcher mounted to its side. Gotta find others he thought aloud he continued to walk south of his position and in the sky he swore he saw smoke. So he started into a run towards what he thought was an encampment.


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Name: Diablo
Number: 8790071
woc: DC-17 blaster rifle, ec detonators, pistol,
Type: Regular clone
Class: scout
personality: dark, loves to kill
squad #: 3
rank: private

the crash had devastated Diablo, his armor was so hot he felt like he'd melt. Dazed he walked around aimlessly looking for clones that had survived.


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I'm new as well but,all have merry merry holiday!!!

name:Luminaas Kree     species:human         sex: male                 affiliation: depends       occupation: Free Lance bounty hunter    w-o-c: Flame thrower,  sniper rifle, lightsaber (scarlet, dual blade),detpck.physical description: wears an outfit similar to emperors royal gaurds only in white, lightsaber at the left side of his waist, sniper rifle is on a strap over his shoulder, flamethrower tucked in holster at right side, eye color: brown               hair color:  brown


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S-24 felt a sudden change in him, the virus flowed through him he hopped aboard a droid star fighter and headed off to Coruscant to meet this rebel leader.


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identification S-24       model assault droid      w-o-c rocket launcher  w-o-c 2 shotgun            tech sheild generator